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Alexa is 26 years old and has finished a Hotel and Restaurant Management course, but she likes writing. However, it seems that destiny is not in her favor. If she finishes a book, it will be rejected due to the poor quality of the story. As a result, she was always disappointed every time she came home.

As I entered the house, Lexie, my friend, said, "Alexa! Your story has been rejected again by the editor. " I sadly nodded to my friend. "I told you to stop and search for work. At least when you work, you have money, and you don't have to go home at night because you can't find anyone to take that," Lexie suggests.

"You know, even though I've finished college degree, writing is really what I want," I replied with my voice cracking.

"I support you if you're happy. I just want you to rest a little since you're out on the streets almost every day and night."

"I will not leave the house; I still have a story to finish, so I'll just continue it." Then I smiled. My friend shook her head at the change of my mood. Like I'm sad a while ago, but suddenly changed.

"Let's eat; it is also time," Lexie said.

"Okay, I'll just change my clothes for a minute." And went into my room.

When I enter my room, the first thing I see is the scattered papers on the bed and floor. All of the papers I used to create the plot of one of my books. I put down the manuscript I was carrying on the table and lay down. "Another day has passed, and yet another of my stories has not been accepted again. " And I closed my eyes for a few minutes.

Alexa has been orphaned since she was in elementary school. Her aunt works in another country to support her daily life. She has covered her expenses since her parents' death; until now she does it, even though Alexa can get a job. Alexa already graduated and can find a job that she'll get easily because she master Culinary Arts and graduated with a course of Hotel and Restaurant Management, but she does not want it because she wanted to be a book writer and be a well-known author. All who read the story will feel and leave an impact on their hearts.

Alexa is a nice person, even though her friend Lexie often gets angry when she always spends the night on the road. She knew it was dangerous at night, but she think that it would be okay to catch her on the road at night as long as she just went home with a smile on her face, but she always came home sad because her story was never accepted again. She is the type of person who has many scenes in her story until in the middle, but when the end is near, she can't think of a scene to write and she will leave it and start a new story because another story enters her imagination. In short, she was good at the beginning, but she couldn't continue it until the end. She also already finished one story, like the paper she was holding a while ago, that she took home because the editor was not satisfied, or maybe the plot of her story was not accepted by the readers. She also has no choice but to take it home and create a new one.

I got up and got out of my room and went to the kitchen, where I saw Lexie already preparing their food. Lexie said, "Sit down."

I sat down on a chair and started eating. "Alexa, you might be interested in working for my boss's company. Still hiring until now. "

"Maybe I'll think about it first."

She smiled. "All right, if you're interested, just let me know."

I simply nodded and continued eating. Then, after I washed the dishes, I went to my room and continued to write. "A story is like someone’s life, as you get older, where you feel tired and lazy about the thing you wanted to do in the beginning, but in the middle you felt lazy for the thing you went to do, but I thought I had already started. I already started. Why won't I continue? It's worth the hardship I felt when I was just starting. " Then I sighed.

"Completing and recognizing my stories even though my books are not famous and the publishing house gives me so much joy." Continuing to look at the manuscript that has not yet been accepted. "But, the question is when will that happen?" I just shook my head to clear my mind so I could continue writing.

That night, Alexa began writing her new story, which she will use to apply again.

Meanwhile in a small wooden house can be seen in a forest. After entering will see books that look to be a few years old and also the sign of dust in the lamps that seem to have smoke inside with magic.

An older man was seated in an old chair, and there was a table in front of him. "Lucas, where are you?" Victor shouted.

A boy approached him, but he did not use his feet to go near him; he used his ability to fly. "Why, Grandpa Victor?"

"What are you doing and you haven't been here immediately?"

"I was just looking through the bookshelves and reading. Do you need anything?" and Lucas pointed the end of the bookshelves.

"Go to my room and get my magical book." Then, Lucas flew to Victor's bedroom and brought back an old book. "Here it is." He reached for it, and Lucas remained afloat.

Victor looked at him. "Didn't I tell you not to use your power so frequently that people might get lost in the forest and suddenly they see you?" Then he went back to stepping on the floor while a little sadness was seen on his face.

"You can go back to what you were doing because I cannot be bothered while writing because it's set to happen."

"Okay, grandpa." Lucas walked away and left Victor. While Victor already wearing his glasses and holding the pen, whose handle was white feathers.

"It's been a while since you've waited this to happen, and finally your request will be granted, Jack." He has already started writing in the old magical book.

