Boss, Madam Comes Again/C6 From Now on You will be Miss Huo
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Boss, Madam Comes Again/C6 From Now on You will be Miss Huo
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C6 From Now on You will be Miss Huo

She slowly raised her eyes to look at the man's handsome face. The conversation between the two of them yesterday flashed through her mind, and the passion in her heart was instantly extinguished.

The reason why he said such a thing was not because he loved her.

"I'm sorry, I've already promised godmother." She tactfully refused.

Huo Jinglan's warm eyes gradually turned cold. His thin lips revealed a mocking smile. "So you are more willing to be my mistress than to be my woman?"

Lu Wange's face suddenly turned pale. She bit her lips tightly and did not speak.

"Remember, this is your own choice." After saying this, Huo Jinglan turned around and left.

Lu Wange's heart suddenly felt empty. Her gaze was unfocused as she looked at Huo Jinglan's back, which was getting further and further away. She had an inexplicable feeling that something had been lost.

She did not know how long she had been standing there. Lu Yan's voice pulled her thoughts back to reality.

"Where is Mr. Huo?"

Lu Wange turned to look at Lu Yan and said lightly, "He has to leave first. I have some matters to attend to. I will come back when I have time next time."

While Lu Yan was slightly stunned, Lu Wange had already walked away.

Lu Yunxin, who stood on the second floor and saw this scene, looked at Lu Wange's back with a cold smile.

She said it was not that simple.

She turned around and returned to her room. She took out her phone and made a phone call.

When the call connected, she smiled and said, "Sister Mingyue."

"Lu Yunxin? Nalan Mingyue called her name with uncertainty.

"Yes, I am Lu Yunxin."

Nalan Mingyue's mood was calm. She was not close to Lu Yunxin but her relationship with Lu Yunxin's younger sister, Lu Siqi was fine. Due to this relationship, she did not hang up on the phone on the spot. However, her tone was not friendly. "Do you need something from me?"

Lu Yunxin did not care about her attitude. After all, Nalan Mingyue was a member of the three big families.

"Sister Mingyue, Lu Wange and Mr. Huo Jinglan came to Lu Family just now."

When Nalan Mingyue heard Huo Jinglan's name, she immediately sat up straight. "Why did Brother Jing Lan go to the Lu Family?"

"He came back with Lu Wange. Lu Wange said Mr. Huo was her sworn cousin and I felt that something was not right. So I kept an eye on them. Later, I accidentally saw Lu Wange seduce Mr. Huo and even wanted to be Mr. Huo's mistress." Lu Yunxin said indignantly, "Everyone in the capital knows that Sister Mingyue and Mr. Huo are a couple. She actually did such a shameless thing. On the surface, she is a sworn brother and sister, but in private..."

Nalan Mingyue suddenly stood up and interrupted her, "Are you telling the truth?"

Lu Yunxin almost raised her hands and swore, "If I lie today, I will die a horrible death!"

Nalan Mingyue's face suddenly darkened.

Lu Wange was almost a taboo existence to her. After all, she was the only woman Huo Jinglan had ever had. Even if Huo Jinglan did not love Lu Wange, she would still be afraid.

Back then, she had also copied Lu Wange's methods and drugged Huo Jinglan.

In the end, Huo Jinglan directly threw her out.

Probably because of the different results, she was especially wary of Lu Wange.

"Alright, I got it. Thank you for telling me about this."


Huo Residences.

Lu Wange just happened to bump into Nalan Mingyue when she walked out of the house.

She was not familiar with Nalan Mingyue. Although both of them grew up in the capital, they were both considered to have grown up in the capital. But the number of times they met was very few.

"Miss Lu." Nalan Mingyue's smile was bright and moving under the sun, "Oh, I see. No, I should call you cousin, shouldn't I?

Lu Wange looked at her gently and quietly without a single ripple in her heart.

It was normal for Nalan Mingyue to know that she was Huo Shulan's goddaughter.

Nalan Mingyue suddenly stretched out her hand and said, "Congratulations. Auntie Huo intends to add your name into the Huo Family Register. In the future, you will be the legitimate daughter of the Huo Family."

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