Boss, Madam Comes Again/C17 Know Yourself and Know Your Enemy
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Boss, Madam Comes Again/C17 Know Yourself and Know Your Enemy
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C17 Know Yourself and Know Your Enemy

However, Nalan Mingyue did not understand how annoyed Huo Jinglan was with her. In fact, she became even more annoyed until Huo Jinglan left her and got into the car where the assistant came to pick him up.

Nalan Mingyue only reacted when she saw the car drive away.

She stomped her feet in the direction where the car disappeared and shouted, "Jing Lan... Brother!"

Nalan Mingyue was humiliated in front of Lu Wange and felt unhappy in her heart. She turned her head to look at Lu Wange and her gaze was clearly unfriendly.

Lu Wange was not an idiot. How could she not understand what this look meant?

These years, she had already mastered the art of observing people's expressions in Lu Family. How could she let Nalan Mingyue draw the fire to her?

Lu Wange smiled at her. Director Huo is really a busy person. That, Miss Nalan, I still have things to do. I will leave first. "Goodbye!"

Lu Wange found an excuse to leave. She did not give Nalan Mingyue any chance to vent her anger.

After returning home, Lu Wange began to prepare for the early stages.

In order to help Huo Jinglan successfully get this customer, she went online and collected a lot of information about this customer.

However, she had searched for a lot of information. It was just the personal information of the customer. There was very little information about his wife.

Lu Wange guessed that this client must have been trying to protect his wife from outside interference. That was why he had sealed off his wife's relatives so tightly.

This time Lu Wange was in trouble.

She paced restlessly in the house. At this moment, her phone suddenly rang, scaring her.

Lu Wange reached out to grab the phone from the table. She took a look and found that it was her best friend Jian Angning calling. Her tensed mood instantly relaxed by half.

She pressed the answer button and weakly complained to Jian Angning, "Darling, I have a problem..."

"What's wrong?" Jian Angning's calm voice was calm.

"It's a long story," she said. Lu Wange sighed lightly. She had long gotten used to Jian Angning's tone of speaking.

Actually, Jian Angning did not have such a character at the beginning.

Lu Wange remembered that when she first met Jian Angning, she was also a lively, cheerful, innocent and cute girl.

It was all because of the series of events that happened in her house.

It was also from that time onwards that Jian Angning had become aloof and cold. It was difficult for her to interact with others. Those who had just met her all said that she had a temperament that kept people away from her thousands of miles away.

This was not surprising. She originally had a good family background. Her parents were not only knowledgeable, but they also had a business mind. In her early years, they were famous in the business world and no one did not know about them.

However, later on, her father made a wrong decision, which caused the domino effect and put the Jian family in danger.

"I heard you came back?" Jian Angning's words were clearly concerned, but her voice was calm and steady.

If Lu Wange had not known her for many years and knew her character was like this, she definitely would not have heard her concern.

"Yes, I just came back." Lu Wange answered the peaceful question while thinking about how she should solve the current predicament.

Suddenly, a thought flashed through her mind. She recalled that Jian Angning was the young miss of the Jian Family. She had lived in the upper class since she was young and knew many famous people in the business world.

Therefore, it shouldn't be difficult for her to get information about someone from Jian Angning.

"An Jing, I, I have something to ask you... for your help."

"What is it?"

"Uh, I want to ask you about someone."

Although Lu Wange and Jian Angning had known each other for many years, because she did not like to trouble others, there were not many things that Jian Angning could help with.

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