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Boss Pampers Forensic Wife/C1 Fame and reputation
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C1 Fame and reputation

Jin Ming's gaze was fixed on the woman not too far away, seeing Song Guo step into the sea and jump out. She had the appearance of a young girl, softening his heart.

For a long time, Song Guo had been suppressing herself too much. She was only in her early twenties, but because of the death of her mother in her heart, she seemed to have lived to the age of forty.

The current her seemed to be her original appearance. She no longer had the aloof aura that prevented strangers from coming close to her, and her entire body was exuding liveliness and lightness.

Looking at the two men staring at Song Guo, Jin Ming's eyes flashed with a look of regret. This woman really wanted to hide, otherwise, if she wasn't careful, someone else would notice her.

Just as he was about to walk over and declare his sovereignty, a wrinkled hand rested on his arm. "Young man, that girl in front of you is your girlfriend, right? I saw you staring at her. Buy a flower. It suits her well."

With that, the old granny handed over a small bouquet of flowers. With a faint smile on her face and a gentle voice, she said, "These are the buckwheat flowers. The flowery phrase 'lover' is very suitable for you. Sir, please buy a bouquet."

Jin looked at the bunch of flowers in front of him, he then looked at the nearby Song Guo. The woman was currently jumping up and down on the sand, and her heart was beating fast, but when she tilted her head, she nodded, took the buckwheat flower from the grandma's hand, took out a ticket from her purse, and put it into her basket, then walked towards Song Guo.

This amount of money could buy all the rest of the words in her basket. Just as she was about to chase after and return the money, she saw the tall and straight figure of a man. The corner of his mouth revealed a hint of an arc of gratitude as he muttered, "May the Lord bless you."

Song Guo was tired from playing. Just as she was about to sit on the ground and rest, she caught a glimpse of two tall figures in the corner of her eyes.

"Hello, can I get to know you?" A man with short yellow hair and silver earring asked with a smile.

Song Guo was just about to answer when a low and pleasant voice, carrying a chill, suddenly rang out, and when she turned her head, she saw Jin Ming slowly walking towards them. The two men outside the country looked at each other, muttering to themselves, and then politely bowed towards Song Guo, saying with a regretful voice, "Madam, you're really good-looking, but unfortunately …"

Before he could finish his words, he and his companion turned around and left, leaving Song Guo staring at their leaving figures in a daze.

However, in Jin Ming's eyes, they misunderstood that Song Guo was reluctant to part with them. He was the one who interrupted them, and his face immediately darkened as he stuffed the flowers into Song Guo's arms, and turned to leave.

Song Guo held the flowers in her arms, her beautiful eyes blinked twice before she realized: he had bought flowers for her.

A warm feeling immediately poured into her chest, the woman couldn't help but smile, her eyes slightly narrowed, showing a trace of craftiness. No matter what kind of woman it was, they all had a strange feeling towards flowers, not to mention that this flower was obtained from Jin Ming's hands.

Song Guo took the flower and quickly followed Jin Mingzhen's steps. With a faint smile, she asked, "Did you specifically buy these flowers?"

However, Jin Ming was angered by the previous scene, and his anger still hadn't subsided. He immediately denied it, "I saw the old man who bought the flowers worked hard, and did a charity job."

Song Guo was stunned and her steps couldn't help but stop. She couldn't describe the complicated feelings in her heart. Perhaps she initially thought it was from him, but when she spoke the truth, she was exceptionally disappointed.

"Is that so?" Song Guo's voice suddenly dropped. She looked at the words in her hand, as if it wasn't as attractive as it was in the beginning.

Jin Ming was keenly aware of Song Guo's strangeness, so he stopped his steps and turned around, only to see the woman two steps away from him. He couldn't help but let out an evil smile, "What, are you looking forward to my specially buying this for you?"

"No!" Song Guo immediately denied it. She looked deeply at the flower in her hand and suddenly smiled as if she was sincere. "You are doing a good deed."

After saying so, he didn't notice the smile on the man's face slowly freeze. Then, he picked up his shoes and walked in the direction of the car.

The original week of travel ended in four days.

Song Guo didn't know if it was her misconception, but ever since she came back from the seaside, Jin Ming's attitude towards her had been much colder. She was a bit disappointed, but more of it was self-consoling.

The two of them returned to City A and immediately went back to their work.

He was like a workaholic who, apart from going to and from the office, seemed to be stuck in there at all times, even having to be taken in by an assistant for meals.

With such a desperate boss, the employees below complained one after another. They thought their boss would be in a good mood when he returned from his travels, and that the workload might decrease. Even Haozi thought so, regardless of what the employees were thinking.

The result of hard work was that the Ace Studio became more and more famous, and more and more programmers were proud to be able to enter the Ace Studio.

With the advent of one high-technology after another, it had caused many discussions in the outside world. There were even many media speculations as to what kind of person the person who developed these products in Aegon Workshop was.

Hao Zi's office phone was about to explode from the calls, and most of the calls were from the media wanting to interview Jin Ming. The calls had nearly flooded Hao Zi's office. In the end, he had even cut off his phone line.

Jin Ming didn't seem to care about the speculations of the outside world, his mind was focused on high-tech or Song Guo.

But because of what happened in State Y, Song Guo's words were like a thorn in his heart. Although the two of them had been communicating these days, they weren't as close as they were before. Jin Ming really wanted to ease up, but he felt that he had lost some face.

Because the Love Fruit studio was famous, its scale had expanded, and naturally, its staff needed to be expanded. Haozi wanted to help Jin Mingzhen recruit a secretary, which he had already informed Jin Ming about, but the latter didn't seem to have any reaction, thus this matter was settled.

As night fell, Jin Ming dragged his tired body home, and originally would have acted like usual, facing the pitch-black house, but the moment he opened the door, he smelled the fragrant smell of food, and his heartbeat slowed down a beat. Jin Ming forgot to take off his shoes, directly running into the living room, until seeing the woman who was busying herself in the kitchen, he was surrounded by warmth.

Song Guo turned around just as she was carrying a dish and was met with the gentle gaze of the man. She was stunned and quickly reacted when she saw that his shoes were still on, "Why haven't you taken them off yet? I went to the market early today to buy some food."

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