Book of Fate (English)/C5 Short Quiz?
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Book of Fate (English)/C5 Short Quiz?
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C5 Short Quiz?

The next day, Daniella went to school early again because she didn't want William to say anything more to her. It's okay, what she heard yesterday hurt her a little more than he added, and she can't get up at all.

Their class went well, and they didn't do much because the first week of class was just an introduction, and there were no lessons for all their subject teachers.

William and I talked about meeting again in the school garden, and there William would give a sample quiz and formulas about math when we were just in our third year.

We are both in the school garden and in the same place where we talked yesterday. William quietly placed a fairly thick piece of paper over the table right opposite me.

In my mind, "I thought it was just a short quiz. Why does it seem like everything I did last year was written on this paper? "

"I know what you're thinking if you look at this thick paper. That's not my sample quiz for you; it's just formulas and solutions, and you have to read and remember everything written on the papers. "

Even though my hands are too slow to get the papers, by the time I touch them, I feel that even though I haven't read them yet, nothing enters my head.

While I was reading it, it seemed that everything that went through my eyes came together, and I didn't know how to solve a problem again, so even though I was nervous, I asked for William's favor. "May I ask a favor?"

He just looked at me and didn't answer, so I just continued. "If only you could teach me about this first so that I could answer something on your short quiz, right?"

William stood up and approached me. He sat next to me,and I was surprised because he was too close. "Which one do you not understand here?" William asked.

I was just stunned by the closeness of his face. "Everything! As well as how I feel about you," I suddenly said.

William frowned at my answer. "This is the only focus here, Daniella, not on my face," he said rudely.

I seemed to come to my senses and just turned my gaze to the paper full of numbers and letters that could be seen. At first, I still understood something, but of all the different formula solutions that William explained at the same time, I didn't understand anything. It even resulted in having a headache.

William noticed it because I never spoke again, so he stopped what he was doing first. "Did you understand what I was saying?" William asked.

I just nodded, which surprised William because it was so quiet and he noticed my face like someone else, because William was not used to it being quiet. During the few years they were at school, he already knew my habits and was very naughty, especially how I felt about him. "Are you okay?" William asked me uncontrollably.

I was surprised by his sudden question, but eventually I answered, "Yes, I'm okay." in a low voice. Because my head hurt from what William explained, I just stared at the paper and didn't look at William.

William frowned again and crossed his arms, looking at me. "Look at me," William said.

I looked at him in surprise, but he still didn't speak. "It's just like this: I'll only teach you every weekend and not every breaktime. We'll just meet in a park near our school. Is that okay with you? "

"It's okay with me, " I replied weakly.

"The class is about to start again. Keep your reviewer. " I took it and quietly put it in my bag.

I stood up, but I stopped in front of William, who was still sitting. "I would like to say something."

"What is it?"

"Did you know that you are like a math problem?"

William looked up at me. "Math problem, why?" he asked, his forehead narrowing, almost connecting his eyebrows.

"If you pay attention, you can tell it's not that difficult. I'm not really focused on getting the right solution and getting the right answer. "

"I do not understand."

I gasped at his answer. "You're intelligent. Why don't you get what I'm saying?"

"Why do your words still have meaning?"

My eyes widened. "There's probably yes! Why are you carrying so many books? You don't know how to create another meaning for it!"

"Is it necessary?" William's innocent answer.

I just scratched my forehead. "In short, even if you're like that, I'll still make a way for you to notice me no matter how long. That's it, and you are so hard to talk to, so I will go first. " I walked back to the classroom, and William was left sitting.

"I'm the one who's really hard to talk to. She's the one who can easily change her mood, as if she was sad a while ago, and now she's the one first to walk out. " William just shook his head and followed Daniella because he might be late for class.

It's afternoon and it's time to go home, but my roadway is not to my home. The direction I was going is like a park, and it looks like this is what William was telling me earlier. I just walked around and looked at the people who were around me. I sat down on a chair and watched a dog that was swaying its body with its master's, who seemed to be begging for food. Its female owner was holding fries, so I was amused as I watched it until it finally left the place. Eventually, I got up as well and walked home too.

It was already Saturday and Daniella was in a hut and had been staring at the paper she was holding. The thick paper was what William had given to her, and now she was trying to understand all the formulas, but it looked like Daniella's eyes were about to cry of blood because she could see the numbers and letters on the paper.

I lowered the paper and looked at the emptiness. "There's really no hope for me to remember what's written on the paper, because it's so hard!" I ruffled my hair and was disgusted with myself.

While I was in that state, my mother came with a snack and wondered why I was in that state. "What does that look like, Daniella? You're studying and you're not in a horror house. "

My hair is messy and my eye bags are turning black because I couldn't sleep last night. "Mom, I don't want to go to school anymore."

