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C11 Clarify

When Daniella's class ended, Bree and Daniella didn't go home right away. Bree said she wanted to buy things they needed for their projects, and the store is outside of school. There is a small store that sells school supplies, so when they need materials for a project or something, it is easy because the store is just outside.

While Bree was in the school supply store, I sat in a chair a few steps away from where Bree was. As I waited for Bree to finish, my eyes wandered to the school gate, where I noticed William coming out. Suddenly I raised my two eyebrows at the woman who followed William, Charice, who seemed to be saying something to him, but he was not listening and just kept walking. Charice saw me, so she tried to pull William to where I was sitting.

Charice and William were in front of me. "Ask her why I'm doing this," Charice said, pointing her finger at me.

I looked innocently at Charice and William. "What are you two doing here?" I asked when my forehead wrinkled.

Charice looked at me angrily. "You say that you and William have a relationship?" I've asked him, and he said that you two don't have a relationship!"

I looked at William, who looked bored with the situation. "Really, how did he say that?"

"His only answer is no, that's all, so I don't know if you're lying or you're just trying to provoke me because you're just daydreaming about getting William." Charice eyes are like having a fire around her eyes while enlarging them.

In my mind, "Why does she act like that as she knows William better than I do?"

"Who are you to him?" I suddenly asked.

She grinned. "I'm his childhood friend, and I know everything about him, so I think you're lying!" There was a strong accusation against me.

I just sat calmly. "How can you say I lied?"

"Didn't you say you were William's girlfriend?"

I looked at her, surprisingly. "I didn't say I'm his girlfriend."

"So you say that both of you have relationships, and you didn't correct me when I said you were his girlfriend?"

I shook my head. "Give a reaction like that if the word girlfriend came from my mouth. As far as I know, it didn't come from me. Aren't you the one who said that, so why are you mad at me?"

"What you said is that you two have a relationship," Charice said while her forehead furrowed.

"Why does the word "relationship" mean having a boyfriend? There are some meanings to that specific word, so why don't you use Google so you know the other meaning of it? "

Charice glared at me in response. "William, is it really true that this woman is your girlfriend?" she asked.

I suddenly spoke. "Not yet; if ever, maybe someday." I smiled, and Charice's face was angry at the same time.

William seemed to be completely irritated with the two women in front of him now. "Can you two stop talking nonsense!"

"This woman assumes and thinks that you'll be her boyfriend."

I raised an eyebrow at her even though William was in front of me and Charice was still saying something about what we were talking about a while ago. "You'll be the first to know when we are a real couple soon." Charice is very pissed at me and has guts because William is in front of them, so that's why she's so bravely confronting me.

"Daniella, stop saying things that aren't true." William turned to Charice. "And you go home. Your driver is waiting for you."

"Won't you come with me? I can't see that you used your car to go here. "

Daniella's eyes narrowed at what Charice said. "Why are you so concerned?" I whispered, but Charice seemed to hear it, so she glared at me.

"You go first. I'm going somewhere else."

Charice looked at Daniella badly before finally leaving, and William was left behind and talked to Daniella first.

"The next time the two of you cross paths, you're the one who could stay away from her so that there would be no trouble," William said before starting to walk.

I can't believe what William said because it looks like I should be the one adjusting for Charice's attitude. "So he is trying to say that I was the one who started it so that Charice was triggered. So I'm just a woman with a crush on him, and I'd be so lucky if he noticed me, but his childhood friend, whom he's known since childhood, must be his priority and important to him, I guess." A sad smile could be seen on Daniella's face before Bree approached.

"Dan, what happened, and why does your face look like that?"

She smiled up to her ears. "It's nothing. I've been thinking about how long you've been at the school supply store. What time is it?" Daniella's mood changes, so Bree doesn't have to ask any more questions.

"I couldn't find the one I wanted to buy, so I took so long. Let's go home so it doesn't get dark on the way." Both of them started to walk home.

Meanwhile, Victor and Lucas were busy. They have a solution for how to immediately find the mysterious book. "Is this amount of paper with pictures okay, Lucas?"

"Yes, it's enough. Just stick those papers in one place." Luckily, Lucas was used to using a cellphone, and he captured a picture of the book, but he didn't know that he could use it now.

"Tomorrow morning we will also go to the place where you lost the book. I just need to find it and write to it. The day of the end of my writing on the destiny of two people is near, so I need to find and finish it. The remaining words will happen as they should, together. " Victor lifted the paper with the picture of the book and stared at it.

The next day, Victor and Lucas went to the place where the church was and pasted the pictures on the light pole just in case Lexie and Alexa came out and went through it; they would definitely see it right away. But if Victor finds it right away, there will be a problem with Daniella and William’s destiny if Alexa doesn’t finish it.

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