Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C9 A Miserable Married Life
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Boss Is My Kid's Daddy/C9 A Miserable Married Life
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C9 A Miserable Married Life

Once upon a time, he was an absolute lowlife.

He followed Xiao Mengting all day long like a poor follower. Even if Xiao Mengting had never looked at him, he still insisted on spending five years on him.

Thinking about it now, Qiao Luo felt that he had failed too much! As a man, there was nothing else he could do except to have another man's love.

Was it because the snacks were not delicious?

Or was the game not fun?

What was he doing? Did he have to be with a man who didn't love him and ruin his youth?

Qiao Luo made up his mind. This time, he couldn't be a weakling who was bullied by others, but had no power to fight back!

God made an exception and gave him this identity, not for others, but for Qiao Luo. This meant that he was very "lucky" and "special.

Then why didn't he make good use of this opportunity to realize his dream and life's value?

He should make up for his past regret this time.

Unknowingly, it was night. The second day of his arrival quickly passed in a calm and nervous alternating manner.

"Wife, I'm back." Lu Jingshen greeted Qiao Luo, who was lying on the sofa from far away.

"Yes." Qiao Luo replied neither coldly nor coldly.

He looked up and saw Lu Jingshen's face was full of joy. He seemed to be in a good mood.

However, he could still see the fatigue on his face.

It would be strange if he was not tired after working so late.

Was it always so late at night?

Qiao Luo didn't realize that he had been trying his best to keep a distance from this "stranger" Lu Jingshen yesterday. Today, he had started to care about him.

As if he had gotten used to Qiao Nuonan's way of replying, Lu Jingshen smiled indifferently. He strode to his side and sat down, naturally attaching himself to Qiao Luo's abdomen.

He asked gently, "Did the baby behave today?"

Qiao Luo shook his head indifferently.

Not good, not good at all!

This little thing in his stomach was torturing him today. Otherwise, he wouldn't be lying on the sofa all the time, because as long as he moved, His stomach would feel all kinds of discomfort.

Thus, he decided to start the "classic Ge You Lie" mode.

This answer made Lu Jingshen very nervous. He quickly asked, "Why is the baby not good? Did he kick you again? Then are you very uncomfortable?"

Qiao Luo's face turned red.

He was not the worm in his stomach.

How did he know that this little thing in his stomach was unhappy today?

... ""

But perhaps...

It was because Qiao Nuonan almost went to the hospital yesterday to get rid of the child. But was the fetus that intelligent?

Shaking his head, Qiao Luo felt like he had become an idiot.

It was just a normal biological reaction. Why was he getting more and more mysterious? Ever since he experienced this bullshit transmigration, he had become more and more mysterious. His heart had never calmed down for a moment!

"What are you doing?" Qiao Luo's body trembled. He looked at the man who was approaching between his legs warily.

Lu Jingshen was nice to him, but he was grateful that he had met him. A man who treated him well was better than being enslaved as soon as he transmigrated.


Forgive his limited degree of openness, he can't bear it. To do something too 'intimate' with a man he had only known for less than two days.

That would be too ridiculous!

Seeing Qiao Luo so nervous, disappointment and hurt flashed across Lu Jingshen's eyes, but it was soon covered by the smile that was squeezed out of his eyes.

He explained, "Beloved, I just saw that you were not feeling well and wanted to help you massage your legs. Didn't you always say that your legs were sore?"

Director Lu thought to himself, [I kept my mouth shut to show that I wasn't happy.] For the sake of my sincerity, Can't you let me take advantage of you? I'm satisfied even if I touch my wife's white legs!

Sigh, such a miserable married life!

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