Maria, frowned. "Why don't you go to school? It's just a week after your first school year, yet you're going to stop. Don't do things that will make me mad, Daniella! "

I grabbed the sample formula and solution and showed it to my mother. "This is the reason, Mom, I don't understand!"

Maria took it and read it. "What's difficult here? It's just a math subject, "my mom said calmly.

My eyes widened because of my mother's answer. "What are you, Mom? That's hard for me. That's math. Please try to answer if it's easy. There are some questions there. "

She looked at me badly. "Why should I answer this? I'm not the student for the two of us. You Daniella, don't make a scene, so you can't do your assignment! "

"It's not an assignment, it's from my tutor."

My mom was surprised by what I said. "Tutor? When did you get a tutor to teach you? I didn't raise you without a brain, Daniella. "

k In my mind, "My mom, the way she said that, she also can't answer math, we're just the same."

"I know that looks like Daniella; are you saying I'm not good at math?"

I raised my eyebrows. "Can you read a human mind now?"

My mom sighed at me with annoyance. "Just start studying, as much as you said, and with whom your tutor agreed to teach you. Where will you get the payment for your tutor? "

"No Mom, my school has a special program. Your daughter is just lucky, so I was chosen to be taught by William. " I parted my hair at the same time.

My mother's eyebrows almost met. "William?"

"Yes, William, my crush since my first year of high school."

"Seriously? It's like just the other day ..." My mom couldn't continue what she was going to say when she shifted her eyes to me and now saw my face waiting for the next word she was saying.

"What's that, mom? It's like just the other day? "

Her eyes blinked a few times. "I want to buy pork, but the price is too high."

"I don't think that's what you should say."

She got up and planned to leave. "Just study there and I'll leave. You already have a snack. Maybe your brain will somehow be equipped with a little more intelligence. " She came out of the hut and left me unable to believe what my mother said.

"What did mom think? I'm brainless!" I took the paper and stared at it, then put it down again on the table. "She's right, I really don't have a brain." I put my forehead on the table at the same time.

"It's up to me if I can answer William's short quiz before he starts teaching another subject. But I think as long as I don't get a high score, I'll just keep repeating it. "

All day, I focused only on math formulas and solutions, and the next day I did the same, because on Monday, William would give me the short quiz. They decided to start tutoring next Saturday, and I and William were talking about teaching me in a plaza near the school, so I'm now trying my best to just remember the solutions even though my brain is not working properly.

Night came, when I stopped solving the math formulas and sat on the edge of my bedroom window and looked at the moon that was so bright that night. I just stared at it, and it was as if the depth of my thoughts was that I stood up and closed the window to get ready to sleep.

It's Monday, and I'm in the school garden right after their lunch time, but William isn't there yet. I ate first before going to the garden, and it looks like William ate too, so he wasn’t there yet. I hadn't looked at William before during class and avoided getting his gaze on my face.

A few minutes later, William immediately sat in the chair opposite to me. And William noticed that my head was bowing too much and my hair was covering my face.

"Did you review?" William asked.

"Of course, yes!" I say it proudly.

"Really? All right, let's try. " William handed the paper to me. I took it and examined it.

I suddenly raised my head in shock because of what I saw. "Wait!! You just said it was a quick test.Why do I have to answer up to 50 numbers with a solution for every number? You think I'll finish this before the bell rings? " My eyebrows were almost completely together as I frowned.

"Did you sleep?" William asked seriously.

I touched my eye because my eye bag had almost turned black from being awake for two nights.

"Slept, why?"

"Looks like you did well reviewing what I gave you. Are you okay?"

I smiled and thought that I might not be able to continue the quiz I was supposed to answer. "It's okay."

"Is that so? Okay, you can now answer ​that." After saying that, he opened the book and began reading. I was left gaping at what he said.

"I still thought he would be nice to me." I stared at William, who wasn't looking, so even against my will, I answered the quiz, and it's up to me if the bell rings to signal that their lunch break is over.

Daniella was so serious about answering that quiz that she didn't realize that William was peeking from the book he was holding. William saw how persevering Daniella was in answering what he gave, so a small smile flashed on his lips and then he went back to what he was reading. Daniella had been answering for almost half an hour when the bell suddenly rang, so she stopped. And she was almost at number 20 when the school bell rang.

"Finished?" William asked.

"Of course not yet, the bell rang, how can I still finish?" I replied, disappointed.

William picked up the paper and looked at how far she had come. "It's okay, let's see if you've got at least one right." He hid the paper in the bag and stood up and walked to the classroom, even though I followed him.

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