Boss, Madam Comes Again/C10 Isn't It Just to Make Me Happy?
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Boss, Madam Comes Again/C10 Isn't It Just to Make Me Happy?
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C10 Isn't It Just to Make Me Happy?

The phone rang for a long time before it was picked up.

It was Huo Jinglan's unique bass cannon that crawled over the phone line. "Speak."

Lu Wange was startled and felt uneasy, "Tonight at eight o'clock, can you come to the Jade Sea Hotel?"

As soon as she finished speaking, There was a period of silence on the other end of the phone.

Just when Lu Wange thought that he did not agree, Huo Jinglan sneered and replied concisely, "Yes!"

At eight o'clock in the evening, Lu Wange stood at the door of the hotel to welcome him personally.

She had specially changed into a light purple dress with lace edges. Her small face was never covered with makeup and she had also put on exquisite makeup in order to make Huo Jinglan feel that he valued him.

Time passed little by little. Twelve minutes had passed since the agreement was made. Lu Wange was a little anxious from waiting. She took out her phone and hesitated whether she should make a phone call to ask.

Suddenly, a Maybach stopped at the entrance of the hotel. Huo Jinglan arrived late.

Looking at his suit and shoes, he got out of the car unhurriedly. Lu Wange ate. She was not allowed to tell if he was delayed by something or if he was deliberately making her wait for a long time.

Huo Jinglan took a few steps and arrived in front of her. Seeing that she had tidied him up so beautifully and moving, his eyes were full of undercurrents.

Lu Wange took in the subtle changes on his face. In her heart, she hated the look of a pig in the mail and had no choice but to suppress that feeling.

She put on a professional smile and said, "Thank you Director Huo for showing mercy. Please come with me."

When she turned around to lead the way, there was a cold look in her eyes that could not be hidden.

Huo Jinglan had a playful smile on his face. He followed Lu Wange step by step. He wanted to see how this woman would please him.

As tonight's theme was the fireworks, she needed to lead Huo Jinglan to the open space in front of the Ocean View Room of the Jade Sea Hotel.

This was supposed to be the reception service provided by the hotel, but she wanted to find out more about Huo Jinglan's chances of winning before the gift flowers started, so she rejected the exclusive vehicle provided by the hotel.

The two of them walked towards the beach under the night sky. It was especially cold and dark tonight. She shook her head and almost stepped into the tree pit beside the cobblestone path.

Fortunately, Huo Jinglan pulled her back in time.

However, as if she had touched a hot potato, she quickly pulled her hand back. "Thank you, Director Huo!"

"Director Huo?" Huo Jinglan's long and narrow eyes flashed with a dark light. His long fingers grabbed her chin in the next second and lifted it gently. "It seems that you have a bad memory. I have to help you deepen your memory."

Huo Jinglan suddenly lowered his head and approached her.

Lu Wange was shocked and quickly pushed his face away. "Cousin, please take care of yourself. I..."

"Take care of yourself?" Huo Jinglan's eyes became even colder, "Didn't you invite me to the hotel today to make me happy?"

Lu Wange was speechless. She admitted that she used to like him very much and also admitted that she wanted to make him happy tonight. But it was definitely not what he thought.

She just wanted to win his favor through a gift, and his approach made her feel a little cold from head to toe.

"Of course, please stand still and wait for me for a while. I'll be back right away."

Lu Wange did not want to stay with him for a second longer and ran away. If she could, she only wanted to never interact with this man. This way, she could live for a few more years.

After leading Huo Jinglan to a designated location, she found a quiet place and took out her walkie-talkie to order the staff to set off fireworks.

A minute later, brilliant fireworks exploded in the air. One after another, they were beautiful and illuminated the entire night sky.

Lu Wange had been hiding in a corner to watch Huo Jinglan's reaction. In the flickering environment, she saw his lean and strong body standing straight like a pine tree.

She was thinking about Huo Jinglan's feelings and was thinking about what to do next when he looked in her direction. Obviously, he already knew that she was secretly observing him.

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