Book of Fate (English)/C3 Beginning Of The Story
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Book of Fate (English)/C3 Beginning Of The Story
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C3 Beginning Of The Story

Daniella's mother yelled, "Daniella! Get up! You're late for your class! It's morning, and the sun is rising. " Daniella doesn't seem to hear because she's still gaping and sounds asleep.

"My goodness, it's the same scenario Daniella and I have every year," she said as she headed up to the old staircase to Daniella's room, where she saw her daughter still sound asleep. "Daniella, get up! It's the first day of school, and you're still sleeping until now you are in fourth-year high school, yet it's still hard to wake you up every morning. "

I slowly opened my eyes and saw my mother, who was now frowning at me. "Your breakfast is ready, my highness." My mother joked.

"Okay, I'll be there in a second," I said, but my mother didn't like that and squeezed my ear. "Oh, no! Mom, it hurts. I've just awakened. "

"Stand there and eat before you leave. You've woken up for a long time like a child. You're not a rich person who has helpers who still need to be woken up in the morning! " While my mother was preaching, I got up and left the room because of the pain in my ear from her loud voice that I can hear every morning every time school starts.

"Mom actually set an alarm clock with the use of her voice because it's too loud and says a lot, but in fairness, it worked." And I went to the kitchen, still smiling.

My mother came downstairs and went to the kitchen where I was eating. "You know, I'm still talking to you upstairs. Why are you leaving?" She asked.

"Because mom, it's still morning and you're creating so much noise."

My mother's forehead furrowed. "You should get up faster to avoid being late in class; have you checked the time? You're going to be late for your class. "

I looked at the clock on the wall, but when I realized the school gate would close in 30 minutes, I ate the hotdog and rice at the same time, not sure if I was just swallowing it. I hurried to go to my bedroom, took a quick shower, and groomed myself before leaving and saying goodbye to my mother.

Our house is near the school, but if I do not start walking early, I will indeed be late, so I'm now walking and slightly running to get there on time.

The guard is going to close the school gate. "Wait, Sir Tony!" I yelled, raising my hands.

Sir Tony, the guard, heard me. "Nothing has changed, Daniella; you're still late; your class is about to start."

"Thank you, Sir Tony." And I hurried to my classroom, and thankfully, their first teacher was not yet there.

I sat on a chair next to Bree, my best friend. "Well, you're still awake," Bree said.

I looked at Bree. "I'm fairly sure I'm still alive today; can't you see me?"

Bree breathed out a sigh. "Until now, you've been a philosopher; in fact, it's a good thing you woke up because you'll be absent right away in our first class."

"I'm here, so don't worry. Thanks to my noisy mother. "

Their teacher had already entered the room, so the two stopped. "Good morning, student! I just want to say that in this section you are the same classmates you were when you were still in third-year high school, but not this time because there is a person to add to this section." My classmates wondered and also me. My class section is the same student back in third year for almost four years, including this year. Nothing has changed.

"What do you think, Daniella? Is our new classmate a transferee? " Bree asked.

"I'm not sure. Let's take a look. "

Outside the door, the teacher turned. "You can get inside." My world seemed to slow down or stop when I saw who it was a few minutes after it entered.

"Introduce yourself," their teacher said.

"Good morning, my name is William," it said simply.

Once Bree noticed that I wasn't moving, she grabbed my arms and shook me. "Hey! "You look like a rock and a fool."

"Bree, tell me it's just a dream that he won't be our classmate," I please.

"Yes, it's just a dream because you're still asleep and haven't woken up yet."

I looked at her and narrowed my eyes. "You said I told you it was just a dream. I just followed, but Dan, do you have any idea why he moved here? He should be in section A, right, first and third year, but now he's in the last section. I'm confused. "

I nodded and turned my gaze to the front, but when I did it, I noticed that William was staring at me, and I seemed to have a stroke in my seat.

When the teacher began speaking, William turned to look at the other students. "You may be wondering why William Franco is here because you all know he is probably one of the smartest students in your batch, but the truth is that there is a program, and one of you, William, can be a tutor, so here he is, and he will choose from the index card. Take out an index card and write your names, then pass the papers from the last row, going to the front, and give them to me. Is that clear?"

The other student said, "Yes ma'am."

They all wrote on an index card and submitted it to their teacher. "All right, William, pick up one index card and say aloud the name that is written on it for whoever you have chosen."

While William is slowly moving his fingers over the index cards, I have been unable to explain how I feel right now.

William pulls it out and the majority of the students stare at the paper; almost all of the female students wish that they could be chosen because, in addition to being smart, he is also very attractive, even if not smiling.

"Daniella Sanchez," William said suddenly, and Daniella didn't seem to hear him immediately.

"Hey! You're the chosen one! " Bree said as she shook my shoulder and looked puzzled.


Bree's eyebrows met for my answer. "You're crazy. William pulled your index card. He is your tutor now. Where does your mind go as William pulls out the index card?" I turned my gaze to the front, and their gazes met. I was still like a rock because I couldn't move and didn't even blink.

"Are you okay?" asked Bree.

"Maybe the wind will catch you and you'll end up like that."

I realized what was happening, and I turned my gaze to William again, but he was no longer looking at me. "All right, class, go back to your seat and the class will begin. Mr. William will sit next to Miss Sanchez on the right. "

My world seemed to stop when their teacher told us where William would sit, with only a five-step distance between my chair and his. As William sits and faces their teacher, I can't take my eyes off of William because I think it will be my best year in high school before I can graduate.

