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C17 Pursue her

Jin stirred the coffee gently.

"I don't want to fight with you, I'm not interested in the Jin family's inheritance right, you know me."

"But dad …" The man seemed to want to say something.

"Alright, I still have things to do, so I'll be leaving first. Take good care of dad and aunties for me." Jin put down an undrunk mouthful of coffee.

Then he patted his shirt and left.


Jin Ming was like a moving light. Today, he was dressed very casually. In order to avoid the envious gazes on the road, he bought himself a pair of sunglasses on the way out, which made him look even more cold and enchanting.

"Hello, are you a model?" Can I take a picture with you? " Two or three girls were standing beside Jin Ming.

Jin Ming didn't take off his sunglasses, his thin lips were tightly pressed together, his hands were in his pockets, and his slender body was upright. He lowered his head slightly to look at the girl.

In the next second, a few girls walked past expressionlessly.

"How cold. Is he a celebrity?" It's too cool! " Not only were the girls not angry at Jin Ming's actions, they even thought he was extremely handsome.

Jin Ming suddenly thought of something.

He went to the florist's.

When Song Guo opened the door, the fragrance of flowers greeted her.

"…" It looks like Jin has returned, Song Guo thought.

"Jin Shen, are you at home?" The moment Song Guo stepped into the house, she could smell the fragrance of the dishes amidst the faint fragrance of the flowers.

"I'm back." Jin Shen surrounded her pink apron, holding a spatula in his hand, and walked to the entrance of the hall, looking at Song Guo with a smile.

"What are you doing?" Song Guo felt that her IQ had dropped to negative numbers after she asked this question.

"Cooking, I thought about calling you later. Since you're back, then wash your hands and eat." He turned back to the kitchen.

Song Guo looked at Jin Mingzhen strangely as a thought suddenly appeared in her mind.

During the meal, Jin Ming had developed Song Guo and came back quietly.

"I saw the news." Jin Ming was trying to break the silence, but Song Guo only gave a quiet grunt of assent.

"What did you do in the studio today?" Jin said again.

At this moment, Song Guo put down the bowl and chopsticks. She picked up a napkin from the table and wiped her mouth.

"Jin Zhong, go to the hospital tomorrow." Song Guo calmly looked at Jin Ming.

The latter did not understand.

"What for?" He frowned.

"Review, you've already stayed at my house for nearly a month. Even if you have a concussion and need to take care of me, this can be considered taking care of. I saw that you've recovered quite well recently, so when are you planning to go home?" Song Guo spoke for a long time. Then, she looked at Jin Ming with her peach blossom eyes shining with starlight.

During this time, Jin Ming turned his head to the side to look at Song Guo, but he didn't show much emotion in his pitch-black eyes.

"Not going." Jin Ming parted his lips.

"The reason." Song Guo did not dawdle.

"I don't have a home." Jin Ming continued to eat in an indifferent manner.

Song Guo was slightly startled, the man in front of her lowered his head, and lightly pursed his lips. The first time she saw him, she felt that this man's noble aura was not something that could be faked overnight, and after spending so much time with him, it also proved that Song Guo's guess was correct. This man had too many secrets, she only knew his name.

"You can't stay here forever."

"Aren't I your boyfriend now?" After saying that, Jin Ming stared at Song Guo with his pitch-black eyes that had a smile on his face.

"It's just dealing with Li Hongyi, there's no need to take him seriously." Song Guo didn't think Jin Ming would use this as a reason to stay at her house.

"I'm serious." Jin Ming put down his chopsticks, a warm light shining in his deep eyes.

After a long while, he slowly spoke. His voice was deep and elegant.

"If it's you, then what's the use of pretending to be real?"

Song Guo looked at Jin Mingzhen with a slightly surprised expression, her clear and beautiful eyes seemed to be at a loss of what to do.

"Is this a confession?"

Jin's deep black eyebrows moved slightly.

"Doesn't it look like it?"

Song Guo disapproved.

I've only known you for a month, perhaps you intentionally hid it from me. My understanding of you is limited to your name, and you know that not long ago, I was attacked by my fiance.

Jin's deep black eyes were fixed on her, as he spoke in a light tone.

"It's been planned for a long time."

Song Guo's eyes slightly flickered, and an awkward expression finally flashed across her elegant face.

"I refuse."

"You have the right." Song Guo let out a sigh of relief.

"However, I reject your refusal."


"If Guo Guo wants to know me, I'll welcome her anytime." Song Guo was completely stupefied. She watched as Jin Ming put away the plate on the table and walked towards the kitchen.

When Jin finished packing and went to his room, Song Guo came back to her senses.

The corner of his mouth suddenly twitched imperceptibly.

Reject her refusal, so not only was he not going to move out, he was also going to pursue her?

Song Guo instantly felt that it was funny. She didn't think too much about Jin Ming, seeing that the things on the table were already packed, Song Guo got up and walked towards the study room.

In the evening, Song Guo received a text message from Song Rongguo. Song Rongguo had never sent a text message to Song Guo before. Everything was settled by phone.

After receiving the text message, Song Guo regretted her impulse to let Jin leave.

She was standing in the dark doorway in her pink silk pajamas.

Father's request was not too much, but it seemed a bit excessive to place this request in Jin Mingzhen's hands, and also …

Song Guo was still conflicted when Jin Ming opened the door.

Seeing Song Guo, Jin Ming was surprised. Then, he held his own cup of milk and looked at the door, his whole body filled with an unreserved aura.

"Uhm, my dad wants me to take my boyfriend back." Sooner or later, she would have to say it, and furthermore, she hadn't promised Song Rongguo. If she refused, then she wouldn't mind, at most she wouldn't go home.

Jin Ming stretched out his hand to stroke his face, then chuckled lightly.

"Then let's go back. What's there to be conflicted about?"

"Mm, I wanted to say, I can only trouble you to pretend to be my boyfriend again. I don't want my dad to worry about me." Song Guo stretched out her middle finger and touched the tip of her nose.

"Pretend?" Jin Ming suddenly stood up, looking at Song Guo with a strange expression.

"Mm. It's too vulgar of you to pay me, so you can continue to stay here, but …" Song Guo thought of that kiss yesterday and felt her head heat up.

"I know." Jin Ming didn't want to continue listening, this little girl didn't understand his meaning at all.

"En, thank you then. I'll head back to my room first. Good night." Song Guo was a medical examiner and was extremely sensitive to all subtle changes.

Jin Ming was clearly unhappy, so he decided not to stay for too long.

Jin closed the door and quickly walked to the desk, picked up the brand-new book and threw it in the trash. What lousy treasure book was this? Song Guo couldn't understand what he meant at all.

Jin Ming sat on the stool, feeling vexed for a long time. Then, he silently took out his phone, and made a call with a fretful expression.

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