Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C15 Using Your Nose to Look at People's Sense of Superiority
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Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C15 Using Your Nose to Look at People's Sense of Superiority
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C15 Using Your Nose to Look at People's Sense of Superiority

Lu Jingshen went to work as usual after lunch. For the first time ever, he didn't greet Qiao Luo when he left. Even during lunch, there was a total silence between the two of them.

Sigh, it's over this time.

Qiao Luo never thought that he would have such a scene today. Heh, having a baby with a younger brother and having a gay relationship with a older brother?

F * ck! Truly, a single misstep would bring endless hatred!

If he saw Lu Jingfei again, he would teach him a good lesson. At least, he would kick him until his grandson was gone!

Don't think that he couldn't tell. That bastard just couldn't get the grapes. He hated Qiao Nuonan for not wanting him. Now that he's married to his younger brother, he's feeling all kinds of unfairness in his heart.

How could there be such a hateful man in this world?

Sigh, it seemed that his plan to apply for a job was currently in vain. Lu Jingshen was currently in a rage. How could he speak to him like this?

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

At nine o'clock in the evening, Lu Jingshen finished his overtime and returned home.

When he saw the lights in the bedroom on the second floor, he strode forward aggressively, but his expression was calm and collected. It was hard to tell that he was angry.

Seeing the man enter the room, Qiao Luo was afraid that his heart would beat faster when he saw the look in the man's eyes. Qiao Luo used the excuse that he wanted to take a bath. It was all thanks to him that he did not take a bath in advance today.

Qiao Luo slowly came out of the bathroom after washing up for half a day.

"Why did you take so long to wash up?" The man asked him.


In order to hide from you for a while longer, he waited for you to calm down.


Although he didn't do it willingly, he did have a "intimate contact" with Lu Jingshen behind Lu Jingshen's back at noon today. It was his fault.

However, this could not be... considered as having an affair during the marriage, right?

Let alone Lu Jingshen, the matter today would be completely unbearable for any man with strong self-esteem.

Therefore, Lu Jingshen was naturally very angry and very angry.

Then... what should he do next?

Should he explain it to him?

However, in Lu Jingshen's heart, he must have thought that he was still the same Qiao Nuonan who loved Lu Jingfei wholeheartedly. In addition, when Lu Jingfei came to the house today, he was like that. The key was that Lu Jingshen had seen it with his own eyes!

Seeing was believing, and the evidence was conclusive.

Even if he explained that it was an accident, and Lu Jingfei had deliberately messed with him, would Lu Jingshen believe him?

F * ck!

In other words, the heavens couldn't bear to see him like this?

In his previous life, he was dumped by his boyfriend, and his boyfriend cheated on him, so he tolerated it! This time, it wasn't easy for him to be reborn, but he had become the type of person who cheated on him.


This kind of feeling was even worse than eating sh * t!


Qiao Luo, you need to calm down.


Calm down.

He tried to walk towards the man step by step. When he got closer, he took the opportunity to take a look at the man's expression. He looked so calm and relaxed that it was hard to tell whether he was angry or not.

Hmm, it seemed that his anger was almost gone, Qiao Luo thought.

"That... I..."

"I'm going to wash up. Go to sleep first."

..." "

Qiao Luo forcefully stopped what he was still saying in his throat. He almost choked until he was bleeding. Damn, this did not give him the chance to continue explaining. Instead, he directly swept past his words as if they were air and left him with a tall and firm figure.

... ""

"Big brother, it was not easy for me to muster up the courage and boldly explain to you under your lustful might. Is it really good for you to be so direct?

Is it because you are too tall that you like to raise your head and look at people with your nose? Do you have a sense of superiority, Ang?

F * ck, sleep if you want to. Do you think I want to wait for you to sleep with me? Let me tell you: No way!

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