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That night, Song Guo tidied everything up and watched Jin Ming enter her room before entering her bedroom. She closed the door and laid down on her blanket.

Maybe it was because she had been through too many things recently, Song Guo's head was in a mess, she didn't have much time to fall asleep.

At three or four in the morning, there was a burst of thunder. Song Guo woke up with a start and heard a knock on the door. She grabbed the knife on the bedside cabinet and asked nervously, "What do you want?"

"Open the door."

A deep, magnetic voice sounded.

Song Guo crawled up and combed her hair before opening the door. A shadow flashed outside the door, and the man actually knocked her away quickly and nimbly into her blanket. His handsome face was flustered.

"I want to sleep with you."

He grabbed the quilt and looked at her piteously.


Song Guo blocked the beautiful attack and said firmly, "Come down, let's go out."

"I'm afraid of thunder."

That 1.9 meter tall man actually said he was afraid of thunder?

Song Guo's head was full of black lines. The beautiful knife in her sleeve immediately became weak. She thought that this man was up to something, causing her to feel anxious. But he actually said something about being afraid of thunder?

"Get out."

Songo opened the door and pointed to his room.

Jin Ming shook his head, refusing to budge.

In the end, Song Guo was unable to defy him, she could only agree to let him sleep at the foot of her bed. Not long after Song Guo fell asleep, Jin Ming opened his eyes, the clarity and innocence of his eyes disappeared, leaving behind only danger and mystery.

Chapter IV

Jin Ming placed a hand by his ear, looking at the woman on the bed from afar.

She didn't sleep very well. Her eyebrows were tightly knitted, as if she was dreaming of something bad. Her snow-white teeth were tightly clenched on her lower lip.

"No …"

She shook her head to avoid something, her small, pale face covered with sweat, which soaked her hair.

Jin stood up and walked over. His slender fingers lifted her hair and tucked it behind her ears. He then patted her back lightly, and his cold lips were pursed tightly.

"Mom …"

Song Guo spent the entire night in a nightmare. She dreamt of her mother's corpse hanging in the room, the coarse hemp rope wrapped around her neck. She looked as if she was about to die from hatred …

When he opened his eyes again, he saw Jin Ming's beautiful profile. When he slept, he looked even more innocent and harmless, just like a child that hadn't grown up yet.

He was lying on her bed now, under her covers, still holding her body, as if it were his own room.

Her face was pressed against his chest, just loud enough to hear his steady heartbeat.

Step by step, her emotions that had just woken up from her nightmare had miraculously calmed down.

Song Guo blinked and kicked Jin Ming off the bed. With a howl, she took her clothes and walked into the bathroom.

When they came out again, Song Guo said:

"I'm going to work. There are ingredients in the fridge, and the key is on the shoe cabinet. Call me if you need anything."

After saying that, she turned to leave, but before she could leave the bedroom, someone was slowly hugging her from behind.

"I don't have your number." Jin Ming lightly leaned on her shoulder, a strong masculine scent along with the sharp scent of tobacco assaulted her nostrils, wrapping her in it.

Song Guo's body was like an electric current flowing through it. She stiffened her body and pushed him away. Then, she wrote down a string of cell phone numbers on his palm. "Okay, I'm leaving."

With that, she left as if she was fleeing.

Looking at the little girl's fleeing figure, Jin Ming's eyebrows were deeply furrowed, his eyes were gentle, and the corner of his mouth was lifted into a smile.

Just as Song Guo arrived at the studio, she unexpectedly bumped into her colleague Fu Mei.

She led her people and blocked the way to her studio, followed by several policemen. Song Guo frowned and walked over under Fu Mei's pleased gaze.

"Captain Liang, is there a new corpse?" The research room was working with the Criminal Police squad. Usually, the corpses that they couldn't dispose of would be delivered and handed over to Song Guo to deal with.

They had been working together for three years, not too long, not too short.

"Hehe, Song Guo, I came looking for you."

Captain Liang's smile was a little awkward, explaining his purpose of coming here. A respected professor came to the research room, so in the future, all matters of the team would be left to this professor. Therefore, their cooperation with Song Guo would be terminated.


Song Guo was stunned. This was the first job she had taken since graduation. She had done it until today, but she was still reluctant to say that she didn't want to do it anymore.

"What? I can't hear you clearly. Do you want me to translate it for you?"

Fu Mei stood out and pointed at Song Guo's shoulder, "Captain Liang said that your skills aren't up to par and he swapped you out. What, he said it so tactfully and so tactfully, but you don't want to appreciate it. Then you better listen carefully."

"My teacher is the professor that will work with Captain Liang in the future!"

Fu Mei proudly raised her chin and arrogantly let Song Guo leave the studio. This meant that in the future, there would no longer be a place for Song Guo to live.

Song Guo suddenly raised her head and looked at Fu Mei's face. Seeing the awkward expression on Captain Liang's face, as well as the expressions of the other people watching as if they were watching a good show, she knew that this matter had already become a foregone conclusion. No matter how unwilling she was, this matter could not be changed.

"I'm going to pack."

Song Guo took out the key and calmly walked into the studio. She packed all her things and put them in the box.

"How is it? The feeling of being abandoned isn't good, right?"

Fu Mei followed him into the studio. Seeing that Song Guo was packing up, she smiled in satisfaction. However, the calmness on Song Guo's face didn't let her see any signs of panic or unwillingness.

This was far from enough. She wanted to see this woman in despair.

"Fu Mei, like I said, the matter of the man you like confessing to me has nothing to do with me at all. Are you crazy for pestering me?"

Fu Mei had been opposing Song Guo ever since she went to university. It was because the man she had a crush on had confessed to Song Guo.

"Hehe, well said. I saw the two of you come out of the auditorium with my own eyes and you said it's okay? "Song Guo, put away your disgusting arrogance. You're just a slut to the bones."

"I heard that your fiance was robbed by someone? Or your half-sister? This is retribution, Song Guo. "

"I think you'll wait your whole life for loneliness to die down. You're a bitch. Even if you post backwards, no man will want you."

Fu Mei followed closely behind Song Guo. Her voice wasn't loud, so Song Guo could clearly hear her, but the people outside the studio couldn't.

"What would they think of you if I pretended to be slapped by you now?"

Resentment flashed in Fu Mei's eyes as she moved closer, pressing her face tightly against Song Guo's body. From afar, she looked as if she cared about Song Guo.

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