Book of Fate (English)/C7 Transfer Student
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Book of Fate (English)/C7 Transfer Student
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C7 Transfer Student

Finally, the two got home. As William entered his house, he noticed something in the living room because it seemed like there was more than just one voice talking.

William approached, and he saw that his mother and his father were facing him as they sat down. What he was wondering about was the one sitting in a chair but facing his parents. When William was almost there, his mother noticed him immediately, so she called William.

She smiled and went to William. "William! It's good that you're here. We have a surprise for you. "

He frowned but did not speak first. William noticed that the woman who was sitting suddenly stood up, and when she faced him, his eyebrows met even more. "Charice?"

She smiled and approached. "It's been a long time, William."

"What are you doing here?" He asked, with no emotion on his face.

The happiness on Charice's lips disappeared from William's actions, and Charice looked at Williams' mother. "I'm sorry, Charice, to my son. Maybe he needs to rest first." William's mother hesitated to smile at Charice before pulling her son aside for a moment, as Charice and Williams' father were left standing in the living room.

They stopped where Charice couldn't see. "Why do you talk like that to your childhood friend? That's not good manners, son."

"But mom, why is Charice here? Isn't she in another country?"

Clarissa, William's mother, sighed. "I'm sorry, son, if you're shocked that she's here, but she came back here to study until college."

"She won't have a problem moving here."

"I haven't asked her yet, but you might want to ask her." She still smiled at William.

"You can handle her, mom. I don't have time to talk to her. " And he left his mother, who was supposed to follow, but she decided to just let William go first.

Clarissa went back to where Charice was still waiting. "Charice, you'll have to be patient with William if his behavior is like that, but right now he doesn't seem to want to talk to you. "

Charice smiled sadly at Clarissa. "It's okay; he was surprised, so he doesn't want to talk to me first."

"It'll be okay for him too, but dinner is coming soon. Just have dinner here. Lydia is cooking dinner right now."

Charice just nodded in response and waited a few more hours before William came out of the room again, but he didn't expect that Charice was still there, and it looked like she was still with them for dinner. And since the empty seat was right next to Charice, William just sat there because he had no choice. He sat up straight, and no words came out of his mouth.

While everyone was eating and they were about to finish, William's dad suddenly spoke. "Son, Charice wants to talk to you after dinner. It's okay with you? "

William was stunned for a moment but also agreed immediately because, when his dad spoke, he needed to follow. After they finished their dinner, they went to the garden of the house with chairs by their sides.

William just stood up straight and looked at his mom's plants. "What are you doing here?" he asked calmly.

Charice was surprised when she answered his question. "To study until college."

He grinned. "To study? You have a good life in another country, and there are so many good schools there. Why did you come back here just to study?" William said it seriously.

Charice's face showed sadness because of what he said. "Can't I study here anymore?"

William lazily looked at her. "You should finish high school first before you move here." Then he looked at the plants again. "And which school will you enroll in?"

"At your school," Charice suddenly said.

His eyebrows met. "Why would you enroll in the school where I was?"

"I just want to," was her simple answer.

He grinned at her answer. "It's up to you where you want to go, but don't bother me if you continue to be able to enroll in my school." William walked away and left Charice.

Charice's gaze followed until William entered the house. "His behavior has changed since I left here," she said softly before finally entering the house too.

Charice and William have been together since they were in elementary school, but they separated when they were in high school because Charice studied abroad, so William was left here. What's even more painful is that it doesn't seem like she can be forgiven because she promised that until they went to college, where one was, the other should be there. But she did not fulfill that because her parents took her to another country to study, but now she will try to regain William's trust no matter what happens.

Meanwhile, Daniella, as she was in her room, suddenly felt as if something could not be explained. "Why do I feel like something will happen that I will not be happy about when I go to school?" Although she was confused by how she felt, she just removed that from her mind. The negative thoughts that entered her mind.

It was morning, and all the students were in their respective classrooms, including Daniella and William. A teacher came in and before the class started she said, "Okay class, good morning, but before we start our lesson, I want to announce that we have a transferee student, and her section is here."

Bree approached Daniella. "Her? meaning she's a woman, Dan, but why did she transfer here? We've been in school for almost a month, right? "

"I don't know what the new student's trip is, but let's just see." I shifted my gaze to the front of the blackboard and waited for their new classmate.

William felt that he already knew who their teacher was referring to, so he was not surprised if there was a new transfer student, but what he wondered was why in the exact section where he was too.

Charice entered slowly, but her sight was on the student and she was looking to see where William was, and when she saw him, she smiled at him, which surprised Daniella because she saw how the female transferee smiled at William.

"Daniella I saw that. It looks like you'll have a harder time getting attention from William. You'll have a rival right away. " Bree shook her head while saying that to me.

I glared at her. "You know, you left a word that I might overthink for what you said." Bree smiled at me and looked at the transfer student again.

"Introduce yourself!" our teacher said. The transfer student smiled, and the other students smiled as well. "Hi! My name is Charice Lopez, and it's nice to meet you all. " She even bowed to the students.

Their teacher was looking for a seat, but it stopped right in front of Daniella. "Miss Paz looks absent." She turned to Charice. "Charice, just sit there." At the same time, the teacher pointed to the empty seat in front of Daniella's desk.

"And class, tell Miss Paz that she'll be sitting in the back and not where Charice is sitting. Is that clear?"

"Yes ma'am!"

Their teacher turned her gaze to Charice. "You may take your seat, Miss Lopez." Charice thanked her teacher first before walking closer to the chair, and she wasn't looking towards the chair like she was where William was, who was just looking straight at their teacher.

Charice finally sat down in her chair. Daniella turned her eyes and looked back and forth between William and Charice because she was really wondering why, of all the students here, the transfer student looked only at William and smiled.

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