Boss, Madam Comes Again/C9 Do You Have a Problem with That?
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Boss, Madam Comes Again/C9 Do You Have a Problem with That?
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C9 Do You Have a Problem with That?

Huo Shulan walked into the living room and saw Huo Jinglan lazily sitting on the single sofa. One of his hands was casually resting on the arm of the sofa and the other was holding a magazine. His whole body was full of charm.

This man was not only good looking, but also capable.

No wonder Wange fell in love with him.

Huo Jinglan felt a gaze and turned his head to look. He stood up and put down the magazine in his hand. "Little aunt, why did you think of me today?"

Huo Shulan slowly walked to Huo Jinglan. "I haven't been back for a few years. I was just passing by and came in to see you."

Huo Jinglan asked calmly. "What would you like to drink?"

"Don't bother. I have to leave in a while." She looked around. He said casually, "By the way, Mingyue is here today to play. She accidentally mentioned that Wange could join our Huo Family. This is the right and proper way. I think that Wange's child is indeed pitiful. In the capital, she has no one to rely on. I am moved by her suggestion. Do you have any opinions on this matter? "

Huo Jinglan looked at her well-maintained face and said calmly, "Little aunt should know that not everyone can enter the Huo Family's genealogy."

Of course Huo Shulan knew that to enter the Huo Family's genealogy, one had to have sufficient reasons and the consent of the elders of the Huo Family. Most importantly, it had to be approved by Huo Jinglan, the person in charge of the Huo Family.

She had already thought of a reason. She could tell the people of the Huo Family that she had raised Lu Wange as her future successor. Coincidentally, she did not have any descendants in her family, so the people of the Huo Family would not stop her from making this request to the Huo family.

As for the elders of Huo Family, she was confident that they would agree.

But -

Huo Jinglan.

She lifted her eyes and smiled. "I was just saying."

Huo Jinglan's long and narrow eyes looked at her for a while, and then he said, "Yes.

"Okay. I will leave if there is nothing else."

Huo Jinglan replied politely, "Take care, little aunt."

After Huo Shulan left, Huo Jinglan dialed Qin Dong's number.

"Pay more attention to Huo Shulan's movements recently."

"Yes, sir."

Huo Jinglan cut off the phone and looked at the scorching sun outside the window. For some reason, he thought of Lu Wange.

This woman ran out confidently.

What exactly did she do?

He didn't even know what could make him happy, so how could she know?


At this time, Lu Wange was busy setting up the scene.

Actually, she was still a little nervous about this matter. After all, she had asked others about it and not Huo Jinglan himself.

It was said that Huo Jinglan was in a better mood after watching the fireworks.

As for the reason, she was not too sure. She had vaguely heard that it seemed to be related to his deceased mother.

"Miss Lu, the arrangements here are almost done. Do you want to go over and take a look?"

The voice of the staff interrupted Lu Wange's thoughts. She nodded and went over to take a look. There were no other big problems. It was just that the stone table by the sea was covered with rose petals. Furthermore, it was in the shape of a heart.


"It's like this. You spent more than ten thousand yuan. We arranged this place for you for free."

Lu Wange said politely, "Thank you, but I don't need it here. Please remove it."

The staff was stunned for a moment, then nodded and said, "Okay."

When all the staff were ready to leave, Lu Wange took out her phone and called Huo Jinglan.

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