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C12 Lunch Box

The next day, Alexa woke up with no Lexie inside the house. She was looking for it inside, even in the kitchen, but there was no sign that Lexie was there. She sat down on the kitchen chair and was obviously just awake because her eyes were still swollen and her hair was messy.

While she was in that state, someone suddenly called her phone. "Hello, who's this?" I said softly as she rubbed her eyes.

Lexie is on the other line. "Hello! Alexa, it's good that you're awake. I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye before I left, because you're still asleep, so I won't bother you at that moment. "

"You just went to work; why do you need to let me know?" I asked, confused. After all, Lexie never let me know or called to say that she had left the house to go to work. This was the first time.

"I'm on work leave. I'm in the province. I'm here temporarily, so you'll be the only one at the house until I get back. "

I frowned. "Are you on vacation?"

"It seems like that because Grandma asked me to take a vacation here first. I also bought your stock of food before I came here, and you can see it in the food storage cabinet, so you don't have to go out. I know you're writing, so I bought it. Be careful, okay, bye! " Lexie dropped the call, so I put my phone on the table.

I stood up and looked at the cabinet where I and Lexie always kept and put the groceries. "How long will she be in their province? This grocery is good for one month?" I take one pack of food that I quickly cook for breakfast.

While Alexa was in the kitchen, a creature appeared in her room that was very bright. This is the creature that also appeared to Victor then. He is the one who gives the message about who will be the next to write destiny in the magical book that Alexa now holds.

He approached the table where the book was and turned the pages. "The story of the people in the book is just getting started as of now, and it looks like the book will still be in her hands for a more time. But her character in the book can't be finished for what she wants at the end. Her destiny will have trouble too because of this situation. " The mysterious creature suddenly looked at the door because it looked like Alexa was about to enter, so the mysterious creature immediately disappeared while the book was left open.

When Alexa entered, she looked at the book first. She was confused because she had closed the book the night before she went to sleep, so she thought, why was it now open? She just ignored it and sat down in front of the table again.

Saturday came, and Daniella was ready to go to the plaza for another long lesson from William.

"I'm leaving! Don't worry too much about me because I'll be back, " I joked. My mother came out of the house with some food in a small lunch box.

I hugged my mother so sweetly. "Thank you, Mom. But what are the things in here?" I pointed at the same time, using my lips.

Maria raised the lunch box. "Lots of rice."

I frowned. "That's all?" I was still making sure.

"Yeah, why is there more to put in here?"

"Mom, why is there no dish in here, just rice?" I complained, stomping my feet on the ground.

My mother took my hand and handled the lunch box in my hand. "You may go, and I think William is already at the plaza. We need to save money, so just eat rice for now and don't forget to give some to William. "

My eyes widened. "Why do I give William? It's embarrassing to offer rice only without a dish, Mommy!"

"Rice is more important than the dish, so go ahead and start to walk to the plaza and be careful." Mom's reminder before entering the house.

While I didn't seem to want to go to the plaza, I didn't want to make William angry. I was even more afraid of William than my mother. I had already started walking while it was still early.

As soon as Daniella entered the gate of the plaza, she saw William sitting, so she walked quickly and just sat down without saying anything. William just looked at her and closed the book he was holding.

In my mind, "Why does he always have a book with him and his diligence to read every time we come here?"

"Okay, let's start," William said. "The result of Mr. Salvador's quiz was okay with your answers last week, but it's still too low, so I'll teach you math lessons again."

I frowned because I would do math again and would do endless problem solving. "Maybe until we finish fourth year of high school, you are still teaching me the math subject," I complained. William looked at me seriously, so I just avoided his gaze because it looked like the fire was going to blow again in his mouth because I complained.

"Give me a perfect score on Mr. Salvador's short tests, and at that time, it already might not be the math subject." And look again at the paper he was holding.

"Sometimes, Daniella, you have to just talk to yourself so you don't get scolded," I said to myself and shook my head.

The two of them were busy, William holding his book again and Daniella solving math questions, and they didn't realize that it was noon and it was time to eat.

"You can stop first and eat lunch," William said.

I stopped and saw that William had brought out a packed lunch placed in an inside lunch box, and the dish looked delicious, so I took my bag, but when I was about to open my lunch box, I stopped. "The only thing inside this lunch box is rice; there is no dish inside. It would be embarrassing for me if I offered it to him."

William noticed that Daniella was still not eating and was just holding onto the lid of her lunch box with a depth of thought. "Why haven't you eaten your lunch yet?" he asked.

I smiled. "I'm okay; just eat your lunch first; I'm still full. I'll just eat it later." I was about to hide my lunch box again when William suddenly touched the box.

"You just eat now. Nothing will enter your brain if you are hungry."

I tried to pull the lunch box from William's hand. "I'll eat it later. Go ahead and let go of my lunch box."

William's eyes narrowed at me, and he suddenly forced me to remove my hand. Finally, he succeeded in removing my hand from the grip of my lunch box. William took it, and he opened it. William was suddenly stunned by what he saw, so I had to close my eyes because of his reaction.

It was almost a minute before William spoke. "Why don't you want to eat this food of yours? The design is so nice. Your mother did it? "

I was surprised by what William said. My mother still has time to make the rice beautiful in my eyes. William put the lunch box on the table and pushed towards me. "Eat up."

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