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C12 Mad woman

Song Guo didn't discuss too much about the pets. After washing up, she went to sleep, and the exploration time she had arranged with Captain Liang was 6: 30 AM. The riverside where the corpse was found had already been locked up.

So they had to get to the scene as soon as possible.

The next morning, Song Guo had already changed into a casual outfit and arrived at the river bank. Team Liang had also arrived.

"Protection on site?" Song Guo's cold face did not reveal any other emotions.

"This is not the crime scene." Because of what happened last time in the research room, when Captain Liang met Song Guo again, he felt a little awkward.

The morning dew by the river was very big, and the dense fog of water was spreading. What Song Guo stepped on were the summer and autumn leaves, which would make sounds if she moved even a little.

"I know. Give me fifteen minutes, then take me to see the dead man." After Song Guo finished speaking, she didn't even bother to reply to Captain Liang as she took out rubber gloves from her pocket and put them on.

This was Song Guo's first time exploring the scene. In the past, the intern had always been led by his teacher and had no actual combat experience.

So Song Guo needed to be more meticulous in discovering all the clues.

Fifteen minutes later, Captain Liang asked Song Guo if she had seen anything. Song Guo just closed her eyes and didn't answer.

Captain Liang did not intend to invite ridicule upon himself, so he did not continue the conversation.

When they reached the medical examiner's office, Song Guo opened her eyes and looked at Captain Liang.

"Captain Liang, the watchers by the river …"

"I've already asked. They said that there's nothing strange. There aren't many people going there, and the garden watchers are all familiar with wild fishing. Three months ago, this area wasn't opened yet, and there aren't many people coming." Captain Liang finished.

"Yeah, I've looked through the list of wild fishes. Among them, there are two people who went there and fished according to a strange pattern. I replied with their names, so we can interrogate them today." Song Guo got out of the car.

Captain Liang was confused, but he quickly took out his phone and opened the mail.

Song Guo's heart was filled with many questions. She had always believed that the corpse could give her the answer to those questions.

After wearing the protective suit, Song Guo walked into the testing room. The temperature inside the room was shockingly low. A strange smell spread throughout the room.

Songo knew that there was a highly decomposed body on the bed covered with a blue dust-proof cloth.

Thinking of nothing, Song Guo reached out to take off the dust-proof cloth.

The body that had been soaked was already wrinkled from the long time it had been salvaged ashore.

Song Guo slightly frowned and then began to carefully study the characteristics of the dead body.

On the other side, when Captain Liang went to check Song Guo's email, the two found the problem when the medical examiner calculated the alibi for the day.

Suspect Li Dabao would come to the body salvage site to fish every two days three months ago, at five o'clock in the afternoon and eight o'clock in the evening, respectively.

Since the garden watchers were patrolling the area all day, Li Dabao, who came to the river bank to fish, was naturally more familiar with the garden watchers.

But since the police closed down the scene, Li has also been out of touch.

This loss of connection was not only with the garden watchers.

With his family.

Captain Liang was very surprised at this discovery. He didn't know where Song Guo found this clue, but he felt a little more reverence towards this woman in his heart.

Fu Mei was displeased when she found out that the Criminal Police team's external medical examiner was Song Guo.

This was a blatant disgrace to the research room, and that day, Fu Mei, in her capacity as an outside medical examiner, went to the homicide squad's forensic department.

Songo was analyzing the wounds on the dead man.

"Isn't he our Forensic Song? Why is he back?" Fu Mei's voice was harsh.

Song Guo raised her head and looked at Fu Mei, but did not say anything.

"I hear you've found the suspect." Fu Mei frowned at Song Guo's coldness.

"If you have nothing to do, then go out. You've disturbed me." Song Guo said coldly.

Fu Mei snorted coldly.

"What's so great about that? She's just a woman whose private life is in chaos. The last time she came to the research lab, she was your lover!" "I was wondering why Li Hongyi wouldn't marry you …" Fu Mei was not finished.

Song Guo stood up.

"Since you don't want to leave, then just wait."

With that, Song Guo left the Medical Examiner's Department. She had more or less understood that she only needed to take the last step to confirm the last matter.

"Song Guo, what's your attitude?" Fu Mei was displeased when she was ignored by Song Guo, so she turned around and wanted to pull Song Guo away.

"Fu Mei, you're done." Song Guo dodged Fu Mei and looked coldly at her.

"I don't want to argue with you in the lab. This is the Criminal Police squad, and I'm an external forensic doctor. In terms of rank, I'm higher than you."

"You finally revealed your true face." Fu Mei sneered.

"Hmph, of course, so you better stay away from me." After Song Guo finished, she quickly left.

Before leaving, Song Guo called Captain Liang.

"It's adultery, killing …" Song Guo's voice was urgent.

The killer should have raped and killed her before killing her, and her body's fracture should have been caused during the course of violence. After the victim died, the killer carefully cleaned up the dead person's lower body, and then applied a large amount of bait, Xiaoyao, before throwing away the dead person. That's why the corpse rotted so quickly. Song Guo finished.

Ru Feng, who was walking toward her, was stunned.

Song Guo hung up the phone. She believed that Captain Liang knew what to do.

"Forensic Doctor Song really lives up to his reputation." When Ru Feng finished speaking, Song Guo nodded her head towards him as a form of greeting.

For the past two days, Song Guo had been trying to make the dead speak.

Jin had never been back. He stayed in a café not far from the squad.

Day code, at night in the 24-hour convenience store.

"This woman really doesn't know how to take care of herself." Jin Ming looked at her somewhat haggard face and frowned with some heartache.

The next second, she was in a taxi.

When Jin Ming thought Song Guo was finally going home, he found out that the taxi was not heading home.

Not with the police. Where is she going?

Jin didn't think too much about it. He stretched out his hand to stop a car.

"Follow that car in front!"

When the car in front stopped at the spot where the body of the case that Song Guo was currently investigating was found.

"Crazy woman!" Jin Ming's pair of sharp eyes were filled with displeasure. It was already around 6 in the evening, and she was alone and hadn't brought a police officer.

After getting off the car, Song Guo walked towards the river bank, which was sealed up.

Jin Ming stood at a certain distance from Song Guo, closely following behind her.

Song Guo walked for a while and only when she arrived at a slightly empty field did she slow down.

The sound of the dead leaves on the ground was especially clear in the dark night. In the wilderness where the visibility was not high, a black shadow suddenly turned around and shouted.


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