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C4 Pengci

After clearly seeing the man's appearance, Song Guo's mind seemed to have been struck by lightning.

Why is it him?

The man who had stolen his innocence that night!

What kind of evil did she have, to be able to meet him every single time?!

Song Guo forced herself to calm down. She looked down at him and said, "You want to touch porcelain?"

The man closed his eyes in pain, but did not recover.

should not... Did something really happen?

Song Guo panicked. She squatted down and patted his face, but he didn't react at all.

She quickly took out her cell phone and called an ambulance.

Half an hour later, the man was pushed out of the emergency room. Song Guo quickly stood up and asked, "Doctor, are you alright?"

"It's nothing serious, just a little concussion. It hit the brain."

Not long after, the man woke up.

Song Guo snappily snorted, "Speak, are you here to touch porcelain?"

The pair of beautiful eyes opened, and those pitch-black and tranquil eyes were like a boundless ocean, suddenly adding a chilling aura to that beautiful face.

"You bumped into me."

His voice was like a cello, melodious and melodious.

"You …" Song Guo's face flushed red. She laughed coldly, "Don't tell me you still want compensation?

Don't forget what you've done to me, "she said word by word, glaring fiercely at him with her almond-shaped eyes." Formidable!

"I clearly remember that night, you enjoyed it a lot." The man's eyes were filled with ridicule.

"You …" Song Guo's face instantly flushed red like a cooked shrimp. "You're shameless!"

He shouldn't have saved him that night!

Taking a deep breath, Song Guo gritted her teeth, "Since you have nothing else, then I will take my leave. We're even, so don't let me see you again. "

With that, Song Guo turned to leave.

However, his arm was held by a warm hand.

Song Guo turned around and glanced back, only to see a pair of deep and serene eyes looking back at her.

"If you hit me, you have to be responsible for me."

Three hours later, in Song Guo's rented room.

At this moment, her mind was still empty. She was a little dazed. She took two deep breaths and clenched her fist, slowly walking towards the man who was sitting on the sofa.

He just sat there lazily, his entire body emitting an innate sense of nobility.

Coming back to her senses, Song Guo cleared her throat.

"Are you sure?

You can stay here, but there are three things you have to pay attention to. First, I don't like people entering my bedroom. Second, don't touch my things. Third, when I work, don't disturb me. "

Three hours ago, the man had been so obsessed with her because of his concussion and his homelessness that she had had no choice but to take him home.

"Sure." He pursed his lips.

"Jin Shen, I'll go cook, you go take a bath, and we'll have a nice chat after you come out."

Song Guo threw him into the bathroom and then went to the kitchen to cook. Since last night, she hadn't been able to drip any water.

About 20 minutes later, the bathroom door opened. Song Guo subconsciously looked behind her. The next second, her white face flushed red!

A dense white mist seeped out of the gap in the door, and in the mist, Jin Ming stood barefoot on the wool carpet. His honey-colored and wheat-colored muscles were exposed to the air, and his perfect figure was a triangle.

"Are you a pervert?" You came out without clothes?! "

Song Guo frowned, her face burning.

"No change of clothes."

Jin Ming's tone was calm and natural.

"…" Song Guo touched her hot cheeks. "Wait for me."

Song Guo quickly left the bowl and chopsticks in her hands and ran into the bedroom. Finally, she found a large pair of white shirt and jeans and passed them to Jin Ming. "Here, the clothes are here. Hurry and change …"

Before she could finish her sentence, Song Guo, who had just reached the bathroom door, suddenly slipped and fell forward — —

"Ah …"

Just as Song Guo's small face was about to touch the ground, her waist tightened, followed by a series of spinning movements. Accompanied by a burst of wet hot air, her entire body was sucked into a firm and powerful chest.

Her face was pressed against the man's broad chest, and she could feel the strong rhythm of his heart.

Calm and powerful.

"Are you alright?" Jin Ming's powerful arm wrapped around her slender and soft waist, lowering his eyes and asking.

The steam coming out of his nose curled around Song Guo's neck, making it itch. She felt her cheeks become hotter, her earlobes were red, and blood could be seen dripping from them. Just as she was about to answer, she felt something soft quickly hardening, and it pressed against her navel …

Realizing what it was, Song Guo pushed the man away, her face red all the way down to her neck. "You hoodlum!"

She covered her hot face. "Quickly go and change your clothes."

After saying that, he ran off like a wisp of smoke.

When they arrived at the kitchen, Song Guo was cutting some vegetables absent-mindedly. Suddenly, her phone, which was in her pocket, rang.

It was Cai Meiling.

At first, she didn't want to pick up the call, but when she thought of her father, she hesitated for a moment and then pressed the answer button.


This' auntie 'was called out very clearly. The other side did not expect her to say anything nice and directly cut to the chase.

"Guoguo, Shan Shan's birthday is coming up in a few days, as a big sister, will you come back to celebrate her birthday?"

Song Shan's birthday was held in July of every year. At that time, Cai Meiling would hold a birthday feast for Song Shan.

On the contrary, every time it was his own birthday, the whole family could not remember a single one.

She could bear with all of this, but to think that Cai Meiling had teamed up with Li Hongyi in an attempt to deceive her, this was her bottom line.

"Why should I go back? Look at how Shan Shan and Li Hongyi are in love with each other? "

Cai Meiling knew about Li Hongyi rolling the bed with Song Shashan, so she could still do that kind of thing. Song Guo was so angry that she laughed, so she stopped being polite.

"It's not like that. Shan Shan is still young and doesn't understand. Hongyi is your boyfriend after all. Auntie just wants you to get back together. Don't think too much about it."

"No, Auntie, the current Li Hongyi is Song Shan's boyfriend. It has nothing to do with me. Don't worry about him. If you have time, just worry about my dad."

Song Guo hung up the phone without thinking. This was the first time she talked to Cai Mei Ling so rudely. Cai Mei Ling threw her phone in anger and went straight to Song Rong, asking him to call her.

"Rongguo, you know Guo Guo's temper, but I don't want to be seen as a joke by others. After all, you also know Shan Shan's identity, if people spread some bad rumors, how would she marry?"

Song Rongguo personally called Song Guo and told her to go back on Song Shan's birthday.

"Guo Guo, come back. This year's birthday, we'll eat together with each other. It's not going to be a big deal."

Song Rongguo said so. Even if Song Guo had a huge reason, he couldn't refuse.

Jin Ming was sitting across from her, and seeing the tired expression on this woman's face, his black and deep eyes flashed with interest.

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