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In the message, Huo Jinglan asked her to meet him and stated that it was because of the genealogy.

Lu Wange got up and tidied up. Then she went out to the place Huo Jinglan had agreed on - the Grand Court Club.

Following the directions of the clubhouse staff, she came to room 3086 where Huo Jinglan was.

Standing at the door, through the small window on the door, she saw the extraordinarily handsome Huo Jinglan sitting among a group of women.

Lu Wange could not tell what she was feeling right now, but she felt her heart tighten.

She raised her hand and lowered it again and again. Only after two tries did she have the strength to push it open.

"Director Huo!" She stood at the door without makeup on her face. Her elegant and natural beauty formed a stark contrast with the women in the room. It was like a lotus that was not stained by mud.

Lu Wange stood straight. Clearly, she did not intend to enter this room.

Huo Jinglan saw her look of disdain. The corner of his mouth rose. He extended a finger and hooked it at her. It was obvious that he wanted to disgust her.

Lu Wange's gaze turned away. She looked around the room and did not move. "Director Huo is so busy. Why don't we talk next time?"

She turned to leave but was stopped by Huo Jinglan's bodyguards. "Since you are here, it is not too late to leave after we finish talking."

He waved his hand and dismissed all the women in the room.

Although these women had heavy makeup, they all had hot bodies. When they passed by her, they deliberately pushed her with their shoulders, chests, and buttocks.

This kind of direct provocation made Lu Wange feel very uncomfortable.

"Director Huo, you didn't come to me to let me see how charming you are, right?" Lu Wange held a bit of anger in her heart and did not back down. She directly poked at him.

"Of course not. Regarding your previous request, I have thought about it. As long as you can agree to one of my requests, I will help you stop Little Aunt's decision."

"I won't be your woman, and I won't be your woman." Thinking back to the past suffering, Lu Wange felt a knife stab into her chest, even though she had been away from that experience for more than a thousand days.

However, the pain that she had experienced did not slowly disappear along with the passing of time. It had been settled in her heart and was suppressed in the deepest part of her heart.

Therefore, when she saw his face, it would remind her of the past. How could she meet him sincerely and have a good time under him?

"If you don't want to, I naturally won't force you." Huo Jinglan had already expected her to say that.

"So, what do you want?" Lu Wange's eyes darkened, and her expression became even more serious.

Huo Jinglan was never an easy person to deal with.

"It's very simple. As long as you report to me every day about your godmother's whereabouts, I will help you stop her from adding your name to the Huo Family Register."

"You!" Lu Wange did not expect Huo Jinglan to make such a request. She was shocked.

She knew that Huo Jinglan and his aunt were not on good terms with each other, but they should not be on guard against each other. Did he ask her to be his spy so openly because he could not tolerate Huo Shulan anymore?

"On what basis do you think I will agree to your request?" Lu Wange could not understand Huo Jinglan's intention in her heart.

In fact, she was in a very difficult situation. She did not have any bargaining chips to fight Huo Jinglan.

If she agreed to Huo Jinglan's conditions and let Huo Shulan know about her deal with Huo Jinglan, she would definitely be suspected by Huo Shulan. At that time, she would lose Huo Shulan, the big tree.

And once she left Huo Shulan's wings and became an ownerless person, she would definitely be beaten by those heartless people of Lu Family.

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