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C4 Math Subject

Daniella came in early the next day since she didn't want to be late, so she started walking before six a.m. Daniella was close to the school gate when she noticed William entering the gate at the same time.

I greeted him with a smile and said, "Good morning, William!" William just gave me a lazy look before entering the gate.

William did not return my greetings, my smile faded. "It's early, Daniella," I thought, " So maybe he's not in the mood yet." I went inside and to my classroom.

Because it was still early, my other classmates were already outside once I sat down in my chair. Only a few students were inside with me and William; Bree seemed to be not in the school yet, and I saw that she wasn't in her chair. I rested my head on my arm on the desk while they waited for their teacher, looking at William, who was reading a book.

William apparently felt that someone was looking at him, so he turned around and caught me looking at him. I didn't even look away and smiled at William. "Do you need anything?" William asked lazily.

I just shook my head. William would have been ready to go back to reading again, but he remembered something to say. "By the way, I will start tutoring you after class at breaktime. We go there in the school garden. There were tables and chairs." And then he went back to reading again.

The school bell rang. It means that all students should enter their classroom immediately.

I seemed to remember the male teacher from the way I looked now, because my eyes widened as he walked into the room, and the book I was holding lay on the desk, pretending to be read.

He greeted everyone with, "Good morning, class!" And he rolled his eyes at all of his students now, but it stopped with one student whose face was hidden by the book cover.

"Excuse me! Could you please put down the book you're holding before the lesson starts, because I haven't yet told all of you to use a book, "he asked seriously.

I try to keep my gaze away from what he just said. "Why did Sir Salvador become our teacher on the second day of class?" I had no choice but to slowly lower the book.

Mr. Salvador's eyes narrowed at me because he appeared to be aware of the situation immediately. "Miss Daniella Santos, I had no idea that you'd be my student again this year." I smiled. "I thought you forgot about me, like last year. But next week, this section will have a quiz. I'll see if all of you still remember the formulas that were taught last year. For now, pass the index card with your written name and section. " He sat on the chair in front of the table. The students murmured, but they couldn't do anything because that was really the behavior of Mr. Salvador.

William turned to Daniella, who was now staring at her index card while writing her name on the index card.

An hour passed on the subject of Mr. Salvador, and the students were introducing themselves one by one, even Mr. Salvador, to them. "Okay, class, wait for your next teacher. I'm leaving. Don't forget the quiz next week, especially you Daniella. " He looks at me once before he leaves.

Bree approached me. "It looks like you are Sir Salvador's favorite student, Dan. You'll believe you've escaped his subject, but he followed you until your final year here.

"That's why there's a quiz next week. I know I am a little below average in math. How can I pass the math subject again this year? " I seemed frustrated.

Bree came close to my ear again. "Crazy, don't you know that you have a tutor now? It's William. Thanks to him, because he pulled out your name; otherwise you wouldn't be on stage on graduation day. "

When I realized what Bree had said, I smiled. "Glad you still remember."

Bree looked at me as if she was confused. "Everything happened yesterday, Dan. You forget that easily?" And it was back in her seat again.

"Is it my fault that I forgot? I thought it was just a dream yesterday, " I whispered.

A few teachers passed by, and it was time for their breaktime, so William went first to their meet-up place, and then I followed.

I just sat quietly opposite to William, because he was already reading the book, so I waited for a while and didn't disturb him first.

William put down the book, which surprised me as there was too much force and a serious stare at me. "Why?" I asked, looking nervous.

"What were your grades for Sir Salvador in math then?"

I forced a laugh. "Why do you need to know it?"

"Because I'm your tutor and, based on what Sir Salvador said earlier, you just seem too lucky to pass for his subject. "

My eyes widened. "Hey! From the way you speak, what are your grades in math subjects? Go ahead, tell me! "

William folded his arms and looked at me in the eye. "I had 99 grades in math back then."

"What!?" I shouted. "The grades are almost 100."

"Now, what are your grades in math then."

I didn't answer right away and played with my fingers on my hand first. "75," I said softly, and William didn't hear.

"Louder your voice, I can't hear it."

In my mind, "What kind of person is he?" I sighed before raising my voice. "I said I had 75 grades back then!"

William shook his head. "It's a good thing the school has a program for tutoring and you're one of the chosen ones, because otherwise it's a pity you won't be able to graduate next year."

"Sometimes it really hurts the way he talks, " I whispered.

"Are you saying something?"

"Nothing!" I smiled at the same time. In all the subjects, math is the one that causes the most difficulty for me, but in other subjects, my grades are okay, but it cannot be said that my grades are too high in all subjects.

