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C2 The Magic Book

A month passed, and Alexa finished one story again, and now she was going to a publishing house to apply for her book. She smiled while she walked out the door, looked at the manuscript she was carrying, and then walked to the taxi.

It took an hour before I arrived after an hour's trip. I looked at the building and at the entrance. "I'm hoping that it's now accepted."

My face is full of desire for my story to succeed this time. I entered the building and went to the office of the editor. I am now sitting in front of so many writers who are applying for their stories too. After a few hours of waiting, it is my turn to give my manuscript to the editor. I sat down in front of a woman after several hours of waiting.

I handed the story sheet in the folder I was holding. And the woman read it, this time reading the plot, characters, setting, genre, and some chapters of my story. Happiness could not be seen in the woman's face, and at that moment my hand sweating because I was nervous about the result. As the woman reads my story, only her eyes move.

I took the folder after the woman read it and handed it back to me. "I'm sorry, miss, but I can't accept your story." The woman's serious statement

"But, ma'am, isn't my story that good? I can fix it."

The woman sighed. "Your writing style is outstanding, but your story is too common for me to accept; this time, our company is looking for something unique, with a twist to the story, not typical, even in the romance genre; with so many books on the market, their stories are very similar to yours; therefore, if you want your story to be published, you need to make a story unusual, such as adding a twist to excite your readers. You can still come back here if you have a new story."

I did not speak, and I was stunned to leave that building because I had hoped that my new story would be accepted now, but I failed again, and I would return home disappointed with myself. What I feel right now is visible in my eyes, sadness. But I didn't go home right away. I went to the mall to comfort myself and not to worry about what happened.

Meanwhile, Lucas, the boy who lives in the magical house with Victor, are going to school. He acts like a human but he does not show his powers, like floating in the air. He had to go to school, and he seemed to be looking for something.

"Where is it? I'm late! " he said as he rummaged through the bookshelves, but he couldn’t find what he was searching for.

He looked at his grandfather's desk, and his eyes traveled back and forth until he found what he was looking for. In a hurry, he grabbed the wrong book because he was already late to school. So he didn’t notice that the book he got was different from the book he used in school.

Victor came out of his room and went to his desk, planning to write in the magical book again, but when he sat down and looked where he had placed it, he noticed another book and not the magical book.

His eyes narrowed at the sight. "Wait a minute, where's the magical book? Why is there another book on my desk?" He checked the table as well as the drawers, but he really couldn’t find it.

"Where did my magical book go? I just put it here, but why isn't it here and why is there another book on my desk?" He wondered. He looked for it several times but could not find it, so he stopped and sat down again. "I'll ask Lucas if he sees it later."

Meanwhile, Alexa was happy watching the kids playing on the mall’s playground. She smiled at a child waving at her because it was cute and it looked like it was only two years old. She was having so much fun at the mall that she didn't realize that it was already night and it looked like it was going to rain, so she immediately took a taxi home before it rained.

On the way home, Lucas thinks to go outside the church, even though the church door was closed at that time. He is used to go there because it is quiet outside the church at night.

Lucas sits in a chair outside the church, but as he begins to take the book out of his bag, suddenly someone calls out to the magical mirror that looks like a compact mirror.

He accidentally dropped the book on the chair rather than inside the bag, and he didn't notice it. He opened the compact mirror, and Victor's face appeared. "Lucas, what time is it? You haven't come home yet. "

"I'm sorry grandpa, I'm at church."

"Go home. I'll ask you something."

"All right, Grandpa," Victor disappeared from the mirror, and only the reflection of Lucas' face could be seen.

When the rain began to fall, Lucas no longer noticed the book dropped on the chair, and the rain got heavier. He hurriedly walked away, but then the rain got heavier as he ran.

He's going to meet Alexa, who is also running, in a narrow road street. That time seems to slow down as the two running, their skins almost touching.

They had already passed each other, and Alexa was forced to stop outside the church because of the heavy rain.

"Why sudden the rain falls? Is it the rain comported me at this moment?" I whispered, then wiped the parts of my body with a handkerchief.

The rain still did not stop for a few minutes. I sat on the chair, but as I waited for the rain to stop, I noticed a book next to me. "A book?" I grabbed and examined it.

"It's nice, even if it's old." I opened the book, and I was surprised to find nothing written inside. "So why is nothing written?" I wondered.

"Even though the book is old, why are the pages blank? But maybet I can still use it." I'm unsure if I should get this book. It seems that the owner will not come back because it's late, so I've decided to get it.

"I'm sorry to whoever owns it; if I do not take this, the church utility might just throw it." I hugged it and looked up the sky, glad that the rain had stopped and I could go home.

Meanwhile, as soon as Lucas entered the house, he saw his grandfather searching through the bookshelves for something.