Victor is a disciple of a superior who dictates everything. It will give a message to everything that happens, and Victor is the writer in the magical book that makes it happen, everywhere in this world. In the "Book of Destiny", once all the events and dialogue in the book are written, it is not just simple writing because it also has events that the two people still do not meet that easily. Some bad things that will happen before they meet. At that time, the name Jack will be the one to grant his destiny. A few years ago, it just so happened that Jack was looking for a woman and had now given an answer to his wish.

Victor had been writing for several hours and had run out of his ink in a small bottle. He stopped in the middle of writing. "Maybe some other day, I will continue to write this. I still have time to finish it. " He closed the book and placed it on the side of the table, together with his eyeglasses.

Every word written in the book will automatically disappear, and by the time it is lost, it means that it is already happening to the people whose names are included in the book.

On the next day, Alexa only slept for about two hours because of writing, so her eye bags were already black and her hair had not been combed when she left her room and went to the kitchen. At those times, Lexie was having coffee, and when she looked at Alexa, her eyes widened, and she almost spilled the coffee while she sipped.

"Did you sleep?" Lexie asked.

My face wonder." Yes, why?"

"Or maybe you sleep almost until the sun is rising?"

I rested my elbow on the table and pressed my cheek against it. "Because I can't think of anything to write, and I'm trying functioning my brain to think a scene, I'm not sure what time it is at that moment."

"The question is: Do you write even one chapter?"

I shook my head and smiled. She massaged her forehead. "Alexa, I'm telling you to just stay up at work, and at least you're making money, not as you do and possibly get sick."

I gave Lexie a small smile for what she said. "Right now, I might be late for work; just eat; maybe later you'll lock yourself in your room again and forget to eat." Lexie grabbed her bag and left.

I also left the house after eating and cleaning my room and went to a park to rest my mind. I ended up in a wide-open space with a nearby river and a chair near the trees.

I sat down and closed my eyes to get some fresh air, but there was a voice behind me that seemed to be talking to someone.

"Why did you call?" asked a male voice behind Alexa.

My ears are on the person talking to someone behind. "Are you sure about that? I'm going! "said a voice that seemed to be filled with good news.

I felt it leave, so I turn around but I could only see the man's back as he walked away. "He has a good body build. Maybe it would be better if I could see his face," I thought and turned my gaze to the river.

I focused on thinking about the scenes in my new story, but I admitted that I was hit by the so-called writer's block, and no matter what I did to activate my imagination, I really couldn't think of anything. "What kind of inspiration do I need just to make a good story?" I said it out loud, and the person next to me heard it without realizing it was sitting next to me.

"Good morning! It looks like you have a problem, I noticed, based on your facial expression. "

I turned around and saw an old man. "I'm sorry if my voice got louder." I awkwardly smiled at the old man.

"No problem, but if you don't mind, what's your problem?"

I sighed and said what I was thinking, even though I didn't know the old man very well. "The problem, Grandpa? I'm a writer who writes based on my imagination, but lately, nothing has entered my mind, so I'm here now to rest my brain, but it doesn't seem to be effective either."

The old man nodded and faced the river. "You are aware that the scene you want cannot be given right away, and not everything you want will be given at this time. You have to think a few times before you do it or start and not all day. You will feel that like now, nothing enters your mind, so you are here, but don't you know that some of the writers have not been successful because they just want to be the famous author of a book and weite so many of it."

"What do you mean?"

"You write not only because of your imagination but because you also use your heart to make all its readers feel what the writer of the book felt while they were writing it. Do you notice that not all writers around the world have been successful even if they already have a lot of books? You want to know why?"

I just nodded my head in response. "Just because of themselves, they are proud of themselves because of the number of stories or books they can write, and let's just say that the title of their story is good, but the question here is also the story behind the title. For you to make good books, you don't have to do it right away because that's what you want. There's a right time and place for that. Maybe it's better to say "trust the process." Then he smiled at me.

"So do you believe I can make a book that its readers will love?"

"Yes, but it's not the only one you use." And he points his index finger to his heart. " Even your heart."

I smiled at what the old man said because my headache seemed to go away. "Thank you very much, grandpa. Somehow I was relieved by what you said. "

"You're welcome, but before that I will leave you with the saying that not everything written in the book will also happen in the real world, so to everyone who reads your story, just stay in their imagination of what they read in the book, because it will not happen in the present, no matter the fate they want to happen to them like in the book. They will not dictate their destiny. The destiny will do that

" The old man stands up. "I'm leaving. Be careful when you go home! " And he walked away.

"Grandpa's great. Does he read a book?"

But just a few minutes later, Alexa also stood up and walked away from that place.

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