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C14 Plaza

Their teacher just nodded. "Everyone can choose who they want, but it looks like William decided not to choose between the two of them, so Charice and Daniella's scores are tied. I won't say vote again because if that's really the result, there is nothing we can do. "

One student raised her hand. "What will happen then, ma'am?"

"I just decided that because the scores are tied, both of them will be representatives of this class section. As far as I know, there can be two in each section."

I'll try to say something, but Bree immediately covered my mouth, but their teacher couldn't see them, so Bree did it. I tried to speak while Bree's hand was covering my mouth and removed Bree's hand, but Bree pressed her hand even more.

"Okay, class, that's my decision. Daniella and Charice are the final candidates for that program and will be your section representatives next month. Get your notebook, and I will start our lesson today." They moved their gaze to the blackboard, where their teacher wrote that they needed to copy it into the notebook.

Bree let go of Daniella, who was gasping for breath. "Are you going to kill me?" I said weakly.

"I just covered your mouth, not including your nose, and as far as I know, you breathe through the nose, not the mouth, Dan." Then she rolls her eyes.

I frowned. "Why did you cover my mouth?"

"Because I know you're going to tell ma'am not to include you as one of our representatives, so I did that to stop you."

"I really don't want to join because I know nothing about such programs, especially The Most Beautiful Woman." Suddenly Charice turned her back to where they were, and suddenly they stopped talking. Charice just looked as if she were saying that she would be the winner, and then she faced the blackboard again.

"That's what I'm telling you, Dan. Look at that woman who has the strength to look like she thought she won the pageant; that's why you can keep up if the topic is about how beautiful you are, but not in intelligence because you don't have any."

I narrowed my eyes at Bree. "Are you saying I don't have the slightest bit of intelligence in my brain?"

"Your beautiful, even though your not that smart, show them what you have." Bree, smile a little and try to be cute in front of me. "But I think you also need it because there is a question and answer in that program."

"If I'm really going to mess up that pageant, don't talk to me. I only have a few weeks to get ready."

Bree picked up her notebook. "Don't worry, I'll be your mentor on how to walk like a beauty queen." She smiled and started copying what their teacher was writing on the blackboard.

A few days passed, and it was Friday again, and Daniella was going to the plaza tomorrow. As Bree and Daniella were walking home and about to get out of the school gate, William suddenly blocked the way.

The two wondered. "Why?" Bree asked, wondering.

William just looked at her and shifted his gaze to Daniella. "We're going to talk about tutoring you. I'll tell you tomorrow, so don't be late. Is that clear? "

What the three didn't know was that Charice was simply listening behind them, not too close so that they wouldn't notice her. "What does William mean by teaching?" she whispered.

I folded my arms. "Why don't you tell me now?"

He looked at me seriously, so I looked away because, with that expression on William's face, I shouldn't speak more. "If I want to say I should have said now that and I haven't said that tomorrow, so you just learn to wait. That's all, "William said, and he walked away. Even Charice secretly walked away from Daniella and Bree.

I stared at William's back in anger. "Bree, the rope I'm holding is about to be cut," I suddenly said.

Bree frowned and looked at me curiously. "Huh! What are you saying?"

"Patience for William."

Bree looked at the emptiness and tried to understand what I'd said, but she couldn't get the right meaning because she thought there was something wrong with what I said. "I don't understand what you're saying. Maybe what you're trying to say is that you're about to let go of the rope you're holding on to, right? "

Slowly, I turned to Bree. "Only smart people can understand, so if you don't understand, you're not smart." Then I walked away and left Bree standing still.

"But it's really wrong for her to say that, isn't it?" she said to herself. Bree just shook her head and then followed Daniella.

Saturday came, and William was ready to leave when his mother stopped him. "Are you leaving without Charice? Why don't you wait for her?"

He frowned as he looked at his mother because of what she said. "What has Charice got to do with my leaving?"

"I thought you had a date today. She called me on the phone last night and said, you were leaving and taking a walk."

A car arrived in front of William's house, and Clarissa turned around to see it. "Oh! There she is."

Charice got out of the car. She smiled at Clarissa and greeted her. "Hi Aunt!"

"Hello! William is ready, so both of you can leave."

"But Ma—," William couldn't continue what he was supposed to say to his mother as she pushed him a little closer to Charice.

"Both of you, be careful." Reminding William and Charice before entering the house.

Charice looked at William, who was almost frowning at his situation. "Come on, William."

William turned to her. "I didn't know we talked about leaving now," he said seriously, without showing any emotion on his face.

"I'm sorry. I know you won't come when I tell you right away, so I just told your mother. "

"I have a meeting today, so I can't." He was about to walk when Charice stopped him by pulling on his clothes.

He looked at Charice's hand holding his cloth, and Charice saw it, so she let go immediately. "Just wait and join me at the mall, then we'll just take you where you're going." And her face was even sadder.

William shifted his eyes and looked at the time on his watch. It was only 8:00 a.m., and he and Daniella talked about go to plaza at 10:00 a.m., so he still had two hours before the time came that he and Daniella talked. "All right, but before 10:00a.m., we will go home."

Charice smiled. "Yes, come on." The two got into the car. She sat near the window, and William, who sat on the other side, sat near the window too, but there was still space between the two of them. She watched William look out the car window. "Let's see if Daniella can wait any longer for what I'm going to do." She grinned and turned her gaze to the window.

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