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C10 Confrontation

When Alexa got home, the first thing she did was sit down in the living room and remember what Ryan had said about the man he was talking about. "Who is he really referring to in what he said earlier?" She just sighed and went to the bedroom to change her clothes.

Alexa sat down in front of her desk to start writing again. "I'll just keep doing this instead of thinking about someone I can't remember." She grabbed her pen and started to write. The next chapter is Daniella's scene with their new classmate.

In some of the lessons their teacher taught them, I seemed to pay no attention to the lesson; it was for the woman sitting in her chair in front of my desk. I was still wondering why she smiled at William. She was just a new student at their school, and she seemed to know William from the beginning because of how she smiled while they were waiting for their next teacher. Someone dropped a piece of paper on my desk with a note on it. I frowned and looked at who had placed the paper, and I turned to see Bree and motioned with her eyes to look at what was written on the paper.

I read it using my eyes. "You're obvious, Dan. Are you affected?"

I looked at Bree first before writing on the paper as well. "Where?" and gave the paper to Bree again.

"Your mind is not here. You already know that." And it even put up a drawing with a frown.

"Which one?"

Bree just closed her eyes to my answer. "You! I'm going to pull your hair because of the way you answer. It's about William and the new student, Charice!"

Luckily, Charice and William were busy with what they were doing, so what the two did wouldn’t be noticeable. "Why would I be affected by them?"

"You're still pretending. It's obvious because you haven't been able to focus on our teacher's lessons."

Bree handed the paper back to me, and I was about to write an answer when William turned to my side and was looking at the paper on my desk, so I quickly covered it and smiled at him. It also took a few minutes before William shifted his gaze from the paper to my face. I smiled even more that time.

Charice saw them as she turned around to look at William, but she didn't expect William to be looking in another direction. Charice looked where William was looking, and she saw that it was their female classmate. She was surprised because she knew William, who did not look at other people, especially at a woman, because he was always focused on his book and had no time to pay attention to the people around him.

Daniella's saying in her mind, "Why does it take so long for him to take his eyes off me. Does that mean I'm too beautiful for him to look like that?" I even fixed my hair and gently pinned it behind my ear.

William frowned at what I had done and shook his head before reading the book again. Charice, on the other hand, sat properly and seemed to be deep in thought.

Bree suddenly grabbed the paper from my desk and quickly wrote, and it looks like the paper was about to be punctured. "You know, Dan, don't let William know that you're so into him. The more you do that, there's a little chance he pay attention to you, and you will look like a fool in what you are doing."

Bree's place on the paper on my desk with a bit of strength. "I know, I thought he stared at me because I'm too beautiful for his eyes." When Bree read it, she answered me with a sigh because their next teacher had already entered their classroom.

It was time for a break because some of the lessons for morning classes were done, and Bree and Daniella decided to just have a snack in the garden. "Dan, I'll just buy snacks and drinks for the two of us. You just stay here; maybe someone else will sit here," Lexie said.

"Okay." And Bree walked away.

I sat down and used my cellphone while I was waiting for Bree, but not long after scrolling on my phone, I noticed someone sitting on the other chair in front of me with a table in between.

My forehead furrowed slightly, and I slowly raised my head to see who that person was. And when I saw it, my forehead furrowed even more because the one in front of me now was their new classmate.

The way I stared at Charice seemed to be saying why she was here. "Who are you?" Charice asked me.

I was confused by her question. "Who am I and what's my name?"

"I'm not interested in your name. I ask who you are in William's life."

In my mind, "The courage of her and I were right with my thoughts that she knew William, so that's why she smiled when she saw William earlier."

I folded my arms and looked at Charice bravely. "My name is Daniella, even if you're not interested in knowing it, and why do you ask who I am in William's life?" I even raised an eyebrow at her.

"I saw how William looked at you earlier in the classroom. Do you two have a relationship?"

"I wish there was, but there isn't," I whispered.

"What are you whispering there?"

"Yes, I have a relationship with William," I said suddenly.

Charice's face was shocked by what I said. "Impossible!" She seemed to hold her voice and not shout it.

"That's possible."

Charice looked at me badly. "That's really impossible because I haven't heard that William has a girlfriend."

"Maybe it didn't reach you, so you don't know. Don't you have a cellphone or a television to watch the news?" I simply answered.

Suddenly, she stood up, and I was surprised by her action because she came closer to where I was sitting. "That's not true. I'll believe it when William says that." Charice's face showed pain.

That's when Bree enters the scene. "What's going on here?" Charice just looked at her and then turned and left.

Bree sat up while wondering, "Why is she here?"

I took the snack that Bree bought. "I don't know; all of a sudden she just sat here."

"Why did you two seem to be fighting before I came?"

"No, it's just your imagination," I innocently said.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, just eat there, and maybe suddenly the bell rings; you're not eating yet."

While they were eating, Bree was still really wondering why Daniella was talking to their new classmate and why Charice's face looked like that before she left.

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