Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C16 We've Met a Living God?
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Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C16 We've Met a Living God?
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C16 We've Met a Living God?

Qiao Luo really went to sleep.

It was such a hot day that he wrapped himself up like a dumpling. If it wasn't for the air conditioner, he would have gone to bed. He was probably going to die of heat.

On the other side...

Lu Jingshen punched the wall as soon as he entered the bathroom. As if he did not feel any pain, he punched the wall several times with all his strength. His hands were red, but he did not stop.

No one knew how jealous he was.

He was jealous of his brother. He could have someone else's love so easily, but that "person" was still the person he liked.

He had only liked this person for more than 20 years, but this person liked his brother!

At that time, it was to get close to this person that he gave up the opportunity to go abroad and went to the same university as him. Just when he thought that spring was about to arrive, he did not know that it was just the beginning of a nightmare.

He saw with his own eyes that the person he liked ran behind his brother all day long. Even if he was ridiculed and scolded by his brother, he would never give up. He was as tough as a cockroach that could not be beaten to death.

But in the eyes of most of the other students, they would only think that Lu Jingfei was unapproachable, while Qiao Nuonan was a toad that wanted to eat swan meat. He did not know his own limitations at all. He actually wanted to be together with the prince charming of the school, Lu Jingfei!

At that time, Lu Jingshen would secretly follow behind Qiao Nuonan all the time, just like how Qiao Nuonan would secretly follow behind Lu Jingfei all the time.

However, he was different from the brave and bold Qiao Nuonan. He was so careful and did not expose himself, as if he was afraid that others would expose his mask.

Thus, the three of them walked around in circles, and the university slipped away from their fingers in the blink of an eye.

After graduation, Qiao Nuonan still loved Lu Jingfei, and Lu Jingfei continued to lead a life of drunkenness and death.

After that, a series of things happened, and he, Lu Jingshen, got the man he liked as he wished.

Did he get it?

Did he really... get it?

Did he get it or not? Ah, perhaps only he himself knew. All these years, he seemed to have gotten used to it. As long as he got used to it, it would be fine. Once he got used to it, it wouldn't hurt that much.

At night, Qiao Luo's mind was in turmoil. He couldn't sleep at all.


Lu Jingshen, this stinky man, did not even look at him when he came out of the bathroom. He laid beside him and did not say a word about what happened during the day. It made him panic.

Damn, when did he start to care about Lu Jingshen's feelings? Was it related to him whether he was angry or not? He didn't like him!

Don't forget, You are Qiao Luo, not Qiao Nuonan.

Besides, Even if you were Qiao Nuonan, the man you liked was Lu Jingfei! So, why are you being so awkward?

At most... Wuwuwu. At most, Lu Jingshen would really be angry with him and let him kick him out of the house mercilessly.

Wait, Qiao Luo suddenly thought of something. Why did he forget about this? Didn't he have a "living treasure" in his stomach? With this child, he was afraid that Lu Jingshen would kick him out of the house!

He dared!

If he really dared to do so, he, Qiao Luo, would just starve to death! It was just that he pitied Qiao Nuonan, this unborn child, and wanted to be buried with him!

Sigh, what a sad thing to hear and see!

Qiao Luo closed his eyes and was lost in his thoughts when suddenly a strange male voice came, "Sao Nian, sigh, sigh. How can there be such a vicious Sao Nian like you?"

It sounded like he was young.

Qiao Luo's heart skipped a beat.

He was shocked!

Then, Qiao Luo's vision turned dark. He could not see anything. He wanted to say something, but his mouth was wide open, but he could not say anything.

The strange man's voice lingered in his ears again and again. The voice was distant and close, as if he was sitting on clouds.

Ang, why does it feel like I'm floating in the air when I hear this voice? 'Could it be that I've really met a living immortal?'

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