Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C8 His Time Was Stolen
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Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C8 His Time Was Stolen
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C8 His Time Was Stolen

When Qiao Luo woke up, he found a pink sticker on the bedside table.

[Wife, good morning. I'm going to work. Remember to eat well. - Love Your Husband.]

This made him somewhat at a loss.

According to the situation in his dream last night, his relationship with Lu Jingshen should be very bad, but ever since he saw Lu Jingshen for the first time until now, he had been very good to himself.

Even the words on the post were so sweet, like a sweet husband in his wedding. However, he could clearly remember how much he hated Lu Jingshen in his dream.

Back then, if it wasn't for Lu Jingshen taking advantage of Qiao Nuonan's drunkenness and forcing himself to bow, he would have been pregnant with Lu Jingshen's seed.

Qiao Nuonan, who had always loved Lu Jingfei to the death, would not have been forced to marry a man he didn't like.

Therefore, what drove Lu Jingshen, this man, to bear the bad name of a man who "picked" his brother up? He would rather not care about his mother's strong opposition than marry him. After marriage, he would be very considerate to Lu Jingshen.

If it was love, how deep would it be?

It was so deep that he could not care less about a man's past, whether he had fallen in love with his brother or slept with him.

He did not care if he really liked him, whether he was willing to marry him, or just to get close to the man he really liked - his brother Lu Jingfei?

Lu Jingshen really doted on Qiao Nuonan.

No matter what happened, Lu Jingshen would always treat Qiao Nuonan well. Even when Qiao Nuonan lost control of his emotions and would beat him up and scold him, Lu Jingshen had never really lost his temper with him.

Unless Qiao Nuonan used to say something like, "I will divorce you!" Once Qiao Nuonan said that, his face turned cold.

His eyes were as cold as if he wanted to kill someone.

What Lu Jingshen hated the most was Qiao Nuonan saying the word "divorce" to him. Apart from this, he could accept everything else unconditionally.

Perhaps it was because of the child.

Qiao Luo's hands trembled as he wrapped them around his slightly protruding abdomen. He did not care about this matter before because he did not believe that a person who had not even slept before would get pregnant.

However... if it was a soul transmigration, this possibility did exist. There might really be a baby here.

However... it ultimately belonged to Qiao Nuonan.

It used to be Qiao Nuonan and a man called Lu Jingshen. The man Qiao Nuonan did not love was born together with them.

That's right!

This child did not belong to him.

It was as if this new world did not belong to him.

This extra time was stolen by him.

He had stolen it from Qiao Nuonan.

Qiao Luo did not know whether his arrival was an accident or a deliberate arrangement by the heavens. He did not know if his soul had seized this body. Where did the original owner of this body go?

However, he understood the rules and had always followed them. He firmly believed that there was no such coincidence in this world. If all of this was arranged by the heavens, they would arrange for him to come to this world.


The stolen goods must be returned one day.

Gripping the pink sticker tightly in his hand, Qiao Luo frowned. He felt very upset. Looking at the strong handwriting, he somehow thought of Lu Jingshen smiling at him and calling him "wife" and "wife!...," like Lu Jingshen calling him "wife" one by one. "He did not know why, but he did not know why, but he could not help but think of the way Lu Jingshen was smiling at him and calling him" wife "one by one.

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