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C12 Bait

"Mother, I..." Lu Wange wanted to tell Huo Shulan that she did not want to join the Huo Family.

However, Huo Shulan interrupted her before she could finish, "Are you done with your work?"


Wang Yao nodded. "Okay, I will go and look for you now. Wait for me at home," Huo Shulan said. Huo Shulan hung up the phone without giving her a chance to refuse.

Fifteen minutes later, Lu Wange's door was knocked. Through the visual doorbell, she saw that it was Huo Shulan. She hesitated and opened the door.

Huo Shulan walked elegantly into her room. She was in a relaxed state. She sat on the sofa.

Lu Wange was a little reserved as she stood. She knew why Huo Shulan was looking for her. Even if Huo Shulan looked like she was looking for someone to play house after dinner, it could not change the relationship between her and Huo Shulan.

Her godmother Huo Shulan did not have an heir under her name. Ever since she recognized her as her goddaughter, she had been scheming for her everywhere. That kind of background that was not mother and daughter but was more like mother and daughter's sacrifice. It was a complicated and complicated relationship of interest.

If she refused to join the Huo Family right now, with her godmother's smart and strong personality, she would definitely think too much. She was afraid that it would directly affect the relationship between the mother and daughter.

The reason she could return from overseas was because of Huo Shulan's relationship. If she lost Huo Shulan, this big tree, the Lu Family would definitely chase her out of the Lu Family immediately and expel her from the country. Then how would she take back everything in the Lu Family step by step in the future?

After thinking clearly about this relationship, Lu Wange suppressed the thought of directly rejecting Huo Shulan. She obediently made a cup of tea for her, "Qian Ma, taste this tea. This is specially brought by a friend of mine who makes tea for me."

"Good girl, come, sit down! Sit at my place. I have something to say to you." Huo Shulan patted the seat beside her and signaled Lu Wange to sit down.

Huo Shulan came from a noble family and had not been married or raised in her entire life. Her personality and aura were much stronger than that of an ordinary woman.

Lu Wange's scalp tightened but she still followed her instructions and sat down.

Huo Shulan put down the teacup in her hand and her gaze fell on Lu Wange's face with a loving expression, "Wange, you also know that godmother has no children and has always had regrets. So godmother wants to add your name into the Huo Family's genealogy. I wonder what your thoughts are?"

"godmother, Wange knows that you love Wange but entering the family tree is a big matter. I am not related by blood and it is not easy for me to enter the family tree..." Lu Wange wanted to make Huo Shulan give up on this idea by beating around the bush.

"You don't need to worry about this. As long as you agree, no matter how hard it is to do it, Qian Ma will think of ways to satisfy you. " Because I want to hear you call me mother. " Huo Shulan's eyes flashed with a shrewd light, but her face was filled with a gentle motherly radiance.

She reached out to stroke Lu Wange's beautiful long hair and continued, "I always wanted an obedient and beautiful daughter. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to meet someone who could build a family. This time the heavens sent such an obedient child to me. This is my opportunity, so we must cherish this fate! Child!"

Seeing Lu Wange remain silent, Huo Shulan increased her strength again, "Don't worry, these matters can be resolved by the godmother. As long as you are willing to listen to the godmother, do as the godmother says. After you enter the Huo family tree, the godmother will announce to the public that you are my foster daughter and no one will dare to argue in the future..."

After sending Huo Shulan away, it was already past 10 PM.

Lu Wange's mood was fluctuating. She was upset as she turned on her computer, opened her email, and quickly edited an email and sent it out.

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