Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C14 It's Not a Natural Love Affair
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Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C14 It's Not a Natural Love Affair
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C14 It's Not a Natural Love Affair

Regardless of whether his brother could understand his good intentions or not, Lu Jingfei still believed that he had to take care of this matter to the end.

Because he could not allow Qiao Nuonan to harm his brother and his family.

He thought that Qiao Nuonan could cooperate with him unconditionally in front of his brother. Then, the two of them would try their best to show their love for each other.

He wanted his younger brother to see that Qiao Nuonan, whom he liked, did not like him at all. Furthermore, he wanted to hug his older brother openly in front of him.

This way, his younger brother's impression and love for Qiao Nuonan would be greatly reduced. In the end, he would finally realize that he did not know who he was.

However, what was going on in this awkward situation?

It was really not easy to end it! He had clearly thought of the plot that would happen next, but Qiao Nuonan did not follow his script. By the time he came back to his senses, Qiao Nuonan had already escaped from his side like an enemy who was chasing after debts!

Heh, Qiao Nuonan this brat was quite unexpected. He actually dared to escape from his arms without any scruples?

Didn't he love him a lot?

Wasn't he going to die without him?

Wasn't he originally unwilling to marry his brother and desired to become his man?

Indeed, people had desires!

In order to have the status and honor of Lu family and to enjoy the unconditional love of his younger brother, Lu Jingshen, without any scruples, Qiao Nuonan really put in a lot of effort!

Previously, he had tried so hard to chase after him, but failed. Now, he really wanted to move his mind away from him and focus on "seducing" his stupid brother.

Sigh, in short, this time, it was his mistake...

However, all of this was not as simple as it seemed.

He would not let Qiao Nuonan get away with his evil scheme. He would not let Qiao Nuonan get away with it. It was all bullshit to Lu Jingfei. As long as he hurt his family, he would beat up Grandpa Divine Immortal as well.

Alright, Qiao Nuonan, we have a long way to go.

Lu Jingfei came out of Lu Jingshen's house aggressively and got into a luxury car.

He hadn't seen his little lover for a few days, but he missed her a little. He didn't know if she was used to living in his mansion or not, but his timid personality really didn't allow others to bully him.

Lu Jingfei frowned and urged the driver, "Uncle Zhang, hurry up. I'm going home to have lunch with my little boyfriend."

The person who was called Uncle Zhang was Lu Jingfei's driver and butler. He agreed, "Okay, young master." He stepped on the accelerator fiercely and increased his speed.

Uncle Zhang looked at the man who was sleeping in the back seat and sighed in his heart. Except for being a little arrogant and unruly, Young Master was a good person.

Although Lu Jingfei usually looked sloppy and acted like he was flirting with women and indulging in their beauty, only Uncle Zhang knew that this was Lu Jingfei's usual move to block all "men and women" who came to his doorstep on their own initiative.

But later on, he had indeed fallen into depravity.

But there was a reason behind everything that happened. Lu Jingfei was not born with such an arrogant and conceited image of a ruffian who was obsessed with love.

In fact, Lu Jingfei had never been so "promiscuous" before. On the contrary, he had fallen in love with Lu Jingfei before, but that too much love had caused his tragedy.

As a butler or as an elder, Uncle Zhang had personally witnessed how his young master, Lu Jingfei, treated the person he loved with sincerity, and how he had been hurt time and time again.

In the end, Lu Jingfei could not bear the blow of being abandoned and betrayed by his lover. His mind collapsed and he fell to the ground day after day.

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