Boss, Madam Comes Again/C11 I Only like the Real Thing
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Boss, Madam Comes Again/C11 I Only like the Real Thing
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C11 I Only like the Real Thing

Lu Wange had no choice but to walk towards her and stand on the beach with him, enjoying the glory.

"You don't think you can satisfy me like this, do you?" A dream firework burned out and the sky returned to loneliness. Huo Jinglan looked down at her with a wicked face.

Lu Wange was stunned by what he said.

Sure enough, she should not have heard it. This man was so difficult to deal with, so how could he be so easy to serve?

"Then, cousin, what do you think makes you happy?" Lu Wange's voice was neither fast nor slow, but every word clearly covered the sound of the waves.

"Don't you know that I am happy with you?" The sea breeze blew his clothes.

He suddenly stretched out his arm and pulled her into his embrace. A warm breath sprayed onto her face, "I'm a mature and normal man. I only like practical things. If you really want me to be happy, why don't you kiss me once?"

Lu Wange's entire body was surrounded by a strong male aura. She felt like she was about to suffocate.

But after hearing his teasing words, the deep coldness in her heart made her release a surge of strength to free him. Her right hand was uncontrollably swung towards his face.

Huo Jinglan quickly grabbed her slender wrist, and the smile on his face became even wider. If you have such an attitude, then I won't be happy even if I watch ten fireworks."

As he spoke, he pulled hard and Lu Wange returned to his embrace. His slender fingers gently brushed her smooth cheeks, "Before asking someone to do something, think about how to submit to them first. I am not satisfied with not having any follow-up arrangements like today!"

Lu Wange had already used her gaze to push the man in front of her over a hundred times. She really doubted it. Is my eyes broken? If not, how could she have liked such a man back then?

"Director Huo, oh! No, cousin... Huo Jinglan, let go of me first, okay?"

Lu Wange could only take a step back and change her strategy. She did not want to agree to Huo Jinglan's request. She really wanted to kiss him.

After all, this was a public place. Although she had cleared it, this Jade Sea Hotel was one of the most famous hotels on the Imperial Ranking. There were paparazzi troops stationed there, guarding some small celebrities and stealing gossip. If she was accidentally discovered, she would not be able to clear it even if she jumped into the Yellow River.

While she was worried, as expected, what she was afraid of came.

Three figures walked towards them from afar. Under the neon lights, it could be vaguely seen that they were hotel staff.

Lu Wange was anxious. She slapped away his hand that was still on her face. "Huo Jinglan, someone is coming. Quickly let go of me!"

"So what?" In contrast to Lu Wange's nervousness, Huo Jinglan was not anxious at all. "I told you to make me happy. I will..."

Before he could finish his sentence, a light kiss landed on his face.

Huo Jinglan was stunned by this sudden action, and then he recovered his original indifference, "What I said just now was to kiss me, like this!"

He tightly hugged Lu Wange and his cool lips suddenly pressed on her cherry-like little mouth, as if it was a long drought and a sweet rain, sucking deeply.

Lu Wange originally kissed Huo Jinglan to get away as soon as possible. She spent a long time building up her heart before she convinced herself and treated it as kissing a pig.

At this moment, she could not help but burn with anger when she was treated this way by him.

Huo Jinglan did not care about anything else and only let go of Lu Wange when he felt satisfied. When the two of them separated, three staff members were already in front of them.

When they looked at her with malicious eyes, Lu Wange was simply too ashamed to show her face. Her face was completely red as she said, "I am very satisfied with tonight's arrangement. I will give you a five-star rating for the service evaluation. The other additional services will be waived. I still have something to do later. I will leave first!"

After escaping home from the hotel, Lu Wange got angrier the more she thought about it. She took out her phone and dialed Huo Shulan's number.

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