I have a crush on William since our first year at SHS, and I always made a way for him to notice me, but the first and fourth years of high school passed and I still didn't have a sign if William had a crush on me too.

Our other subjects passed by, and I was getting ready to go home, but William suddenly approached me while I was gathering my belongings.

"After that, follow me," he said, as he began to walk. I was puzzled, but later I followed him.

William was almost moved too far when he stopped in a chair near the basketball court inside the school. He turned to me and began to explain to the two of them the set up. "I just have a few rules for teaching you, so we don't have a problem."

I gave a slow nod. "First and foremost, you must always be on time; I do not want you to be late. Second, if it is not about tutoring, do not talk to me. Is that clear? "

"Yeah, sure," I replied.

"Third, you should have understood at least half of what I taught you; in other words, you should concentrate on the lesson rather than on me." While I kicked the ground and sighed. "Did you understand what I said?"

I smiled at William when I raised my head. "I got it all," I reply.

"Then I can go home." Although it felt like William still had something to say, he didn’t say anything and left immediately.

I looked and followed him with my eyes as he walked until it faded from my sight. "He hasn't changed. He's still mean. " I smiled and that almost ripped my cheeks. "But this is probably the best year for me because I can be with him now, unlike before when I had to stalk to find out where he was in part of the school, and he didn't say anything that I should give up what I've been doing since the beginning, so I'll do what I want."

Bree had been looking for me for a few minutes, so she was confused and shocked when she saw me with that look. "Dan, I've been looking for you a while ago, and why do you look like that?"

I quickly faced Bree, who was shocked because I looked like I was not Daniella. "Can you tell me what happened to you?"

"Nothing. "Let's go home," I said, and I continued to smile.

"Dan, went crazy for the first week of school! "This is unbelievable!," she said before she walked and followed Daniella to go home.

Bree got home first because her house was closer to the school, while I had to walk another block to get home. It is not conventional for me to ride a tricycle to get home as long as I can walk, but it is not in a hurry, and it is also a waste of money if I ride the tricycle all of the time.

Even though I was still in my first year of high school, I always felt as if someone was following me since I started walking, but every time I looked behind me, there were no people or even animals. I was scared at first, but now I'm used to it every school year, and it's possible that I was just imagining things, so I did not pay enough attention in the end.

I was now standing in front of their house when I spotted my mother, who was already inside the cottage, having a coffee.

I shouted, "Mom, I'm back!"

My mother, Maria, frowned. "Why are you shouting as if you're coming from another country?"

"Did you miss me?"

"No! Get inside and change your clothes so you don't have to be silly here, "she said before sipping coffee.

I slowly started to walk inside their house. "Every time I said something like a joke, she had an answer for it." I shook my head while I searched for my clothes.

I couldn't let my mother be sad since my father left them because God took it too soon, even if it was just a simple tease. She could not think that they were just the two of them, even though my mother was upset with me sometimes. But, even if it doesn't seem like it, I can now say that she is simply riding on my crazy doings.

I sat down in front of my mini table when I had finished putting my things in the cabinet and took the small box from the drawer. "For almost a year, I've started to save money for this necklace, and now I've already bought it, but nothing seems to be happening in my effort to get him to notice me until now." I picked up the necklace until it was level with my face, with a pendant of the letter D inside the ring. "You are my last gift to him because I'm about to graduate next year and I don't know where he will go to college, so if I can't follow him anymore, I will give this to him and I hope he keeps it. I'm okay with that." I stared at the necklace for a while before putting it back in the drawer.

"Last chance, Daniella, if none of that works out, move on after graduation," I murmured to myself, smiling as I walked out of the room.

On the other hand, William has only just got home from school and he has also walked home. An older woman approached him and took his stuff. "Oh, you've arrived; why do you love walking when you have a car to use?" William simply smiled and stepped into the living room, where he sat on the sofa.

Lydia, William's maid, said, "What kind of answer is that, a smile?" As a result, she approached William once more to ask. "Are you hungry? I cooked a snack. Would you like to taste it? "

"Lydia, it's just a cup of coffee; I'm fine with that."

"Are you sure?" Lydia replied. William just nodded and she left to make coffee.

While waiting for the coffee, William lay on his back on the backrest of the sofa , looking deep in thought as he gazed at the ceiling of their house, and then smiled suddenly.

Lydia saw that while holding a cup of coffee. She asked while she lowered the cup. "Are you okay, William? Why are you smiling all by yourself? Did something nice happen? "

Before answering, William sat up straight. "No, Lydia, something funny just came to my mind, so I smiled."

"All right, I'll leave you here because I have something to do in the kitchen, and your Dad and Mom are coming home before dinner." Lydia went to the kitchen, and William sipped his coffee slowly.

William's parents own and run a business, which his mom and dad manage. As a result, William can be regarded as capable in life. Yes, their lives are good, but they are not the people who have lost contact with others, especially when they are not relatives. William is a serious person with a good heart; he just can't show it to others because other people and students at their school think he's unkind because of his expression or because he's simply quiet; if no one asks, he doesn't speak.

After finishing drinking the coffee, he entered his room and changed his clothes.

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