Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C4 I'll Fight You to the Death Today
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Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C4 I'll Fight You to the Death Today
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C4 I'll Fight You to the Death Today

The man lying on the operating table suddenly shuddered and slowly opened his pretty eyes to look around.


He's not dead yet?

"Mr. Qiao." A nurse walked over.

He was at a loss. He licked his lips and didn't say anything.

The nurse tried to persuade him. "Although you have repeatedly requested for us to have an abortion immediately, I still want to say, do you want to think about it carefully?"


[Abortion surgery?]

Was there a misunderstanding?

He just happened to commit suicide. How could it be so ridiculous that a little bun would appear in his stomach for no reason...

"Once the fetus is removed from your body, we don't have the ability to get it back for you... And if the surgery isn't complete, it's possible that you won't be able to get pregnant for the rest of your life..." The nurse continued to speak, and Qiao Luo became even more confused.


Was he dreaming?

Or was his brain damaged?

Or was the nurse's brain damaged?!

He reached out his hand and pinched his arm. He felt pain in his arm. "Hiss...

Uh, it seems like he can confidently eliminate the possibility of dreaming. It really hurts!

After confirming that his suicide didn't cause too much of a physical reaction, Qiao Luo decided to leave. If there was nothing else, why would he spend such a waste of money?

"I'm not going to operate anymore. So can I leave now? He politely told the nurse, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly. He did not know how touching he was at this moment.

The nurse clearly did not expect that her persuasion would be so effective. She smiled and nodded. "It's good that you've thought it through. The child is innocent after all. No matter how the child's father... I hope that you can safely give birth to him!"

Qiao Luo thought that the nurse must have taken the wrong medicine.

But this had nothing to do with him. The important thing was that he had come back to life. He had miraculously come back to life.

Even the heavens did not want to see him die like this. That was why they let him keep his breath and work hard to survive in this world.

But what was strange was that his wrist, which should have been scarred, was now as smooth as if it had never been damaged...

What was going on?

"Mr. Qiao, please remember to pay at the toll office!" The nurse behind him quickly reminded him that he was scared out of his wits.

Sigh, there are more and more people getting pregnant before they get married!

As a special group of pregnant women, they had to endure much more pressure and pain than normal pregnant women.

Perhaps this was also the reason why Mr. Qiao was hesitating about whether or not he should have an abortion. the nurse thought.

"Hello, please show me your bill."

"Okay." Qiao Luo handed it over obediently.

"A total of 256 yuan."

Qiao Luo took out his wallet from an unknown seam. To be exact, it was a wallet. It would not belong to him.

However, in order to solve this urgent problem, he could not care less. He had to pay the money first.

"Please sign your name here."

Qiao Luo picked up the ballpoint pen and wrote down his name. He turned to leave but was stopped by the doctor. "Wait, your name is Qiao Luo?"

Qiao Luo nodded.

Well, wasn't his name Qiao Luo?

Then what else could he be called?

Why did everything around him become so strange after he died?

"That's not right. The name of your bill is clearly Qiao..." The doctor muttered to himself. Before he could finish speaking, he heard a man's roar echoing through the clouds in the distance...

"Qiao Nuonan! How dare you come to the hospital and kill my child? I will fight you to the death today!"

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