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Boss Pampers Forensic Wife/C14 Disappear in three seconds
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C14 Disappear in three seconds

In the interrogation room, Li Da Bao was sitting on a chair with his hands in his hair. Song Guo couldn't see his expression as he lowered his head.

But from the looks of it.

"Has the DNA been reported?" These words were clearly asking Captain Liang.

"We're out. We're sure it's the garden watcher's wife. Baker of the team has gone to contact the garden watcher."

Song Guo's gaze never left the interrogation room. Inside, Li Dabao looked extremely regretful, but Song Guo kept feeling that something wasn't right.

"Did he confess?" As Song Guo said this, she turned her head to glance at Captain Liang, only to discover that Jin Ming's gaze was locked tightly on her, his own silhouette reflected in his deep black eyes.

"No, he said he didn't know about it. He kept denying that he had nothing to do with it, and what's even weirder is that Li Dabao's wife died in an accident two years ago. His wife's grave is by the river." Captain Liang finished.

"I feel like I've missed something." Song Guo closed her eyes and thought.

"That person from yesterday, it wasn't him." Jin Ming's voice was not loud, but it was like a thunderclap that made Song Guo come to her senses.

"The killer's specialty is about 1.7 meters tall, slightly thin." Song Guo's eyes were closed, and her mind was filled with memories of the corpse of the Forensic Department.

"None of the injuries on his body were caused by his previous life's activity, but in terms of sex, the deceased had a distinct" M "feature." Song Guo still had her eyes closed.

"M?" Captain Liang did not understand. Song Guo suddenly opened his eyes.

"Yes, it's an M. Apart from the sexual wounds, no other obvious injuries were left. The bones of the hands of the deceased were broken in an extremely weird way. It must have had some meaning."

"Don't go, stay." Song Guo whispered.

"…" Hearing this, Jin Ming looked at Song Guo with a gloomy expression.

"It's too late for Beck to go into the woods." Song Guo turned around and said to Captain Liang.

"Why?" Captain Liang was baffled.

"Li Dabao isn't the murderer, he is the closest person to the deceased. As for the reason why the garden watcher killed his own wife, you can verify that. The autopsy report will start 15 minutes later."

Song Guo had a cold expression on her face. After saying this, she walked out of the interrogation room, followed by Jin Ming.

"The way you work is different from your usual self." Jin who was behind Song Guo looked at the little girl's back and spoke softly.

"The medical examiner is responsible for every dead person. The last thing the deceased wanted to say, the information he wanted to express, was received by the medical examiner." Song Guo turned around, looking extremely serious.

The coldness on Jin Ming's face loosened a little, but he still reached out his hand to rub her head.

This was the end of the first criminal case that was independently completed by Song Guo. The murderer was the garden watcher.

When Baker went to the woods that same day, the garden watcher had already left. He was arrested on a bus heading out of town by Baker's men.

The garden watcher's wife was at home with her children and would visit the garden watcher every half month in a relative's car, but because she was two days late this month, the garden watcher was displeased with her already manic husband.

Song Guo didn't need to continue listening to what happened after that. He already knew why Li Dabao suddenly broke off and appeared at the scene of the crime. It was only because those days were the days of Li Dabao's wife's sacrifice.

Jin Ming looked at Song Guo with a tired expression, and without saying anything further, he took her away.

Of course, Captain Liang didn't dare to say anything. Song Guo was indeed powerful, but he still felt that the man beside Song Guo was even more terrifying.

After the case was settled, Song Guo's stress was also gone. Jin Ming pulled Song Guo to the supermarket, then to the seafood market. After buying a lot of dishes, they walked around the kitchen for two hours before starting to eat.

By the time the food was served, Song Guo was starving.

"Jin Xuan, when I wasn't at home, did you study the menu all the time?" Song Guo picked up her chopsticks and was about to start cooking when Jin Ming took away her chopsticks.

"Wash your hands first."

Song Guo giggled, then ran to the kitchen in her bare feet, and ran out again. She asked Jin Mingzhen, who took the chopsticks, and couldn't wait to try Jin Mingzhen's cooking skills.

"Wow, you're so secretive." Song Guo narrowed her eyes in happiness.

"This case has caused quite a panic in River City. After all, it has been solved for too long, but this is good as well." Jin Ming elegantly wiped his hands with a wet tissue on the table, calmly picking up his chopsticks.

"That's good too?" Song Guo did not understand.

"Now that the case is closed, the police will definitely give an explanation to the citizens. The lab didn't do anything and the police being external to the hospital is definitely out of their control. Besides, it will be beneficial for them to clean you up." After Jin Ming finished speaking, he seriously looked at Song Guo, wanting to see her reaction.

"Clear your mind, that's what you said." He picked up a piece of Miyake and put it in his mouth.

Jin Ming sighed deeply, looking at Song Guo lovingly.

At night, Song Guo's phone rang in the living room for a long time, but no one answered. When Jin Ming Shen came out of the bathroom, he glanced at Song Guo's room. He was just about to see whose phone it was.

Before he could pick up his phone, he heard a knock at the door.

Jin gave up looking at his phone and went straight to the door.

Ever since he woke up from the alcohol, Li Hongyi felt that he went overboard. Although he was beaten up by Jin Ming and went to the hospital, he didn't miss the chance to understand Song Guo's condition.

So when Song Shanshan showed him the news of Song Guo in Jiang City's daily newspaper, Li Hongyi knew that perhaps his chance had come.

The moment Jin Ming opened the door, he saw a handful of bright red roses being handed to him.

"Guo Guo, what happened last time was my fault. I shouldn't have forced you. I'm sorry." Li Hongyi spoke with an expression, pretending to be low and deep, but it sounded no different from noise to Jin Ming.

"Looks like the lesson last time wasn't enough." The air around Jin Ming began to freeze, and he had a faint smile on his face. Because he had just come out of the bathroom, the water in his hair slowly dripped onto his bare chest.

He smelled the same as Song Guo, because he used the same type of Body Soap.

Hearing that the voice wasn't from Song Guo, Li Hongyi immediately looked up. Jin Ming narrowed his eyes and looked at Li Hongyi with a dangerous look.

It was completely like a cheetah hunt, as if Li Hongyi had just made a rash move and was about to rip him to shreds.

"Why is it you? Where's Song Guo?" Li Hongyi put down the flower in his hand in annoyance, then stuck his head out and looked at the situation in the room.

"I'll give you three seconds to disappear from here!" Jin Ming looked at Li Hongyi with a cold expression and a sharp gaze.

"Why? I'm Song Guo's boyfriend. The one who should leave is you!" Li Hongyi had never experienced such a vexation. He snarled and stuck his head into the room.

"Song Guo! Song Guo, come out!

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