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C2 I like You

When she looked up again, Lu Wange's face was unusually calm. Her voice was soft and gentle. "Cousin, you must be joking. I did not use my aunt's identity to pressure you. I just feel that... no matter what, you are the most respected man in the capital. If you act like this with me, it is inevitable that your reputation will be tarnished."

When Huo Jinglan heard this, he paused for a few seconds. His fingers slowly released her. His obsidian like eyes looked at her charming face in ridicule. "Speaking of which, you are still thinking about me?"

After a short silence, the man's lazy and low voice sounded. "But I like you."

Lu Wange looked at him with a dull gaze, even though she did not care about this man anymore. But when she heard him say something similar to love, her heart still rippled.

She suppressed the restlessness in her heart and calmly thought about why Huo Jinglan suddenly became like this.

She had a crush on Huo Jinglan since junior high school, so to a certain extent, she knew him better. This man was so abnormal, he definitely wouldn't be so simple.

She met the man's deep and narrow eyes, and her thin, dark red lips curled into a charming smile. "Cousin, let's get straight to the point. What exactly did you find me for today?"

Huo Jinglan saw Lu Wange looking like she wanted to talk business with him. His ink-like eyes narrowed slightly. After a while, he said casually, "I thought I made myself clear. Since you don't understand, I will say it again. I think your body is more suitable for you. It will be troublesome to find another one."

Lu Wange's expression suddenly became very ugly. She pinched her palm hard to not lose her mind. Her cold voice carried a bit of sarcasm, "I didn't expect you to be so satisfied that night three years ago, but I'm very sorry. You didn't make me happy. I thought this kind of thing could only be carried out under conditions that both parties could satisfy. If you insist on doing this, it's no different than rape. "

Huo Jinglan's bright and deep eyes looked at her bright and calm face. He walked two steps towards her and put a hand around her waist, increasing his strength.

Lu Wange's body leaned forward uncontrollably. His deep and matter-of-fact voice sounded in his ear. "So what?"

The smile on Lu Wange's face was somewhat stiff and her voice also turned cold. "As far as I know, strong. The crime of adultery should be sentenced to three or more years in prison for less than ten years."

Huo Jinglan's deep eyes were filled with playfulness. One of his hands gently lifted her chin. His voice was low and hoarse. "You already said that. Should I make this a fact so that you can testify? "

Lu Wange heard this and her chest heaved up and down. She called out in a low voice, "Huo Jinglan!"

Huo Jinglan's handsome face did not have much emotion. His long and deep eyes were like an ancient pond. His voice was faint. "Be my woman or continue to stay overseas for three years. You can choose."

He was a threat.

Lu Wange could not stop trembling.

Because she had offended people from the Huo Family back then. So her family didn't care about what had happened to her, they were just afraid that she would get angry.

If she came back this time and offended Huo Jinglan again, she believed that the people of the Lu Family would make the same choice as before.

Thinking about what had happened in the past three years, her eyes turned slightly red. She bit her lips tightly. "What if I refuse to choose?"

When Huo Jinglan saw her look of grievance, his sword-like brows furrowed in displeasure. His voice was cold and indifferent. "Then I will tacitly allow you to choose the latter."

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