Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C11 Big Brother Please Take Care of Yourself
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Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C11 Big Brother Please Take Care of Yourself
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C11 Big Brother Please Take Care of Yourself

Just like Ms Lee, Lu Jingfei felt that the current Qiao Nuonan who was standing in front of him was very different from before.

In the past, although Qiao Nuonan was forced to marry Lu Jingshen, the person he liked was still Lu Jingfei.

Every time Lu Jingfei came to visit his family or the Lu family's family banquet, anyone with discerning eyes would be able to tell where the passionate look in Lu Jingfei's eyes came from.

Lu Jingfei felt disgusted by this.

He felt disgusted!

This man who took the opportunity to climb onto his brother's bed and later got what he wanted and even got pregnant with his brother's seed...

After getting married to his brother, he walked up to Lu Jingfei shamelessly. He said in a weird tone, "Jingfei, the person I love is you. It has always been you. You have to believe me."

Ah, what a joke.

Lu Jingfei felt that it was not worth it for his brother. He hated men he did not want, but he picked them up like a treasure.

Initially, Lu Jingfei thought that it was because of the child. After all, they were his own flesh and blood. It was normal that he could not let them go, but later on, he actually had the intention of marrying Qiao Nuonan!

They all opposed it, but what use was that?

Heh, in order to marry such a lousy person, the usually proud and arrogant Lu Jingshen actually knelt down in front of their family members and said at the top of his voice that he loved him and that he could not do without him!

Damn it.

That was the first time Lu Jingshen knelt down. He had been pampered by his parents since he was young. How had he ever suffered this?

Lu Jingshen had paid too much for the Qiao Nuonan in front of him. However, Qiao Nuonan did not behave in the slightest. He had seduced countless men behind his brother's back!

Lu Jingfei really did not know what kind of sh * tty, pretentious, and scheming man had fed his brother with.

If it wasn't for the fact that he had his own nephew in his stomach, Lu Jingfei would have beaten him up and thrown him out the door with that violent temper of his!

"When will Jingshen be back?"

... ""

"I'm asking you a question!" Lu Jingfei raised his voice.

"I don't know."

"What? Don't know?" Lu Jingfei seemed to have heard the funniest joke in the world. When did his husband come home? How could he say he didn't know? Did he know who he was now?

He jumped up from the sofa and walked toward Qiao Luo aggressively. He was getting closer and closer.

"Yang, please take care of yourself."

Qiao Luo's eyes were erratic. He did not dare to look into a man's eyes. That probing look made him feel guilty. After all, he wasn't the Qiao Nuonan they thought he was.

Qiao Luo was just pretending to be calm. Lu Jingshen was here, facing the terrifying Lu Jingfei alone. It turned out that he was feeling nervous.

Qiao Luo remembered that in his dream, the man in front of him was famous for his bad taste. Usually, not only did he make fun of others, he also treated people he hated with evil intentions.

In front of Qiao Nuonan, there was even less of a need to talk about it. He hated Qiao Nuonan for more than a day or two. Lu Jingfei was undoubtedly fearless towards Qiao Nuonan, because he knew that Qiao Nuonan was like a pug, treating him as his master from the beginning to the end.

How humble was Qiao Nuonan's love for Lu Jingfei? There was no need to mention it. In order to get close to Lu Jingfei, he would rather bend down and marry Lu Jingshen. It was obvious that he loved Lu Jingfei so much.

This also made Lu Jingfei very puzzled. What exactly was the reason? He always felt that Qiao Nuonan had changed a lot...

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