William arranged his things before he started. "You seem to be weak in math, so that's what I'm going to focus on teaching you first, and tomorrow I'll give you examples of solutions to previous lessons in the third year, so try to remember it because I'll give you a short quiz."

I looked at him in disbelief. "Quiz!" Is that sure? Think about it carefully first. Maybe you're just excited. " I was still making sure.

William turned his head to me, looking disappointed. "You must learn to listen and do what I say if you want to pass all of the subjects. It's not for me, and if there was a real chance, I wouldn't have accepted tutoring if you were not serious about this. Don't take everything too seriously. " He stood up and left me unable to speak because I was hit by what it said.

What should have happened next was ruined when Lexie appeared suddenly, so what happened next in William and Daniella's conversation could not be written immediately.

"Hey!Alexa, do you still have any plans to eat? You've been locked in your room for a few days and you're just writing, and you're always eating late," Lexie scolded me, while placing her hands on her waist.

I stretched and I dropped the pen. "I'm sorry, but my scene with my characters is too exciting, so I can't help but write and continue, " I explain while smiling at Lexie, who is now staring at the book.

"Why do you write in that book since you usually write in a notebook or on bond paper?" she questioned. "Where did you get that and why is it so old?"

"I just found it outside the church. It looked like one person did know that the book had fallen, so I picked it up; it's a pity because it's still nice to write in this book. "

In the book, Lexie seemed to be feeling something bad, as if there was some magic thing she couldn't explain. "Maybe the owner will return without you even waiting to come back."

"I checked around before I went home. I didn't see anyone, so maybe it won't come back. "

Lexie simply nodded and looked at the book for the last time."Let's eat first, then just go back to writing," Lexie said, and I nodded, so I could continue to write afterward.

Meanwhile, Victor is facing a problem at home because the mystery book is still missing. "We're going to be punished for what you did, Lucas. Just always look before you take something, understand? "

"I'm sorry, Grandpa; I was in a hurry and didn't check to see if I got my book."

I was about to say something until I felt something strange around me. "It looks like this is the day, Lucas, because he's already here." Lucas hid behind a bookshelf because what his grandfather was talking about was too bright.

A human figure appeared in front of me as he stood near his table. Ordinary people can't see its face; all they see is a shining light. I, on the other hand, can see its full body, including its face, because I am the guardian of the magical book whose real owner is the one who is presently in front of me. "You have a problem now, Victor, don't you?" the mysterious person said.

My eyes widened. "I'm sorry; I'm sure you already know what's going on right now."

"Do you know that there are people whose destiny will be delayed again as a result of this incident?" he asked calmly.

"I know, but I'm already thinking of a plan to find the book!"

As the mysterious creature turned his back, he turned around and his eyes scanned the entire bookshelf. "But, I think it will take you some time to find it because the person who found it has already used the magical book."

I was even more worried. Nobody else had the right to write in the book except me, because everything in the book happened in real life."Then I need to find the book as soon as possible, but if you know where it is, could you please let me know?"

Slowly, he shook his head. "It can't be because that person already started writing a story; if you take it, you'll ruin the fate of the people she made the protagonists of her creation; you'll put the people in danger in her story."

"But, how come the people I'm writing about in the book are the ones who are destined to meet each other?"

He turned his gaze back to me, this time looking into my eyes. The people who should have met each other will be messed up because of the missing book, and the person who found it is already making other people destined, but this is not the right time; so, as quickly as possible before she finishes her writing, find her and tell her how important that book is; if it doesn't become a problem for us, maybe her character in the book will face a problem together and have a problem with their true destiny; and also become a problem for the people you started writing their story."

I sighed in frustration because I had no idea where to start. "Even if I don't know where to start, I'll do everything just to find the book."

A mysterious man left a warning for me. "I'm sure you won't like what I'm about to say. You started writing in the magical book but didn't finish it; the other word may have happened because you didn't complete the words and the book could misread it." He paused. "The woman in your book will be doomed as a result of your irresponsibility, and her destiny will be the cause."

I quickly turned my gaze to the mysterious creature, a glimmer of fear in my eyes as I heard what it said. "So, if you don't want their story and the person she included in the book to be bad as a result, you need to find the magical book as soon as possible," he said last before disappearing.

I was still stunned and seemed to be thinking about the last thing a mysterious creature told me that only I could see. I folded my arms and walked back and forth. I feel like I'm going to faint because of thinking about what I would do next.

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