Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C1 It's Really a Senior
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Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C1 It's Really a Senior
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C1 It's Really a Senior

Qiao Luo was very happy today.

He had been in university for four years, and he had been dating Xiao Mengting for almost a year after he graduated from university. Finally, he had officially returned home tonight.

Thinking that he would be able to see his own senior tonight, Qiao Luo laughed so hard that he wanted to drool.

That was his dear senior.

How could he not be happy?

If his senior went abroad to further his studies, then so be it. He still had to wait for a year. This year was too long for him. He missed his senior so much.

Hehe, senior.

"Qiao Luo, wipe your saliva. It's almost on the document." Lil 'Wang, who was beside him, handed him a handkerchief. He looked at Qiao Luo with disdain and speechlessness.

Sometimes, he really couldn't stand Qiao Luo.

He was a big man. He was like a little girl all day long. He didn't know how many layers of BB he had applied. His face was as white as a piece of fucking white paper.

Usually, he would stare blankly at the picture of the same man and drool. Her eyes were full of love, and her expression was extremely obvious. However, many of her female colleagues described her as cute.

However, this was a little hard for him to digest as a straightforward man.

Although society had improved a lot now, it was not strange for men to fall in love with each other. It could even be realized when a man gave birth to a child.

However, having a love-struck little girl sitting next to him and working all day, he really felt that it was quite awkward.

Fortunately, Qiao Luo was quite diligent and helped him do a lot of miscellaneous work. As time passed, he got used to many things that he was not used to.

"Lil 'Wang, I'm not drooling. You lied to me. When Qiao Luo realized what was going on, Lil' Wang had already run off somewhere.

A female colleague on the opposite side quickly reported, "Lil 'Wang went to the marketing department to help! Sigh, Qiao Luo, next time you should be more careful. It's not like you don't know that Lil 'Wang likes to mess with people!" They looked like they were disappointed. How could you be so sassy?

Qiao Luo pursed his lips.

Forget it. Anyway, they had already been messed with. It's not the first time. Besides, Lil 'Wang was also staring at him in a daze when he went to work. He was afraid that the department manager would find out that he had deducted his salary again. That was why he had used this method.

Well, it's like this. That's right.

All the Corrupt Ladies: Aren't you stupid?

As time passed, Qiao Luo kept looking at his watch. When he saw the time needle pointing at 6, he stood up and ran out of the office.

Lil 'Wang had just come in from the main entrance and was almost knocked down by the strong speed. He finally came back to his senses and looked, "Good boy! This idiot Qiao Luo isn't as weak as he looks on the surface, but... is he in a hurry to reincarnate?"

..." "

Along the way, Qiao Luo ran towards his destination at almost the speed of a 100m sprint from the man at the sports meet. He was sweating profusely.

The senior said that he could wait for him at the entrance of the Aegis Hotel. Fortunately, the Aegis Hotel was not far from his company.

Qiao Luo felt lucky that he could save a lot of money on the bus fare. Hehe.

He needed to save up money to buy a big house with his senior!

Senior, I'm coming. Wait for me!

15 minutes later, Qiao Luo successfully arrived at the place called the Aegis Hotel. He looked around. Huh? Why is there no one here?


Where is senior?

"Qiao Luo?" A crisp and pleasant male voice suddenly came from behind, carrying a trace of uncertainty.


It's really, it's really Senior!

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