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Book of Fate (English)/C8 Result Of Searching
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C8 Result Of Searching

Alexa lowered her pen after the scene where Daniella was wondering about Charice. "Daniella, it looks like you have a rival to William. " She smiled at the same time as she looked at the book. "But don't worry, I'll take care of you because it's still up to me to decide what will happen to your love life, but of course I'll just put in a scene that will make you a little confused."

She stretched and massaged her hand that was used for writing. "I'll rest for a while, and I'll come back later. The pain in my hand from writing," she said to herself before leaving the room.

Meanwhile, in a high-rise building, there is a man who is busy reading the document, and it looks like he is waiting for someone. Someone opened the door of his office, and his secretary entered, but it stopped just next to the door. "Excuse me, sir! You have a visitor. "

I turned and saw his secretary with a man he knew. "Please come in!"

Finally, the man entered, and his secretary came out.

"Good morning!"

"Mister Jack," he said, greeting the owner of the building where he was.

I smiled at him. "What are you, Glen? You're too professional."

"Because I'm used to my clients, they even beat the terror teacher when they look at it. Just one wrong word can embarrass you. "

I just shook my head. "But I'm not like that, I'm your friend, and it just so happened that you were the one I hired to find the important person."

He sat next to Jack's table as well. "So I'm here to say that my team has a lead on the person you're looking for."

I smiled widely at the news. "Well then, do you know where I can find her?" Glen shook his head. "I thought you had a lead?"

"He saw her while one of my men was resting, but when he followed, he couldn't see it because of the crowd in that area the day he saw it."

"Does that mean you don't really know where she is?"


I leaned back in my chair because I thought Glen had found what I was looking for. "It's a false alarm, I guess."

"But Jack, maybe now you can answer my question about who you're searching for. It's been a few years, but until now you haven't said why you're looking for her. "

I looked out of my office window and saw another building. "Did you ever have a crush in high school?" Jack asked.

"Yeah, of course, but how did the high school crush get into the conversation with my question?"

I smiled, as if imagining what happened back when I was a high school student. "What you're looking for is the woman who was my high school crush back then."

Glen frowned. "Huh! Why are you still looking for her?"

"Because she's also the woman I loved until now."

Glen suddenly turned to me in response. "So you mean you haven't had a girlfriend yet just because of her?"

I nodded. "Yes, and now that you have the news, seeing that she is likely to be here, I will finally see her as well."

"It's just a high school crush, Jack. Why did you love her even though you don't know if you'll meet again after?" He asked seriously.

I stood up and approached the transparent wall overlooking the building outside. "I assumed it would be a simple high school crush, but it appears that I was Cupid's target at the time, so I still feel it's not just puppy love or whatever you call it. "

"It means you fell in love right away when you were a high school student, and it looks like what hit you was not puppy love but true love. You wouldn't do that if it was just simple love. You're willing to spend just to find her and tell her your feelings for that woman. " Glen smiled and shook his head. "Love, even if you're just walking around there, you'll still be hit."

I looked up at the sky. "But what I'm afraid of is that she might have a boyfriend or family now."

"That's the problem, but I'm really sorry if I still don't have information about her. It would have been easy if we had at least one piece of information, but it's so hard to find if you don't have even a trace. The good thing about it is that my men saw her, and maybe just in that place where she lives, it will be easier to find her. In case she is too young in the picture you gave me, it's a good thing that my team has a good memory and said that her face is still the same, but it's just matured now and it's even better. "

Jack returned to his seat. "Whatever the outcome, as long as I can say that what I've been carrying for years is okay with me, even if she has a family or a boyfriend now."

Glen looked at me, confused. "When the time comes that you've been looking for, then that's all you're going to do!"

I shrugged. "Destiny will tell, but if there's anything, I'll be happy for her, and I'll move on with my life."

"But what was your story then, so until now you still can't move on to her?"

I looked at the emptiness and remembered what I had done before just so that the woman I liked would not be able to tell her feelings to Ryan.

At that time, Lexie and Alexa were in the school canteen, and there were only a few students there, so Alexa planned to tell Ryan how she felt about it.

"It's time for you to say what your feelings are for him," said Lexie.

On the other hand, Alexa was restless in her chair because she was so nervous. "I can't," she replied in a nervous tone.

Lexie's eyes widened. "It's only a few days until we graduate, so you might not be able to say how you feel if you don't do anything now!"

Alexa first watched Ryan eating at that time and was about to stand up, but someone suddenly sat next to her, so Alexa couldn't continue to go to Ryan. "Hi, Alexa." At the same time, he smiled and showed his white teeth.

"What do you need?" she replied with a mixture of irritation and annoyance.

"I just want to eat. Why?"

Alexa frowned at my answer. "Eat? There are so many tables with chairs. Why are you sitting here where Lexie and I are sitting?"

"Why? I want to be here, and then this place doesn't have your name, so I can still sit here and eat."

Lexie, on the other hand, noticed that Ryan was now leaving the canteen and couldn't say what Alexa wanted to say because of the man next to her. "He's going to exit, Alexa." Alexa suddenly turned around and saw Ryan finally come out of the canteen. She looked sad at Lexie and fearful at Jack.

"Why?" While my two eyebrows are raised, pretend to do nothing.

"You ruined my day again. Why is it that every time I plan to do something, you're there? Are you a mushroom?"

I stared into her eyes in surprise. "No, and what are you going to do?"

Alexa stood up, and her face could no longer be painted. "What happened to her?" I asked Lexie.

"You know, I already notice what you are doing, but if you say that's inside of you, I'm sure she won't accept it because you're always annoying her." Lexie shook her head and stood up as well, following Alexa.

When Lexie left, Jack just smiled a little and left. A few days passed, and they graduated, but Alexa couldn't really say how she felt about Ryan.

"Hey Jack, you're stunned there!"

I went back to the present because my mind had traveled to the past. "I'm sorry, I just remembered the past."

"What's your story?"

I picked up a document I had been reading earlier. "I was just a barrier in high school," I simply replied.

On Glen's face, it was obvious that he didn't understand what I was saying. "Barrier?"

"Yes, restraint. Whenever she plans to tell Ryan her feelings, I'm always around, and every time she plans to approach Ryan, I'm guilty of entering the scene."

He tilted his head, and at first he didn't understand what I was saying. He suddenly tapped strongly at my table. "You were a mushroom back then, weird!"

I smiled. "That's what she said back then, too."

"That's ridiculous; I don't know that you can do that because I'm sure there are many women who like you. If it's just a face look, you can replace the most handsome person in your school."

"Of course not."

"Trying to pretend here, huh, but I can only say this, Jack. True love is no longer just a simple high school crush." Glen leaned back sadly in his chair.

"Why is your face looking so sudden like that? " I wonder.

He looked at me lazily. "But me, no one has taken a serious relationship until now. They're all just fooling me. I hope the next time I find someone, she'll be with me for the rest of my life. "

"I've found mine, but destiny is playful, so you may have someone in your life, but maybe it's not the right time for you."

Glen stood up and fixed the suit that was a little bit crumpled. "I hope so, but for now I'll let you know that I prefer to look after your loved ones for now." He just smiled before finally leaving Jack's office.

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