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C13 Section Representative

I grabbed it immediately and was ready to see what the rice looked like. I closed my eyes and slowly opened the lunch box again, but as I already saw the rice, I quickly opened it. My hand holding the lid was still raised because of what I saw.

I smiled and shed a few tears because I thought it was just simple rice. The green peas in the ground pork were formed into a smile, and the stewed ground pork dish was already on the side of the rice. I didn't see it because the lunch box is so thick and opaque that the dish inside cannot be seen, so I thought that only rice was inside the lunch box.

A hand took my lunch box from my hand, and I saw William put some food into his lunch box in front of him. "I'm acting here. Why did you take it so suddenly, and who said you could get some of my food?" I asked.

William lowered the lunch box. "If you want, take some dishes here in my lunch box. It's delicious too."

"Really? I will definitely take some. What makes you think you're the only one who can do it?" I asked while taking my lunch box. "Wait! Why did you take so much?"

"It's just your imagination." William took a dish from his lunch box and put it in my lunch box. "We both have the same quantity of dishes, so you might not complain." and he started eating again.

I saw that the dish given by William was cordon bleu. "This is such an expensive dish. I can only see it at the big event." And I shook my head before starting to eat too.

A few hours passed, and William finished tutoring Daniella, so they were about to leave the plaza now. Daniella stopped when she came out of the plaza gate.

"Be careful when you go home," I reminded William. He just raised his hand, then turned his back on me and started walking. "I expected that he could ask if he could accompany me home. I'm willing to say yes." I didn't wait for William to disappear from my sight because they had different routes to go home and I might be late for going home, so I started to walk too.

The week passed, and now it was Monday, and Daniella was walking to school.

"I will see the greatest villain between William and me again." My face was wrinkled while walking to school.

In the few days that Charice moved to my school, she always watched me as if I had committed a grave sin, and maybe Charice was treated at the same time because William rarely talked to her unlike me. I'm keeping my promise that I'm not allowed to talk to William when it is not his tutoring time, but it is inevitable that he will suddenly talk about the lessons, so maybe a lot of things run through Charice's mind when I and William talk.

As they sat in their chairs, their teacher announced the upcoming program. "Okay, student, you know that our school has an annual program, and that will be next month, so I think it's better to choose the candidate for that event."

A female student raised her hand. "Excuse me, ma'am. What is the program about?"

"Oh, sorry, I forgot to say what kind of program will happen next month. That program is for ladies willing to share their talent and beauty with the audience. So if you have a name in mind, you can now nominate it while raising your hand. Is that clear?"

"Yes, ma'am," the students replied.

I don't seem to care about our teacher's announcement, and I'm also one of the voters on who's nominated, so that's okay with me.

Suddenly, a female student stood up. "I nominate Charice Lopez, ma'am." Then she sat down. Charice smiled because, even though she was a new student, they really knew who should compete in the school pageants.

Bree looked at Daniella and smiled; it looks like she has something to do. Bree stood up, and without breaking, she said Daniella's name. "I nominate Daniella Sanchez, ma'am, for the most beautiful girl in our school." She smiled and looked at Daniella, who was now gaping at what she had said.

"All right, class, we have two candidates. Anyone who wants to nominate again should raise their hand." Their teacher looked around at the students, but no one raised a hand. "So, all of you think Charice and Daniella can compete in The Most Beautiful Woman at our school? So it won't take long to start. All of you have to vote for the two candidates whose names you want to see compete in that school pageant; just raise your hand." The teacher turned around and faced the blackboard and wrote the names of Daniella and Charice.

I approached Bree and pulled her hair slightly. "Hey, you! Who said I wanted to join that program? Since my first year of high school, no one has tried to nominate me, not even you, but why now? What are you planning? " I even widened my eyes to show that I don't want to participate.

Bree smirked at me. "Why don't you? You're beautiful." Bree came closer to my ear. "You're really the one to be part of the candidate rather than our new classmate, who's feeling that she is about to win even though the pageant has not started." Bree moved away and simply looked at Charice and stared.

"But somehow she's prettier than me, even though my blood boils every time I see her," I replied.

"We'll know who will win between the two of you, so don't say anything negative." Bree turned to their teacher.

"Let's get started. Who will vote for Charice as the representative of this section? "

Almost half of the students raised their hands for Charice, but Daniella didn’t really care if she lost the poll on who would compete in the other sections of the pageant. The teacher counted those who raised their hands and gave 17 votes for Charice. "For Daniella!" Voting for Daniella is like the other half of their classmates.

When their teacher wrote down Daniella's result, it was also 17, so their teacher was puzzled. "No one is absent here in your section. Charice and Daniella can't vote for themselves. As far as I know, all of you here are 37, so there's one who didn't raise his/her hand. Whoever you are and if you don't mind, just raise your hand. "

The students waited a few seconds before someone raised a hand, and that student was William. Charice wondered why it didn't vote for her. "William, you don't want to vote for the two of them to represent this classroom in the pageant?"

William looked at Charice and Daniella. "Yes, ma'am," he said straight to their teacher.

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