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C10 Come close to her purpose

On the sofa in the living room, Song Guo was calmly sitting beside Jin Mingzhen, while Su Rou was like an old mother, constantly looking Jin Mingzhen up and down.

"Guanzi, why didn't you tell me about his existence?" With a rare serious look, Song Guo cast a sidelong glance at Jin Ming who was sitting by the side and was not nervous at all.

"I picked it up. It wasn't that important, so I forgot to mention it." Song Guo took this as an explanation and drank a mouthful of water from the cup on the table.

Hearing this answer, Su Sou was stunned, but Jin Ming was unhappy.

"I'm just not important."

Song Guo nodded silently, and Jin Ming let out a slight groan.

Seeing the interaction between the two, Su Sou slowly narrowed her eyes. Song Guo had never liked joking with others, much less letting people dabble in her private domain. She only agreed to let him stay at her house after spending two years together with Li Hongyi.

"If I sleep in the guest room, does he usually?" Su Sou suddenly thought of an important question.

"Room." Song Guo answered without hesitation.

"We occasionally sleep together." Jin Ming smiled faintly.

"Fruit!" Su Sou immediately turned to look at Song Guo with a questioning look.

"Of course, there are also unexpected situations. I will avoid them in the future." Song Guo's face was calm, and her words were fluent as she rejected Su Sou's next question.

Su Sou was at a loss for words. Knowing that Song Guo didn't want to answer this question, she could only stare at Jin Xuan at all times. As long as he acted out of line, she would throw her cup of water at him without hesitation.

"Guizi, I have to go back to England tomorrow. That may not be a good idea, but I think I'll be worried if you live with a man I don't know well." Su Sou put down the cup of water and looked at Song Guo seriously.

Jin Ming frowned when he heard this, his long and narrow eyes flashing with unfathomable emotions.

"In a sense, I'm already very familiar with Guo Guo."

Song Guo originally thought this matter wasn't related to her, but she immediately grabbed the pillow on the sofa and stuffed it into Jin Ming's deep bosom. Although her expression didn't change, her ears were already extremely red.

"Don't listen to his nonsense, I'll think about it, don't worry." Song Guo finished.

Jin Ming was leaning against the sofa with his pillow, deeply looking at Song Guo's ears.

Su Sou could not say anything else.

That night, Jin Ming returned to the guest room to sleep, while Su Sou dragged her luggage to Song Guo's room. The two of them avoided Jin Ming Chen and Li Hongyi's topic of conversation and chatted all night.

The next morning, when Song Guo woke up to prepare breakfast, she found that there was already someone in the kitchen.

He wore his own pink apron and stood barefoot in the kitchen as if cooking something.

"Didn't you not know how to cook?" Songo paced into the kitchen.

When he discovered that there was a menu placed beside Jin Ming's hand, he instantly understood what was going on.

"Actually, even if you don't know how to cook, I won't chase you away."

Jin Ming let out a faint smile, and said in a casual tone, "You should learn it eventually, I can't let you do it forever."

Song Guo was stunned as she looked at him turn around to see how he looked like.

He replied with a very cold expression.

"You're thinking too much."

Jin Ming didn't care much about what Song Guo said about him overthinking things, as he cooked his own porridge.

In order to adjust the jet lag, Susu booked an early flight to England, and it happened to be midnight so she didn't have to adjust the jet lag.

Song Guo said she was going to see her off, but Su Sou refused and asked Jin Ming to send her off.

Song Guo didn't agree, and Jin Mingzhen was also unhappy. Why was he the one protecting Su Sou? However, Su Sou could only look at Jin Ming with a malicious smile.

Song Guo could only compromise. She chatted with Su Sou yesterday and didn't sleep well either.

Jin Ming saw that Song Guo did not insist and could not say anything more.

At River City's airport, Su Sou crossed her arms as she stared at Jin Mingzhen, who was pushing a pink suitcase with a cold expression.

"Tell me, what is your purpose in getting close to the fruit?"

Jin Ming had changed from his lazy and shameless look at Song Guo's house to look at the flight display screen with a cold expression.

"If there's nothing else, I'll be leaving first."

"Jin Xuan!" Seeing that he was really ready to leave, Su Qian stepped forward and shouted. Jin Ming looked back at her expressionlessly.

Waiting for her next words.

Susu coughed, her expression serious.

"Do you like Song Guo?"

Jin Ming wrinkled his brows, nodding his head in an indiscernible manner.

Only then did Su Sou let out a breath of relief, and pretended to want to clap Jin Ming's shoulder, but was cleverly avoided by him.

Su Sou's hand froze in midair, not feeling embarrassed at all, calmly retracting her hand, and seriously looking at Jin Ming.

"Fruit is the standard cold face with a warm heart. She might really think that raising you is no different from raising a cat or dog. If you really like the fruit, you should never hurt her, or else I won't let you go!" As Su Sou finished speaking, she extended her delicate fist.

"Can it be done?"

Jin Ming smiled lightly, and replied without hesitation, "No need for you to tell me."

Seeing him suddenly reveal a smile, Su Sou's face instantly froze. Jin Ming's smile might really have the feeling of melting an iceberg. Su Sou's heart felt somewhat gratified, as long as the fruit was happy, it would be fine.

"I'll just take it as a promise for you to take good care of Song Guo." Susu took her suitcase.

"Fruit has a lot of quirks, so you have to forgive her. She doesn't have a temper like other girls. She's very rational, so take care of her." As Su Sou finished speaking, Jin Mingzhen only nodded, not speaking.

Su Sou didn't say anything further. Pulling her luggage, she turned around in a handsome manner.

Jin looked deeply at Su Sou's back, slowly took out his phone from his pocket, opened the chat with Song Guo, and recorded a little video for her.

Song Guo said that every time Su Sou left the country, she would be the one watching him leave.

Every time she went back home, she would pick it up.

Jin returned to Song Guo's house and found her in the living room, looking at the computer with a serious expression.

He didn't even know that Jin Xuan had returned.

"Song Guo, let's go out for dinner tonight. I saw a pretty good restaurant, I'll treat you." After Jin Ming finished changing his shoes, he reverted back to the appearance of a hoodlum in front of Song Guo, directly walking towards Song Guo and sitting down on the carpet in front of her.

Song Guo nodded expressionlessly, and did not look at Jin Ming. Jin Ming saw that she was serious, so he got up to see what she was looking at.

Just as he walked behind Song Guo, he saw Song Guo's name appear on River City Daily's website.

"Song Guo, a top student in the Department of Forensic Medicine at Jiangcheng Special Office's research department, was separated because of the chaos in his private life."

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