Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C19 It's a Princess Hug
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Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C19 It's a Princess Hug
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C19 It's a Princess Hug

Sure enough, men need to be coaxed.

It was impossible to fight against him. It was even more impossible to remain silent with him. It seemed like they could get along peacefully!

Qiao Luo felt that he had gradually found the best way to get along with a slutty man like Lu Jingshen, who always kept things in his heart. That was to act coquettishly and keep acting coquettishly. He would not die of boredom.

It was a pity.

Qiao Luo was not a person who liked to act coquettishly.

He had forced himself onto Liang Shan and had no choice but to do it!

He had tried to think that when he liked Xiao Mengting in the past, how could he not act coquettishly? It was already good that he could endure it and not be annoyed with him.

At that time, he was like a little green leaf that would forever serve as a foil to Xiao Mengting's large red flower that was luxuriant and luxuriant, and it was destined from the beginning until the end. He was only a small piece of green leaf that served as a foil to the red flower, and it was so minute that many people were unable to see it.

Sigh, although he had died once, many things were slowly relieved. Suddenly, this matter really hurt his heart. Why was he blind back then? Why was he always like a lunatic, fantasizing that he had Prince Charming's silly white sweetness?

Sure enough, it was good to leave Xiao Mengting. At least he knew many things that he could not understand before. If he liked someone, he could not just keep it in his mouth, but also make himself stronger.

At the same time, he understood. What exactly is' forcefully twisting melon isn't sweet 'and what is' One must know one's own limitations'?

In another direction, he really appreciated Xiao Mengting's betrayal. At least his betrayal had allowed him to gain his true self, allowing him to clearly see the ugliness of human nature. He also understood that he was not a silly and sweet person who only knew how to speak in a shy voice.

Sigh, forget it.

Let bygones be bygones. Even if you think too much, it's still tears.

It's better to pay more attention to the present and to the future!

------ - --------

Qiao Luo was carried by a man when he got home. Along the way, he attracted the envy and hatred of countless servants, because it was a "princess hug"!

"Wow, Director Lu is so handsome!"

"Oh my god, give me a dozen husbands who look skinny in this way. They are good-looking and rich. How nice would it be... No, I don't want a dozen. One, one will do!"

"That's right! That's right!"

Qiao Luo was speechless. What are you guys jealous of?

"You guys are so happy that your boss and princess are hugging a big man right now? Do you believe that my legal husband will fire you guys later? See if you guys can still laugh?

Laugh, laugh, laugh! Laugh to your heart's content!

"Hahaha..." The laughter of a maid came from behind him, making him laugh to his heart's content.

... ""

Qiao Luo's nervous little heart was beating fast. In fact, he looked very awkward on the surface. After all, there were so many outsiders around. In his heart. Cough cough, it was more or less throbbing.

After all, Lu Jingshen's overall condition was not bad. He was handsome, had a good figure, and had a good temper. He was rich, and the key was that he was a twenty-four-year-old husband who doted on his wife.

Being hugged by such a nearly perfect man and receiving all kinds of envious and jealous looks from all directions, it would be a lie if he did not have any sense of superiority.

If it was 8, it would be a lie. Before the New Year, when Qiao Luo had just entered high school, Qiao Luo, who was deeply infatuated, would definitely fall in love with Lu Jingshen in less than three days.

It was a pity that time had changed. Qiao Luo, who had been ignorant eight years ago, had long since lost his young male heart in the erosion of time. When he was young, his fearless aura was gradually worn down by the passage of time.

How could time spare people?

Time did not spare anyone.

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