Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C2 He Was Dumped?
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Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C2 He Was Dumped?
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C2 He Was Dumped?

Qiao Luo bit his lips and suppressed his tears of excitement. He followed closely behind Xiao Mengting, just like how he did when he was still in university. He was just a little follower of Xiao Mengting.

No matter what others said about him or criticized his actions, he didn't care.

Reality proved that hard work would definitely be rewarded. After graduation, the senior immediately agreed to his confession request and became his boyfriend, right?

Although the time they spent together wasn't long and their progress was slow to the point where they hadn't even held hands until now, as long as the senior was willing to accept him, even if it was just a gentle look, it was enough.

"Oh, it hurts." Xiao Mengting suddenly stopped in front of them. The natural wall of flesh knocked the defenseless Qiao Luo completely.

Wow, senior's body is really strong.

Xiao Mengting was stunned. He sighed softly with his back on his back. "We're here." He was referring to the door of the room he had booked. It could be considered an explanation for the sudden stop.

Xiao Mengting opened the door. Something smelled good inside. Qiao Luo followed behind him and smelled it.

Wow, the room smelled so good, just like the room.

"Are you a dog?" Qiao Luo asked. Xiao Mengting frowned in disgust. He didn't know why he was getting more and more annoyed with Qiao Luo, who looked like a woman occasionally. He used to think she was cute. And now it was just an inexplicable discomfort.

"Senior, I... I am a pig."

He remembered telling his senior that he had forgotten so quickly?

Xiao Mengting was speechless.

Qiao Luo took the opportunity to lean his body slightly forward. He leaned closer to the man and was gently pushed by Xiao Mengting.

Qiao Luo felt very sad when he felt this rejection. Did the senior hate him?

Why didn't he smile when he saw the senior at the hotel door and followed him into the room? Was he angry that he had come too late?

Seeing the man look more and more unhappy, Qiao Luo hurriedly explained, "Senior, I didn't come late on purpose today. I came because..."

"Qiao Luo, let's break up."

"What... what?" Qiao Luo froze.

It was as if the softest part of his heart had been stabbed by a sharp knife. In an instant, he felt as if all his fresh blood had been sucked out. It was so painful that he wanted to die.

"I say, let's break up. We... are really not suitable. I came back this time to specially say goodbye to you."

Qiao Luo's bean-sized tears poured down his face. He wiped his tears and forced a bitter smile. "Senior, you lied to me, didn't you? Are you angry because I came late? I can explain. Listen to me, okay..."

"Enough!" Xiao Mengting roared. The impatient general threw the belt on the big bed beside him and said mercilessly, "I don't want to hear any explanation from you. I want to break up with you. It's not a matter of a day or two. Anyway, I'm not joking. Also... "

He turned around and looked at Qiao Luo, who was a head shorter than him. He looked at Qiao Luo, who was crying like a pear blossom in the rain, and lifted his chin in disgust.

"You don't look at yourself too much in the mirror, but what do you look like in just a year? Do you still want me to have a taste of your face?"

Do you still want me to take a bite out of your face?

Do you still want me to take a bite out of this appearance?

You want me to have a taste of this face?

This sentence lingered in Qiao Luo's heart over and over again. He raised his head with tears in his eyes. He looked at the so-called "boyfriend" that he had been looking forward to for a year after he left. He said, "Is this how you look at me?"

He didn't know if it was due to guilt or disgust, but Xiao Mengting pushed him away fiercely and couldn't be bothered to look at his slovenly appearance that was covered in tears.

"I promised you before because I saw that you were cute, and I developed a momentary interest in you. I thought that was because I liked you!" He shouted at Qiao Luo.

"It was not until I left the country that I realized... I didn't like you at all! "That's why Qiao Luo, I'm sorry! " I can't lie to myself, and I can't continue to lie to you! I hope you don't lie to yourself! "

You can leave! I won't see you off!"

Xiao Mengting started to order them to leave. He did not show any mercy.

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