Boss, Madam Comes Again/C20 Director Huo Became Serious in a Second
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Boss, Madam Comes Again/C20 Director Huo Became Serious in a Second
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C20 Director Huo Became Serious in a Second

Huo Jinglan was very close. His warm breath sprayed on Lu Wange's face. Lu Wange could clearly feel that her cheeks were slowly burning.

The air in the carriage was gradually warming up, and the atmosphere became very ambiguous.

Lu Wange really could not take it anymore. She pushed his face away and shouted angrily, "I'll go! Is it still not enough?"

"That's good." Huo Jinglan returned to his seat, satisfied. When he started the engine, he added, "Director Shih loves his wife, so his wife is a good breakthrough. Your mission tonight is to keep her company."

Lu Wange did not say anything. She had nowhere to vent her anger.

When Huo Jinglan saw that she did not answer, he thought she did not care. He suddenly stepped on the emergency brake.

Lu Wange was unprepared and almost hit her head. If it was not for her safety belt, she would definitely have a big bump on her forehead.

"What are you doing!"

Lu Wange was really very angry. She turned her head and angrily glared at the man beside her who clearly had a handsome face but always did something for his status and appeared very childish.

"If you continue to be so absent-minded, then I will immediately cancel the cooperation. At that time, everyone will know..."

"Alright! I know!" Lu Wange interrupted him.

This cynical and cunning man grabbed her weak spot and challenged her bottom line again and again.

Along the way, Lu Wange maintained her silence. She put her face outside the window and did not even want to look at Huo Jinglan's face.

She found that when she was with Huo Jinglan, there was no way to calm her emotions, because he could easily make her angry.

It was rare that Huo Jinglan did not torture her. The car drove for about forty minutes and stopped in front of the Tea House.

Huo Jinglan got out of the car first. While Lu Wange was still thinking about how to cut into the topic when she saw Mrs. Shih, the door next to her was opened.

Huo Jinglan reached out a hand. Lu Wange did not want to have any physical contact with him, but seeing his gloomy face and looking at his twelve centimeters high heels, she finally put her small hand into his palm.

Huo Jinglan held her small hand in satisfaction and led her out of the car.

Lu Wange felt her small hand being surrounded by Huo Jinglan's big palm, and her heart was filled with emotion.

Walking side by side with him holding hands in the sunset was her childhood dream. Unfortunately, when her dream came true, things had already changed.

She was no longer the Lu Wange of the past. Huo Jinglan was also not the kind person she thought was right in the past.

After the tea house's car driver drove Huo Jinglan's car away, Huo Jinglan put her hand into his arm. "Director Shih and I said that you are my girlfriend. When you meet people, remember to be intimate with them. Don't let them see any clues."

"I know." This time Lu Wange nodded without hesitation.

Huo Jinglan brought Lu Wange into a private room in the tea house, but there was no one inside.

Lu Wange realized that the situation was not as Huo Jinglan had said. She was a little nervous, "Will they cancel the appointment?"

"No, they won't. Manager Shi is a man of integrity. If he did not come, he would not agree to the appointment." Huo Jinglan immediately denied Lu Wange's guess.


Before Lu Wange could finish her sentence, Huo Jinglan interrupted her, "They are already here!"


"There are two cups on the table that are turned over."

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