Boss, Madam Comes Again/C5 Call Me Mr Huo?
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Boss, Madam Comes Again/C5 Call Me Mr Huo?
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C5 Call Me Mr Huo?

Lu Yan had mixed feelings when he heard that Huo Jinglan was going to stay. He quickly asked Huo Jinglan to sit in the house and asked Xiao Shumei to personally watch the lunch prepared in the kitchen.

Lu Wange took advantage of everyone's busy time to pull Huo Jinglan to the side and whispered, "Why did you stay?"

Huo Jinglan's long and cold eyes looked at her casually. "I wasted half a day because of you today."

Lu Wange's chest was slightly sulky. "So you stayed to punish me for not being sensible yesterday? Or Mr. Huo, your time is precious and you want me to compensate you for your loss?"

Huo Jinglan suddenly put a hand on her waist and leaned forward slightly. His hot breath brushed past her earlobes. "Call me Mr. Huo?"

Lu Wange's ears felt numb and numb. She subconsciously looked around and tried to pull herself away from Huo Jinglan's arms.

The man held her tighter, so tight that her waist felt dull.

Her almond eyes were filled with panic. She was afraid that the Lu family would see their intimate actions. She deliberately lowered her voice and said angrily, "Huo Jinglan, what do you want?"

"If you are so resistant, can I think that compromising to me just now is just a temporary measure?" Huo Jinglan's breath suddenly became heavy. He suddenly let go of her. "I don't like to force others to do things, and I don't like people playing tricks on me. Since you don't want to, it's better to go abroad."

Lu Wange was extremely angry in her heart, but when she saw the man's gloomy face, she took a deep breath and suppressed all the dissatisfaction in her heart. She explained humbly, "This is the Lu Family. If they see it, although they won't say anything because of your face, they will still think that this is not good for you and me."

Huo Jinglan's dark eyes narrowed. He looked at the woman for a long time.

This woman seemed to not want everyone to find out about his relationship with her.

Bao Shulan came back from abroad to fight for the position of the successor of the Huo Family with him.

He deliberately let Lu Wange get close to him. He would play the game.

He even gave her a chance.

She did not seem to want to use this to do anything.

Compared to scheming, her eyes were filled with fear.

His thin lips curled into a smile that wasn't a smile. "You mean you can do it without being in the Lu Family?"

Lu Wange's fingers tightly clenched. Her heart had experienced several battles between heaven and earth. In the end, she curled her lips and said with a smile. "As long as it is not in the eyes of outsiders, it is fine."

Since she had already reached some kind of deal, she was not a person who would be unreasonable.

However, she still felt somewhat wronged in her heart.

Why did this man treat her like this?

Huo Jinglan saw clearly the grievance hidden under her smile and suddenly remembered Lu Wange who secretly watched him in high school.

He did not know what kind of feelings he had for Lu Wange, but this woman was special to him.

If she could establish a clear relationship with Huo Shulan, he did not mind her existence.

His low and sexy voice slowly sounded, "If I give you a chance to be my woman openly..."

Lu Wange's clear voice interrupted his words, "Now that I am your aunt's goddaughter, there is no such thing as if."

Huo Jinglan heard her and said indifferently, "I can give you a chance to choose again."

Lu Wange's heart suddenly slowed down by half a beat and she just stood there in a daze.

Now that she had just returned to the country, the people outside still did not know that she was Huo Shulan's goddaughter.

Logically speaking, Huo Jinglan's suggestion was feasible.

In the face of a man she loved so deeply, even if he had hurt her before, her heart would still beat faster because of his words.

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