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Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C17 What's Going on
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C17 What's Going on

In front of him was a beautiful peach blossom, shrouded in smoke.

Qiao Luo pushed aside a bunch of peach blossoms that blocked his vision and looked for the voice to walk forward. However, he was surrounded by endless peach blossom trees, and he lost his way.

So he started to call out, "Is anyone there?"

No one answered him.

"I'm sorry, I had something to do just now." A man in white descended from the sky and landed accurately in front of Qiao Luo. He looked like a male lead from an ancient TV series.

He was breathing heavily, and his face was extremely red. That red color... Cough cough, it really looked like he had just finished doing that.

"That... the one who spoke to me just now was you, right? Who are you, and why did you bring me here?" Qiao Luo was full of questions about this mysterious man in white.

"Ahem." The man coughed in embarrassment. His face turned even redder. For the first time ever, he said, "Come with me. Let's find a place to sit first."

Damn it, rushing over from the space-time tunnel already used all of his strength. If he stood up and spoke to this stinking brat again, it would be unless he didn't want his butt anymore. (Chirp chirp chirp, baby is wronged, it really hurts!)

"Has something... weird happened to you recently?" The man poured Qiao Luo a cup of tea and then sat down leisurely on the rocking chair. He seemed to be enjoying himself.

A trace of shock flashed across Qiao Luo's eyes. There was also a trace of hope. This mysterious man seemed to know a lot about his matters. Could it be that he was the one who sent him here?

Although he had also obtained a master's degree in physics under the influence of modern science, after experiencing transmigration, he was willing to take the risk and believe that there was a god in this world.

"Three months ago, I broke up with my boyfriend. Later, I chose to commit suicide. When I woke up, I came to this completely foreign time and space. The most peculiar thing was that I had a baby that happened to be three months old in my stomach..."

"I looked at the time. October 24, 2018. It was three months earlier than my previous time and space. " This means that I came to a place where time and space are completely different from before. "

"It's just that I don't even know how I came here and how I can return! I think you should be an immortal, right? You... you know how to send me back, right?"

"Hahahahahaha..." The man laughed heartily as if he had just heard the funniest joke. He held his stomach that was starting to hurt from his laughter.

"You... You said I was a god?"

"Could it not be?"

This can be considered, but it can't be considered either. After all, I'm just a little bit more special than ordinary people!" When the man spoke with a proud face, he was hinting at his own uniqueness.

"Forget it, I won't joke with you anymore. Tell me the truth, I sent you here. As for the reason, you will naturally understand in the future."

"You sent me here? Why? " Qiao Luo excitedly placed the teacup on the table and spat out the tea.

What the hell? Why couldn't he die? Why was he sent to such a place by this strange man as a pitiful pregnant man?

Seeing Qiao Luo's reaction, the man hurriedly comforted him. "Young Master, calm down. Calm down. Didn't I say that? " You will naturally know the reason in the future. But now, the secrets of heaven cannot be revealed. "

"Of course I can't tell you now. If I tell you, can I still happily retire with my husband and enjoy their time together?

He had been working for hundreds of years and was sick of it. It wasn't easy for him to "have a successor." How could he give up such an opportunity? Hehehe, we can only let our cute Qiao Luo suffer first.

Qiao Luo wanted to ask him again. Since he could not tell him the reason why he sent him here, then could he go back? What kind of method could he use to go back?

"Ding, ding, ding, ding..." The alarm clock rang at seven in the morning. Without surprise, it woke Qiao Luo up from his "sweet dream." Qiao Luo was so angry that he threw the pillow on the ground and cursed. "Damn it! Lao Qi will get the answer soon!"

The man's dissatisfied voice came from the door, "What's going on again?"

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