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C6 Unknown Person

Daniella's day of classes was over, and it was obvious that her eyes wanted to close because she was so sleepy.

Bree was not with Daniella when she came home because Bree was in a hurry to go home, so while she was leaving the school gate, William called her.

"Hold on!"

I lazily turned to William and just waited for him to get close to me. "We're going somewhere; follow me," he said, and continued walking.

My forehead furrowed because I really wanted to go home. Even though I was tired, I walked with a smile and followed William.

Daniella was already just behind William, five steps away. She walked too slowly with her head bent down. William noticed it, so he walked back and leveled his walk with Daniella while she was not aware of it.

I just followed where William was going, and I noticed that I had also been in the same park the previous day.

"What are we going to do here? We have discussed that you will start tutoring me on Saturday, right?" Until William sat down in a chair with a table, I just sat down too.

"I will check your answer earlier in your quiz here."

I wondered why he even took me to the park if he was just checking my answers earlier. "Why am I still here?"

He looked lazily at me. "Can you just stop asking?" William pulled out the paper and began checking my answers.

Daniella just nodded and put her arm and head on the table because she was really sleepy. In less than five minutes, it was obvious that she had fallen asleep. William shifted his gaze to Daniella, who was already asleep at that time. He watched Daniella while sleeping; he really meant to take Daniella to the park so that she could somehow sleep for a little while. It is dangerous for her if she walks continuously, because later she will face danger on the road if she passes out.

While they were in that position, a man was looking at them from the other chair and table until William and Daniella arrived. He looked at Daniella first, then at William, and the man was looking at them while they were sitting. "Is she your girlfriend?"

William turned to look at him and shook his head in response. "Why do you two look like lovers?"

"She's not my girlfriend; she's just my classmate, and I'm her tutor."

The man smiled. "I think I know who she is to you—maybe she likes you, but you don't pay attention to her." At that time, William didn't answer, and the man was right in his suspicion. "You are lucky then."

William turned to the man again. "Why did you say I was lucky? This woman is so ugly and will do what she wants even if those around her are no longer happy."

"Aren't you happy? Of all the guys around your school, you're the only one she chose to have her crush on, and I'm not sure if she also loves you too. " The man was still smiling as he looked at Daniella. "She's beautiful, but why don't you appreciate her effort?"

William looked at Daniella's face when the man suddenly spoke again. "I was also a high school student back then. I had a classmate like her, but the woman in front of you does not have the same behavior. She also had a crush on one student, but she couldn't say what she felt because she knew I was always around. So what happened was that we graduated, and she was mad at me until the last day in our school."

"Why are you bothering her? Shouldn't you let her be who she wants? "

He looked away and stared at the emptiness with a small smile on his face. "Because I also have feelings for her. It's funny to think that I did everything so that she wouldn't just tell her feelings to that person, even though she was almost mad at me then."

"What you did was selfish."

He laughed softly. "Yes, I know. I'm aware that I was selfish at that time. But what can I do? I love her, and I don't want her to be with that man."

"But where is the woman you're talking about now?"

The smile on his lips disappeared. "Actually, I don't know where she is now. All I know is that the man she liked when we were in high school is already married, but to her I have no news. "

"Do you already have a family?" William asked.

"None, because I am still looking for the woman who made my heart beat then, and hopefully this time I can find her and say how I feel."

William could see in the man's face that his desire for his beloved was real. "What if she already has a family?"

He smiled at William. "I still don't know what will happen if there is. But all I want is to be able to say what was in my heart a few years ago. If she already has a family, it's okay; at least somehow I told her my feelings. I have been carrying this for a few years. I may be able to move on, but not right away. "

Another man stopped behind the man William was talking to, and it looked like it was his driver. "Excuse me, sir! We have to leave." The man who called himself "Sir" turned around and just nodded in response, and the man left immediately.

The man stood up and put both hands in his pants pocket. He's still in a suit and looks like the owner of a company. "If I'm you, don't be in the habit of ignoring her either, because it's obvious that you have feelings for her. You don't know when you might want to say it; she gave up her feelings for you, and it will be more difficult for you to chase if that situation occurs. She has the courage to say how she feels about you. It's up to you now what the answer is to her wish, whether it will be granted or not, or maybe she will get hurt at the end like you." Then a sincere smile appeared on his face after saying that. "I'm leaving. I'm glad to meet you. You two, be careful when you go home." and he walked away. William just quietly looked at Daniella and shifted his gaze to the paper. All answers are correct, even though Daniella only ended at number 20.

Daniella's eyes moved as she slowly opened her eyes to signal that she had woken up. "I fell asleep?" I looked at William. "Have you finished checking my answer on the paper? Can I see?" I held out my right hand while my left hand was fixing my hair.

"Not yet," William said, and suddenly, I stopped fixing my hair.

"We have been here for a while, and I think it's been about an hour, but why haven't you finished checking?"

"I'm lazy, so I'll just do it some other day."

I was stunned at what he said. "What did you do while I was sleeping?"

"Reading a book," William simply replied.

I looked at him in disbelief. "What else are we doing here? Let's go home so that I can just continue my sleep in the house that I should have done earlier," I emphasized it in every word.

William ignored me and left first. "Really? He's the one who really leaves first. " I was still sulking as my gaze followed William, who continued to walk, and he did not try to wait for me. "I don't know if William is really numb. He even overcame the anesthesia." I also followed William, who was already far away from me.

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