Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C6 Your Mother Hates Me so Much?
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Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C6 Your Mother Hates Me so Much?
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C6 Your Mother Hates Me so Much?

Lu Jingshen decided to use his trump card, the marriage certificate, since his wife always looked like she didn't believe him.

When Qiao Luo sat in the hall of Lu family and saw the marriage certificate with his own eyes, he fell into deep thought.

This was indeed a marriage certificate between a man and a man. This kind of marriage certificate was impossible to get 20 years ago or even 10 years ago.

He had heard about the possibility of getting a marriage certificate in the country in the past few years, but at that time, he and Xiao Mengting had not even gotten a set of eight characters, so he naturally did not think about such a distant matter.

Of course, these were not the main points!

The main point now was that the man named "Qiao Nuonan" on the marriage certificate, the wife Lu Jingshen spoke of, was actually carved from the same mold as him!

First of all, he was sure that this marriage certificate was almost impossible to falsify.

Secondly, the man named "Qiao Nuonan" on the marriage certificate, who looked exactly like him, also existed in this world as real as he did.

Wait... Qiao Luo suddenly thought of something.

How did he come here?

If he remembered correctly, after he committed suicide, he suddenly appeared on the operating table of the so-called "abortion surgery" due to the mentality that he would definitely die this time.

Next was the unfamiliar hospital, the unfamiliar name, the unfamiliar man, and even an unfamiliar fetus!

If he was not dreaming now, but was actually existing and happening, then this strange and mystical thing could only be explained in one way - space-time transmigration!

"What, are you looking at me like a fool?" Lu Jingshen took the marriage certificate back and looked at the masterpiece in his hand with satisfaction. He smiled. The most impulsive and fortunate thing he had ever done in his life was to marry Qiao Nuonan as his wife.

Qiao Luo was still in a daze. The current situation made him very nervous. He had never been so panicked when he had made up his mind to commit suicide.

He was in a panic in this unfamiliar environment. An unfamiliar man could survive, but he had never felt such an unfamiliar air before.

Seeing Qiao Luo sitting on the sofa without moving, his expression was serious. From the beginning until the end, he could not make a smile. Lu Jingshen knew that he must have pissed him off again.

He walked over and approached Qiao Luo carefully.

Qiao Luo felt that he was being held by a pair of strong hands. He moved a little uncomfortably, but he had no intention of resisting at the moment, both mentally and physically.

He was not a fool. He could tell that Lu Jingshen liked him, or even loved him very much. Therefore, he was at least safe for the time being.

Qiao Luo was deep in thought when he was suddenly stopped by that person.

His heart couldn't help but tremble. He subconsciously wanted to push the man beside him, and his mouth was in a panic. "Don't! Don't do this!"

Even if he could temporarily accept Qiao Nuonan's identity, accept that the man who held him tightly behind him was his husband, he could not get used to this married life so quickly. It was a life threatening death!

But soon, Lu Jingshen let go of him and tried hard to control his desire. He rarely showed a gentle expression and reminded Qiao Luo, "Don't do anything stupid in the future. Fortunately, I was the one who went to the hospital today. If my mom found you first, I was afraid she would say something that would provoke you."

"Does your mom hate me that much?" Qiao Luo suddenly asked. He thought to himself, "What did he do to offend her and make her say something exciting to him?

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