Book of Fate (English)/C9 Highschool Crush
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Book of Fate (English)/C9 Highschool Crush
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C9 Highschool Crush

When Glen came out of the office, Jack leaned back in his chair, looked up, and suddenly smiled. "I'll see you again soon, Alexa."

Meanwhile, Alexa first thought of going out and going to the grocery store because she noticed that they no longer had stock. She went to a supermarket inside the mall because it was close to their house. A few hours later, Alexa can't write, but that doesn't mean that her characters in the book can't do things anymore because they are in the same world and time. They still continue what they are doing, but there is a bit of confusion because, while Alexa is writing in the book, she is in control of what Daniella and William are doing. Yes, Alexa still has a decision to make about whether she continues or stops writing their story, but it will be a problem because she has already started manipulating things that shouldn't have happened first, so if Alexa stops writing the story, everything will definitely get messy eventually.

I was finished shopping when I turned to my back, but I accidentally bumped into a man while holding the basket. "Oh no! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." I bowed as I was saying sorry.

The man looked at me as if recognizing me. "Alexa?"

My forehead furrowed because he seemed to know me based on calling my name. I stood up straight and looked at the man in front of me, and as I stared at him, I realized who he was. "Ryan?"

He smiled at me. "Yes, it's me. Long time no see. How are you?" I just smiled because I didn't expect that today I would see the man I loved when I was a high school student back then.

After that scene, the two decided to go to a park near the mall and talk to each other. "How are you?" Ryan asked. They were sitting on a long chair in front of a children's playground.

"I'm fine. You, how are you?"

He smiled. "I'm happy. I already have a family and a child now."

I turned to Ryan and saw how happy he was with his life now. "Good to know that."

Ryan turned his head and looked at me. "Do you have a family now too?" I just shook my head in response. "What are you doing right now?" Ryan asked.

"I'm a book writer," I replied with a smile.

He nodded. "You seem so happy with what you're up to now, but he is so happy now too."

I was surprised at the last words Ryan said and looked at him with a confused look. "He?"

"Didn't he talk to you before we graduated from high school?"

I was so confused by what he was saying. "I don't understand what you're talking about."

He sighed. "That man also had the courage to talk to me before, but he also didn't say what he wanted to say to you." Then he shook his head.

"Who is he that you are talking about?"

Ryan just smiled. "I know you had a crush on me back then, Alexa."

I was stunned for a moment by what he said. "All your simple glances at me. I noticed that wherever I was, you were there too, but you did not try to approach me."

My eyes widened. "How did you say I had a crush on you when you were in high school?"

Ryan fixed his hair and smiled, as if he remembered something. "Because of him, I just thought it was a coincidence that where I was, you were there too, but no, someone came up and talked to me about it."

My forehead was almost furrowed at what Ryan was saying because I didn't know to whom he was referring. "Who is the person you're referring to?" There was a little irritation in my voice, and Ryan just laughed at it.

"You know him; you know him very well, Alexa, and he was the one who really had feelings for you when we were in high school, but why didn't he still tell you? He had a chance. He even threatened me to ignore you because I knew that if I showed even the slightest interest in you, he would lose hope for you, so what I did was not even look at you, not even a slight glance, which I did back then for that person. "

My brain can't process what Ryan is saying now or the person he's referring to that he doesn't want to name. "I won't give you his name first, but maybe someday or in the coming days you'll meet again and you'll know what I am talking about. " Ryan stood up and took the groceries. "If you'll excuse me, if I go first. I think my wife will be angry with me for the time I shopped, and if you don't mind, can you be one of the grandparents of my child at her baptism?" I slightly nodded, and Ryan got my phone number before leaving.

When Ryan left, I didn't seem like my usual self. "Who's the person he's referring to that I know very well?" For a few minutes, I was trying to remember the people I had met before, but I could no longer remember their names from so long ago.

I shook my head slowly and just erased from my mind what Ryan had told me. I grabbed my groceries and walked away from the park.

Alexa did not know that the person to whom Ryan was referring was Jack. Even before they graduated, Jack talked to Ryan about Alexa.

Jack sat across from Ryan with a table in between them while Ryan read a book. He looked at Jack in surprise. "What do you need?" while his forehead furrowed.

Jack stared at Ryan before answering. "Do you know that one student likes you?"

Ryan just shook his head. "I'll tell you, but I'm just reminding you not to make a move by looking at her!"

"Who are you referring to?"

Jack turned to see where Alexa was, and fortunately Alexa was busy writing in a notebook, so Jack was sure she wouldn't be able to have a glance at them from where they sat. "That woman, but this is a reminder: don't even give her a glance because she might think she has a chance for you to notice her. Is it clear?"

Ryan raised two eyebrows as he looked at Jack confusedly. "Wait!! Why are you talking to me about that? Shouldn't you have talked to her? "

Jack lazily looked at him. "You think she'll listen to me? She likes you, not me. It's better to talk to you first for assurance. "

"Why don't you tell her your feelings if you're afraid I'll notice her?"

Jack looked back at where Alexa was. "Because I'm not sure yet if the only person she sees is only you."

"Why don't you try it?"

"I will say what my feelings are to her, but not now if your presence won't be showing on the scene. Do you remember everything I said? Can we have a deal?" Jack looked at Ryan's boastfulness before turning his gaze to Alexa, who was now leaving.

From Jack, Ryan's gaze shifted to Alexa, and he said secretly, "Coward." and shook his head before reading the book again.

After that conversation with Jack, Ryan just followed what Jack said so that there would be no trouble, and Ryan also didn't want anyone to get hurt because of him.

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