Boss, Madam Comes Again/C15 Agreement Reached
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Boss, Madam Comes Again/C15 Agreement Reached
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C15 Agreement Reached

"I don't think you're a stupid woman." Huo Jinglan dug a hole for her and put on a tall hat.

Lu Wange smiled and said, "Director Huo, you overestimate me. I am just an ordinary person. I just want to live a peaceful life and have a good time with my godmother."

"Back then, it was because she was not smart enough that she fell in love with this cynical and cunning man. That was why she encountered that inhuman experience.

If she was smart enough, she would not have been unable to see that she could not control this man and chose to leave early instead of foolishly moving forward to let him hurt her.

Hearing Lu Wange's answer, Huo Jinglan's eyes were full of ridicule. "Heh, you still do not understand the situation until now? I thought you were a smart person, but I didn't expect you to be as naive as you were back then."

"Director Huo is flattering me. I am not as far-sighted as you think I am. I don't have any great talents." His words had indeed hit Lu Wange's sore spot, but she held back because she did not want to step into his goading.

"Do you think that my little aunt is truly treating you as her daughter?" Huo Jinglan stood up from the sofa and walked up to her in a few steps. He was almost two heads taller than her.

Lu Wange was 1.68 meters tall. She looked petite in front of Huo Jinglan. The difference in height made her feel a strong pressure.

She tried hard to calm herself down and took two steps back, "I believe godmother is treating me seriously. Director Huo, you don't need to say anymore. I won't betray godmother! "Since we can't reach an agreement, I'll take my leave."

Lu Wange turned to leave after saying that, but was suddenly pulled in by Huo Jinglan.

Lu Wange sensed that the situation was not good. She wanted to snatch the door and escape, but she was a step too late. The door was quickly closed by Huo Jinglan.

Huo Jinglan held the door and surrounded her between his arms and the door. He lifted her head with a wicked face. "If the conditions can't be negotiated, we can change to another one. Why are you in such a hurry to leave? I won't do anything to you."

"Please forgive me for not being able to accept your conditions." Lu Wange was hiding in the small space in his arms. There was no place for her to look.

"You haven't even heard it yet. How do you know you can't accept it?"

"I just can't accept it!"

"Think carefully before you answer. I can give you another chance."

Looking at his deep eyes, Lu Wange was a little hesitant. She quietly clenched her fists and made up her mind, "What condition?"

"I heard that you have obtained the qualification certificate of an advanced perfumer. It just so happens that I have a client's wife who loves the fragrance culture. If you can help me get this customer, I will help you stop little aunt from adding your name to the Huo Family's family tree. How about it?"

Seeing that he did not look like he was lying, Lu Wange was tempted.

She had indeed just obtained the qualification certificate of an advanced Fragrant Master overseas. Originally, she planned to settle the matters of Lu Family and arrange for a job request. She did not want to use it now.

"As long as you can assist me in taking down this project, you will be my greatest contributor. I will naturally return you a favor. This condition is very easy. I believe that you know how to choose." Huo Jinglan was very kind to her.

"Good! It's a deal."

"As expected." Hearing the affirmative answer, the smile on Huo Jinglan's face deepened. He took out a phone from his pocket and gave it to her. "I will contact you again. When the time comes, you must perform well!"

Lu Wange's legs were so weak that she could not stand steadily when she came out of the Grand Court Club. She leaned against the corner of the wall to calm herself down.

"Miss Lu, why are you here?"

Suddenly, a gentle and soft voice sounded behind Lu Wange. She turned around and saw Nalan Mingyue's beautiful face.

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