After being chased out of the room by Lin Shuyin. Xiao Zheng held a cigarette in his mouth as he strolled through this pleasant moonlight temple. His mood was especially ethereal. It was as if he had been baptized by a buddhist magic.
The temple was not big. It would only take a few minutes. Xiao, who had mild ADHD, was just finishing looking at the temple and going to the front door. After watching the front door, they went back to the back mountain. And then he would stop at the gate and give it a kick. Li Jing, who was standing on the hillside, was smoking as she watched Li Jing fight.
Li Jing was a master at hiding her strength. He punched and kicked. It looked as soft as a palace maid's dance. But Xiao Zheng could see. If Li Jing attacked with her full strength. Even himself. He might not even dare to face off directly. One had to avoid the tip of the blade.
Yet, she was willing to follow Ye Yuhua for so many years. From this, one could see how deep the relationship between the two of them was.
Li Jing's expression did not stand out. It was placed in the hands of a man whose eyesight wasn't that outstanding. She was just an ordinary expatriate. Unlike her mother-in-law. Even if he was wearing green clothes. He also had an outstanding temperament. It was an extremely beautiful face that caused one's eyes to light up.
Perhaps he had sensed Xiao Zheng's existence. Li Jing quickly stopped moving. He slowly turned around. He nodded his head towards Xiao Zheng, "Why aren't you sleeping at this time of the night?"
"Is it too late?" Xiao Zheng took a drag on his cigarette. He glanced at the lights under the mountain. It was as dense as a bean. "It's too far away to reach." Usually. Your young lady hasn't even left work. I'm still eating and drinking with a bunch of friends. "
Li Jing smiled faintly. A trace of absent-mindedness flashed through his eyes.
It was only eight in the evening. In the bustling and noisy city. It was the time when the lanterns were being lit. Especially tonight. I'm afraid no one will fall asleep before twelve. Even if he slept. He was afraid that he would also be woken up by the intense sounds of firecrackers.
Li Jing had lived here for over twenty years. He had long forgotten about his life at the bottom of the mountain. Sleep at nine o'clock every night. Wake up at four in the morning. Twenty years passed by in a single day. More accurate than a machine. How could he know? At this moment, to Xiao Zheng. It was way too early.
"I forgot you came up today." Li Jing slightly smiled. Ye Zichen nodded.
Xiao Zheng didn't mind. He nodded and said, "Auntie Jing. With your skills. "He must have been quite famous in Beijing back then."
Li Jing's strength may not be comparable to the White Emperor Bai Wuxia. But let Xiao Zheng judge the strength of Li Jing and Tina. He was truly in a difficult position.
I can see it. Li Jing had lived in seclusion here for more than twenty years. But he never slackened. His strength would only increase a level compared to 20 years ago.
"I am only a servant of the Ye family. "How could there be such a thing as a big shot?" Li Jing smiled. On the other hand, you. He was a great man now. Even Senior Sister has repeatedly praised you. "
Xiao Zheng scratched his head and laughed, "This is called mother-in-law looking at son-in-law." The more he looked at it, the more he liked it. "It's not that I really have the ability."
Li Jing shook her head with a smile, "Even if mother-in-law wants to see son-in-law. He had to be an eye-catching son-in-law. Otherwise. "The more I look at it, the less I like it."
Compared to Ye Yuhua's buddhist nature. Li Jing was obviously more like an ordinary person. No matter how he spoke or how he acted. They were both inferior to Ye Yuhua's tranquility and wisdom. But she had always followed Ye Yuhua to recuperate for more than 20 years. Most of the edges of his body had probably been sharpened as well. It was boring. Xiao Zheng couldn't help but ask, "Auntie Jing." I don't believe in Buddha. However, he had always been interested in Buddhism. Can you tell me a few stories about Buddhism? "
Li Jing also understood in her heart that Xiao Zheng was currently bored to death. He didn't refuse. He smiled and said, "Sure. As long as you don't mind my brevity. "No meditation."
"The shallower the better. I don't understand it either. " Xiao was sitting cross-legged. He was sitting under a tree with a crooked neck on the hillside.
Li Jing spent decades learning Buddhist meditation from Ye Yuhua. Even though his heart had already calmed down. But nature is nature. They wanted her to learn from Ye Yuhua's perseverance and wisdom. That would be impossible. Now there was a new and interesting young man to talk to with her. Of course I like it.
He slowly sat under the tilted tree. Facing the bright moonlight. A warm smile appeared on Li Jing's face. With a peaceful face, he said, "Ah Zheng. Even if you don't know much about Buddhism. I believe I have heard of the words' Convert to the Three Treasures'. "
"Definitely." "Yes." Xiao Zheng smiled and nodded. The old monk in the television movies was referring to his conversion to the Three Treasures. But in the end, it was those three treasures. I don't quite understand. "
Li Jing slightly smiled. He said slowly, "Let me tell you a small story. You'll understand. "
Xiao Zheng nodded his head and said, "Auntie Jing, quickly tell me."
Li Jing paused. He said gently, "In the past. An old monk. Always being watched over by thieves. He finally could not take it anymore. One day. The thief came again. he said to the thief. Please put your hand through the crack in the door. What do you want? I'll give you anything. The thief was delighted. He put his hand through the crack in the door. Who knew that the old monk would grab his hand? and tied him to the post. Then beat him with a stick. Fight on the side. While shouting, he shouted, "Strange Buddha!" The law of conversion. Convert to a monk. The thief was in great pain. Helplessly, he shouted, "Convert to Buddha!" The law of conversion. Convert to a monk. This. It was the famous story of conversion in the Buddhist scriptures. which is what people call conversion to the Three Treasures. "
Xiao was quietly listening to Li Jing's story of conversion. A subtle emotion arose from the bottom of his heart. He softly asked, "The Buddha you have cultivated. Is it the same as the Buddha that the monks built? This story is about Buddhist monks. "
This was what Xiao Zheng had been wondering all along.
"Buddhist magic of the world. All living beings. "Of course it's the same." Li Jing slightly smiled. "Yes." Ye Zichen replied softly. Only this story. But it's not what I saw in the Buddhist scriptures. "
"Where did you learn that?" Xiao Zheng curiously asked.
"Okay." Li Jing raised her hand. He pointed to a cliff at the foot of the mountain.
On top of the cliff. There was a cabin. Inside the wooden house. An old monk who lived in seclusion for many years. This monk. His name was flawless. White Emperor. There was a dragon on him.
"The story was told by Uncle White." Xiao Zheng's brows relaxed. he asked slowly.
"Yes." "Yes." Li Jing nodded with a smile. This was what he had said during his first session with his senior sister. under this crooked locust tree. "
Xiao Zheng heard this. He could not help but slowly retract his gaze. Then he looked up. He glanced at the nearly withered locust tree. The corner of his mouth curled up into a meaningful and bitter smile.
He thought back to that year. The supreme White City King was determined to do as he pleased. He climbed up the unnamed Phoenix Cry Mountain. It sat on the mountainside. Becoming Buddha on the spot. Just for company with the Phoenix Scripture at the top of the mountain.
That year. On that day. He told a story of conversion. But that was a conversion from the Buddhist scriptures. But not his.
"Convert to Buddha. The law of conversion. Convert. "Ye Yuhua." Xiao Zheng muttered to himself. "The sound line is low and deep." This is the conversion in his heart, right? "
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