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C6 Just who is he

"Then, if I don't slap you, will I be letting you down?"

Song Guo sneered and slapped Fu Mei's face, the crisp sound of her applause resonated throughout the quiet workshop. Everyone outside was shocked, no one thought that the usually quiet and gentle Song Guo would actually hit someone!

"Song Guo, you dare hit me?!"

Fu Mei screamed as she covered her face and stared at Song Guo in disbelief.

"Since you've already said that, if I don't beat you up, wouldn't I be letting you down?" Song Guo faintly smiled. She shook her hand that was in pain and lazily leaned against the workbench. "Do you want me to let you falsely accuse me and then take the blame?"

Song Guo was not an idiot!

"I'll beat you to death, you bitch!"

Fu Mei's face darkened. He extended his hand to hit Ye Zichen.

Fu Mei's hand was cut off mid-air. A pair of large hands grabbed Fu Mei's hand from behind and mercilessly threw her out. Fu Mei crashed into the wall and bounced on the ground.

He almost vomited a mouthful of blood.

"Who gave you the guts to touch my woman?"

A cold voice sounded out, and at that moment, Jin Ming's tall body blocked Song Guo's path, his handsome face was as cold as ice, and his eyes were full of coldness.

"I left you a hand this time. Next time, think about which one you want to break."

Fu Mei's lips quivered when she saw the man's cold eyes. The man in front of her was too terrifying. She, who had been baring her fangs and brandishing her claws, couldn't say a single word.

Jin turned his body and met Song Guo's probing gaze.

"Are you hurt?"

He pulled Song Guo's small hand and checked it seriously before finally letting out a sigh of relief.

"I'm fine."

"That's good."

Jin Ming nodded his head deeply. Captain Liang brought his men and walked in. He looked at Song Guo in dissatisfaction, "Miss Song, even if we have to end the cooperation, you don't have to do this to the young miss. She is innocent!"

Captain Liang righteously accused Song Guo, then he rushed over to help Fu Mei up.

"Song Guo, I comforted you with good intentions. Why did you let this man, who came out of nowhere, hit me?"

Fu Mei leaned into Captain Liang's embrace with great difficulty, her eyes red with grievance.

Jin Ming laughed coldly, as he took Song Guo into his arms. Song Guo originally wanted to struggle free, but Jin Ming used his strength to push her head against his chest, completely isolating her from the criticism outside.

"Apologies, young lady. Didn't you say earlier that you were going to pretend that you were beaten up by Guo Guo?" If Guo Guo didn't hit you, wouldn't it waste your good intentions? "

"You said that no one wants to buy her even if she turns upside down?" I'm sorry, let me tell you, she's my wife. "

These two sentences stunned everyone present.

Even Fu Mei was shocked. She saw that no one dared to be so impudent. How could they have known that Song Guo's husband would appear in the middle of the road?!

She resentfully looked at Song Guo, she didn't think that she would fall into her hands again.

When they left the laboratory, Song Guo still had not figured out how this matter was resolved. Jin Ming took her storage box and walked out of the studio after working for three years with her in his arms.

"Why did you come?"

Song Guo looked at Jin Ming who was standing beside her in a protective posture and asked.

Jin Ming held the storage box in one hand, and Song Guo's waist with the other. With a smile, he lowered his head, "Shouldn't you be grateful to me at this time, and then throw yourself into my arms?"

"Who said that?"

"Isn't that what the movies say?"

Jin Ming said that he was hungry after watching TV at home, but he didn't know how to cook, so he had to find the address of the name card on the shoe cabinet. In the end, he saw Fu Mei wanting to bully her.

"You're so far away, how could you hear what Fu Mei said to me?"

Song Guo was a little suspicious. When Fu Mei framed her, she had obviously whispered it in her ear. How could Jin Xuan hear it?

"I know how to speak." he said casually.

Song Guo frowned. This man was first chased by others, then he understood how to speak. This was not something an ordinary person could experience!

Who was he?

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