Lucas shouted, "I'm already here!"

Her grandpa shifted his focus on him and suddenly stop. "I'm glad you're here,I have a question for you."

"What is it, Grandpa?"

"Did you see the magical book? Maybe you played with it earlier? " Grandpa's eyes narrowed at me.

"No, I didn't touch the book when I gave it to you."

His brows almost came together. "But, why did the book vanish from the table? I just put it on the side of my desk, and the strange thing is, there is another book on my table. "

"But, how?"

He walked over to the table. "This is the book." Grabbing the book, then he turned to me.

My eyes widened because of the book he was holding. "That's mine. I put it on the table, but I picked up another book there that I should not have taken. "

We stared at each other, and I realized that I had gotten the wrong book earlier. "Give the book back to me, Lucas."

I opened my bag and searched for the book, but I didn't have a book to touch inside my bag, so I became worried.

"What's the problem?" He asked, and my face turned pale.

"It looks like the book is missing," I whispered.

"Wait for a second, I can't hear your voice."

I pressed my eyes tightly closed. "It looks like the book is missing," I mumbled.

Grandpa's looked confused. "What! Are you saying that the book is missing? It cannot be lost because that book is not ordinary, Lucas!"

"But, the book is no longer in my bag."

He lifted his head and tried to not get angry. "Of all the things you might lose, why the book of destiny? Don't you know that the people who are written about in the book might be messed up because of your carelessness!" I just bowed my head because I knew I was wrong, but while bowing my head, I remembered something dropping on the side of my church chair as I was talking to Grandpa Victor.

"It seems that I already know where the book is."


"While sitting outside the church, I felt something fall on my side."

"We'll have to go there before the book disappears forever."

They went there and headed to the church, but when they arrived, there was no book in any of the chairs, including my chair, where I was sitting an hour ago.

Grandpa asked me, "Did you see?"

I shook my head and showed my disappointment with the situation. "It seemed like the book had already truly gone, Grandpa!"

Grandpa Victor's frustration with me can be seen in his eyes. "You know that book is sacred, and I'm the only one who should be holding it, and do you know that two people will be delayed from meeting again because of what you did?"

My eyes sparkled because tears started to fall in my eyes for what Grandpa said, "I'm so sorry Grandpa, I didn't mean to!"

He sighed and focused his gaze on me. "For the mean time, let's go home and think about how to find the book," he suggested. I agreed and followed him.

Meanwhile, Alexa got home and searched for Lexie as soon as she opened the door. "Lexie, I'm here!" I said and searched inside the house, but Lexie was nowhere to be found, even in her room.

"She must have worked overtime once again."

Before going to the kitchen and cooking my dinner, I put my things down, including the book I found on my bedroom table.

I ate and waited an hour before going to sleep. I was lying down on the bed, but sleepiness did not come to me after a few minutes of lying down and closing my eyes. I open my eyes and see the book on the table. I got up, took a few steps forward and examined it.

"Who owns this?" Then I flipped through the book's beautiful pages and there was a feeling that I was excited to write in it. "But the question is, will the owner be able to come back to the church?" But eventually, I decided to write in the book because I felt it was necessary to do so.

"What kind of story can I write here?" I was thinking of a story while playing the ballpen in my hand while I gazed at the ceiling. "Right! High School story like what happened to me back then, and I'll get a feeling of what I had over there before," I said while smiling as I remember my highschool memories.

Until we graduated, I liked one person. I used to secretly look at him, but I couldn't talk to him face to face or express my feelings; another man teased me whenever I tried to talk to the person I liked, but until they graduated, I couldn't express my feelings for the one I loved.I just found out that person has already married now, maybe because we weren't the ones for each other back then. And the other man who was constantly teasing me back then never heard any news about where he is now.

"My story was good then; I'll just change the scenes, characters' names, behaviors, and I won't include other people I have met; this time, I'll make the heroine brave and true to herself, and she can say whatever she feels; and the male protagonist is handsome and rarely smiles and is quiet; I'll just include other characters based on what I want to include; and I'll just write some scenes based on my imagination, not only come from in my own story." First, I wrote down my characters on a piece of paper.

Daniella is the heroine who has the amazing freedom to say anything she wants to whoever the person is, even if they aren't aware of it. She's also a happy person.

William, the male protagonist, has a quiet attitude and rarely smiles at other people. The one Daniella loves.

Charice, Daniella's rival to William, likes William as well, and she is the reason why William does not always go to their place for tutoring.

Daniella's friend, Bree, is always willing to protect her from Charice when something bad is happening to her.

As I reviewed the paper, I smiled. "I think my character is okay; I can start writing right now." I pinned the paper to the wall and held the pen to start my new story.

That was the beginning of Daniella and William's story by the time Alexa's hand moved to write.

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