Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C10 My 'old Lover
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Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C10 My 'old Lover
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C10 My 'old Lover

The first step to realize his dream was to have independent financial ability. Qiao Luo planned to find a time to discuss with Lu Jingshen about his work.

"Mr. Qiao."

The maid's voice came from the door. Qiao Luo stopped staring at the window and turned around to open the door.

"Ms Lee, what's wrong?" He greeted her politely.

Ms Lee was surprised. Was this still the arrogant and rude "Madam Qiao" that Young Master Lu married?

Qiao Nuonan used to be a proud and arrogant person.

He was the only son in the family. His parents had pampered him since he was young. Even if they knew he liked men, the two of them could clearly accept it.

After all, in this era, it was no longer a rare thing for a man to fall in love with a man. It had even reached 80% of society's support rate!

Even parents who liked men could understand and even agree to it. This made Qiao Nuonan even more unscrupulous.

So when he first fell in love with Lu Jingfei, who was three years older than him in college, he started a crazy and exciting pursuit. He did not know that from then on, another man had been eyeing him covetously.

Of course, this was something that had been going on for a long time. At this moment, Qiao Luo could not accurately pinpoint his current identity to that extent.

He had been following Ms Lee politely all the way downstairs and saw a tall and sturdy man dressed in a normal manner. He seemed to have a rather... special man who was sitting calmly on the sofa with his legs crossed proudly.

When he got closer, he could see the man's face clearly.

This... was Lu Jingfei!

Thinking of the conflict between "himself" and the two brothers and the complicated and awkward relationship between the three, Qiao Luo finally understood why Ms Lee was hesitating when she spoke just now.

She must be afraid that he would do something illogical when she saw Lu Jingfei. When the time came, she would make Lu Jingshen angry, and when Lu Jingshen was angry, the servants naturally wouldn't have a good life.

"Big Brother." Qiao Luo tried his best to remain calm, not letting himself reveal any flaws. However, his breathing was still somewhat disordered. It was the feeling of having done something wrong.

After all, he couldn't be considered as Qiao Nuonan right now. He was just a substitute, and his current mission was to do his best to disguise himself as a substitute.

If something went wrong, he would be speechless and tell others. He was not Qiao Nuonan. He had transmigrated from another world, and he had no idea where Qiao Nuonan had gone to.

Ridiculous. Would anyone believe it?

The man stood up from the sofa and approached Qiao Luo. He was a head taller than Qiao Luo, but he was still a little shorter than Lu Jingshen.

Lu Jingfei crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked at Qiao Luo from top to bottom. He smiled sarcastically and said, "It seems that my old lover is doing well with my brother."

Old lover.

Qiao Luo had sharp eyes and ears when he heard this title.

As far as he knew, their previous relationship could not be considered a lover, right? Then how could they be considered an 'old lover'?

"Big Brother, I wonder why you are here? He held back his temper and looked into Lu Jingfei's eyes. He continued to ask politely.

No matter how vicious this man's words were, no matter how rude he was, he was Lu Jingshen's brother after all. He was not in a good position to show his face to him due to the current situation and the relationship they were in.

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