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Boss Pampers Forensic Wife/C16 Everything is all right
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C16 Everything is all right

"I had no choice, so …" Song Guo told herself not to look into Jin Ming's eyes, and secretly adjusted her breathing for a moment.

Song Guo raised her head, only then did she realize that Jin Mingzhen had only worn a bathrobe, and the bathrobe hung loosely on his body, revealing a large area of spring light on his chest. The beautiful lines of his fish line and abdomen were faintly discernible, which also made Song Guo think of the firm feeling of his skin.

Song Guo just realized that she was holding his hand in front of his chest. Embarrassment surged up her heart, her fingertips felt like they were pricked by a needle, and her face blushed. Song Guo suddenly retracted her hand and quickly went back to her room.

Jin Ming stood in the living room, slowly putting down his hand, and the corner of his mouth curled up into a faint smile.

"So cute!"

Her long white fingers drummed on the table. The playful expression on his face slowly disappeared. After a long while, he stood up and walked towards the room.

Song Guo, on the other hand, was completely buried in the bed. When she heard the door to the guest room shut, she couldn't help but cover her ears with her hands in an attempt to ease the heat on her face.

The next morning, deep in sleep in his room, Jin heard the living room door close. He stared at the gray ceiling for a moment, then his cell phone began to ring.

Jin stood up and took the phone, looking at the caller ID silently for a long time.

Until the ringtone slowly stopped.

He looked at the time, it was still early, Song Guo should have gone to the studio. Jin Ming lowered his head and pondered whether he should go to the studio to deliver lunch to this little girl, he hadn't decided what to cook yet.

Ye Zichen's phone rang and a message was sent. The message was about an address.

Jin Ming's dark eyes were filled with a cold light, and after a moment, he put down his phone and walked to the bathroom. After changing into a simple white casual suit, he put away his cold and icy aura, and then picked up his phone to send a message to Song Guo.

After Song Guo finished writing the report, she didn't intend to go home. Two minutes ago, she received a message from Jin Ming saying that she needed to go out for a while.

Song Guo didn't reply. Last night, Jin Ming's frown, smile, and breathing were played in her mind for the whole night. Song Guo was scared, this man was poisonous.

Song Guo never felt like she was a woman with self-control, but when facing Li Hongyi, she had never felt as embarrassed as she did yesterday.

However, the probability that Murphy's Theorem would happen to Song Guo was extremely high. If a bad thing could happen, no matter how small the probability was, it would always happen and cause the greatest possible damage.

The day before Song Shan took care of Li Hongyi at the hospital, she quietly went to the doctor to get his blood test report. Although she knew Su Sou was probably lying to her, her worry was amplified by her fear.

And that fear had completely disappeared the moment he saw the blood test report.

"Su Sou, Song Guo!" Song Shan's anger was normal. These two days, because of the AIDS issue, Song Shan was very careful when taking care of Li Hongyi. She was afraid of touching his blood or saliva while helping him clean his wounds.

Song Shan tightly gripped Li Hongyi's blood test report, the sinister look in her eyes couldn't dissipate for a long time.

Song Guo, you actually scolded her in such a way that she was afraid of you. Song Shan bit her lower lip as a plan flashed through her mind. If that's the case, then don't blame her for retaliating.

Song Shan went back to the Song Family and saw Song Rongguo sitting in the living room. Song Shan went into the kitchen and poured a glass of milk for Song Rongguo. Then, she casually walked into the living room and sat down beside him.

"Dad, older sister seems to have gotten a new boyfriend recently."

Song Rongguo was reading the morning financial report with his glasses on. He raised his head to look at Song Shan Shan with a hint of doubt in his wise and farsighted eyes.

"She told you?"

Song Shan smiled kindly. She walked to Song Rongguo's side and sat down.

"I saw someone carry my sister home last time."

"Nonsense!" Hearing this, Song Rongguo's face immediately darkened. The smile in Song Shan's eyes became even more obvious.

"I've also advised my sister. I was afraid that he would deliberately find someone to vent his anger because of the matter between me and Hongyi. You also know that what my sister specializes in is patience."

Looking at Song Rongguo's increasingly ugly face, Song Shan felt a sense of pride. The things she investigated was enough to prove that Song Guo was deliberately humiliating her.

When Song Shan thought about Jin Xuan's appearance that day, she still felt a bit scared.

With his imposing manner, people would all believe that he was a hoodlum.

On the other side, Captain Liang was happily eating a pistachio fruit at Song Guo's studio.

Song Guo expressionlessly flipped through the reports and information that Captain Liang had brought. Her peach blossom eyes revealed a hint of seriousness.

"In short, the research room has expelled Fu Mei. Song Guo, you have cleared your name this time." Captain Liang threw a pistachio fruit into his mouth. When he smiled, his pupils were almost indiscernible.

A faint dimple in the corner of his mouth made him look even more sunny.

Song Guo nodded her head indifferently. She was holding a pen with elegant and luxurious lines, which was held between her thumb and forefinger. She tapped the pen on her palm.

"Clear your mind." Finally, Song Guo raised her head to look at Captain Liang. There was a trace of amiability in her usually indifferent peach blossom eyes. Captain Liang looked at her cold face and was slightly stunned.

"Please forgive me for all the offenses. Ru Feng finally reminded me. Well, once the report is done, I'll go and beg for forgiveness. It's a good thing you're so magnanimous." When Captain Liang came to the studio, he added two pieces of good news.

So when Song Guo was in a good mood and was willing to talk with Captain Liang, Captain Liang, who was used to being straightforward with the police, didn't politely call Song Guo a brother.

"In addition to the matter of cleaning up, there is also the matter of Rufeng and his superiors applying for you to be the exclusive medical examiner for our special case." After Liang Duo finished, Song Guo nodded.

"Got it, go and thank him yourself another day."

When Captain Liang noticed Song Guo's sudden coldness, he didn't plan on staying any longer.

"Alright, I've brought the news as well. Then …" Captain Liang put down the pistachio nut in his hand.

"If there's nothing else, I'll be leaving first." When Liang Dui finished, Song Guo raised her head and looked at him.


How cold. Captain Liang left with an embarrassed smile. Only then did Song Guo put down the pen in her hand.

Song Guo lowered her head. No one knew what she was thinking, but after about two minutes, she took out her phone and sent a message to Su Qian.

"Everything is fine."

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