Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C12 I'll Give You a Chance
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Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C12 I'll Give You a Chance
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C12 I'll Give You a Chance

In Lu Jingfei's heart, "lewd and frivolous" "shameless and shameless." All of these should be synonymous with Qiao Nuonan, but he had never known that such a person would blush.


This scene was really well played.

Why didn't he act so lowly in front of him in the past? Why didn't he feel a trace of shame like he did now?

"You want me to be self-respecting? Then tell me, what exactly is self-respect?" He got closer and wrapped his arms around Qiao Luo's waist.

Of course, Qiao Luo wanted to break free, but he found in despair that although this man looked skinny, he was terrifyingly strong.

"You... let go of me."

"You told me to let go of me and then let go?" Lu Jingfei frowned in dissatisfaction. He really hated the feeling of being pointed at and ordered.

Do you think I want to hug you?

If it wasn't for completing the mission, I would hug you.

Come on, it's good that you don't find it dirty!

Sensing the oppressive gaze from the man, Qiao Luo turned his head awkwardly. If I can't beat him, can't I hide?

Don't forget, Qiao Nuonan was Lu Jingshen's legitimate wife now. As the eldest brother of the two, how could he do whatever he wanted in Lu Jingshen's house?

He would like to see how shameless Lu Jingfei could be! In short, Qiao Luo was prepared to fight back even if he had to risk his life if this stinky man bullied him.

"Yo, you don't want to see me that much..." Lu Jingfei expressed his dissatisfaction with Qiao Luo not looking at him. Was he being looked down upon?

"I remember three months ago, someone begged me to touch him! If I did not agree, he stayed at my door and did not leave..." He began to tell stories leisurely.

Qiao Luo sighed. "What do you want to say?"

This man kept hugging him, making him uncomfortable.

"Nothing. I just feel that he must be too lacking in men. That's why he shamelessly went to my house! Heh, how can there be such a slut in this world? How can he shamelessly take the initiative to ask for someone else's blessing?"

Such words made Qiao Luo even more uncomfortable.

Weren't they all highly educated people? How could there be such a huge difference between people? He was referring to Lu Jingfei and Lu Jingshen, the two brothers. The difference was like heaven and earth.

Lu Jingfei was not a young master from a wealthy family. He was just like a shameless hooligan! What he said was even worse than eating sh * t!

"Are you done?" Qiao Luo said coldly.

This made Lu Jingfei lose his mind for a second. Are you sure this look came from Qiao Nuonan?

Heh, putting on an act, he must be putting on an act. He was still too young to play this trick with this young master.

"If I say that I haven't finished speaking, what will you do? What can you do? Don't forget. You love me so much that you want to die. Without me, I wish I could kill myself! "

"Stop talking!"

No, I have to say it. " He gave Qiao Luo a wicked smile. His voice was hoarse. He looked into Qiao Luo's eyes and did not let go of his expression.

As if he had discovered something incredible, Lu Jingfei grabbed Qiao Luo and said sarcastically, "What, do you have a reaction?"

Qiao Luo was silent.

He could not control the natural physiological reaction.

This made Lu Jingfei even more proud. He said with a sneer, "Didn't you fight me so fiercely just now? A person who doesn't want to see labor will now react like that because of me?"

He saw Qiao Luo frowning all the time. He knew that what he said was indeed a bit excessive. At least it made him feel disgusted. Heh, this was the kind of effect he wanted.

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