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C7 Just who are you

"So, who exactly are you?" Song Guo frowned as he asked Jin Ming.

"How profound." Jin Ming hugged the chest and replied with a smile in his eyes.

"…" Song Guo paused as the light in her eyes dimmed. Forget it. She knew that if he wasn't willing to say it, she had no right to force him.

Jin Ming seemed to have felt Song Guo's questioning mood. His ink-like eyes contained a faint warmth as he instantly stared at Song Guo's cold little face. Song Guo's hair stood on end as she stared at him.

He could only silently turn his head towards the window, not looking at the person that was as handsome as he was.

"I'm going home today."

"Let's go back together."

Song Guo stared blankly at him, then realized that Jin Ming might have misunderstood which family he was going back to.

"The one I want to go back to is the Song Family. Help me bring my stuff back. If you don't know how to cook, then just eat outside. You must have money, right?" Song Guo looked at Jin Ming and found that he was staring at her with a complicated expression.

"For what?" Song Guo frowned again.

"Are you coming back tonight?" There were traces of grievance in Jin Ming's eyes, like a puppy that was about to be abandoned at home by an adult.

"Go back, I'll try my best." When Song Guo said this, she felt that it was unbelievable.

Sure enough, in the next second, a faint smile blossomed on Jin Mingzhen's face, and his usually sharp and narrow eyes became gentle.

"Then I'll pick you up."

Song Guo didn't refuse. In the evening, Song Guo returned to the villa that she had stayed for 20 years. Outside the door, there were five elegantly dressed women walking towards the Song Family with smiles on their faces.

Song Guo's expression turned ugly. Song Rongguo said he would keep a low profile before agreeing to return.

Now it seemed that this banquet wasn't that different from the past, moreover, it was very possible that Li Hongyi would appear here.

Before Song Guo could think about it, Song Shan Shan appeared in front of her.

"Elder sister." Song Shan smiled and said. From a distance, she seemed to be greeting Song Guo affectionately. Song Guo sneered and avoided Song Shan's hand.

"I don't have time to put on an act with you." Song Guo said with a cold face and walked through the door.

Song Shan's eyes were filled with faint ridicule and pride. No matter how cold and arrogant she was, Song Guo was the owner here today. Song Shan looked at the empty space behind Song Guo and didn't keep wasting time with her. She turned and walked into the hall.

Song Guo walked into the hall with an expressionless face. When she saw Song Guo, Cai Mei Ling immediately came up to her. She passed a cocktail to Song Guo with a motherly look.

"Your father has been waiting for you for a long time."

"Got it." Song Guo took the wine but didn't drink it.

Song Shan was chatting with a young lady from the Su Family. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Song Guo's cold back and Cai Mei Ling's shocked face.

Li Hongyi came late and was quickly captured by Song Shan.

"Hongyi, you're here ~" Song Shan acted like a little woman and dressed in gorgeous clothes tonight. No matter how much those aristocratic ladies knew about the situation, they still couldn't help but feel envious.

Song Guo greeted Song Rongguo before sitting alone in a corner. The cocktail Cai Meiling had given her just now swayed in her hand for a long time before she slowly lifted it to her lips.

Cai Meiling had been keeping an eye on Song Guo ever since she entered the room. When she raised her glass, her heart sank.

Song Guo took a sip. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Song Shan walking towards her with Li Hongyi in her arms.

Song Guo thought that she was originally here to eat tonight and didn't want to have anything to do with Song Shan. As a result, the indifference in her peach blossom eyes made the atmosphere around her become heavier.

He immediately emptied his cup and stood up to go see Song Rongguo.

However, Song Guo felt that something was weird after drinking that cup of wine. The light taste of the wine made her expression darken. She raised her head and looked in the direction of Cai Mei Ling, only to discover that she was staring at her with a panicked expression.

Song Guo understood and picked up the bag on the sofa before walking out. Song Shan didn't even have time to show off and just watched Song Guo's back leave the hall. He couldn't help but feel a tinge of regret.

Li Hongyi looked at the direction of Cai Meiling, and a strange light flashed across his long and narrow eyes.

Song Guo walked to the door and was about to call Jin Ming Shen, but she felt that her head was getting heavier and heavier until it finally lost its consciousness.

When Song Guo woke up, she found herself lying on a huge bed. Looking at the decorations, it should be a room in the hotel. The fragrance of roses on the tip of her nose made Song Guo frown slightly.

Song Guo wanted to get up, but found that her hands and feet were tied with a rope.

Song Guo shouted in frustration.

A minute later, the sound of light and steady footsteps came from outside the door. The next second, the door was opened.

Li Hongyi had a helpless smile on his wild and unruly face.

"Guo Guo, you're awake."

The moment Song Guo saw Li Hongyi, she let out a sigh of relief, but the heat in her heart still lingered.

"Li Hongyi, do you know what you're doing?!"

Li Hongyi's face was suffused with an abnormal blush. He wobbled over to Song Guo's side and sat down.

"Seriously, how could they tie you up?" Song Guo sat down obediently and let him untie the rope, but her expression was getting more and more unsightly.

"It's Song Shan's birthday." Song Guo reminded him with good intentions.

"What does it have to do with me? Song Guo, I know you still love me, and I love you the most. Song Shashan was just an accident. She won't affect our relationship, okay?" He untied Song Guo.

Li Hongyi held Song Guo's hand tightly.

Song Guo subconsciously wanted to get rid of Li Hongyi's hand, but she found that the cold feeling on Li Hongyi's hand could drive away the scorching heat in her heart.

He felt that things weren't looking good. He might have been tricked.

However, he still maintained a disdainful smile on his face.

"An accident, it really is an accident. This accident happened right before the wedding, and it happened on this disgusting bed." Song Guo pushed Li Hongyi away.

The pretty Peach Blossom Eyes looked at Li Hongyi as if he was looking at trash. His voice was also as cold as a blade in winter, and it cut through the entire room like it was a celebration.

"In the future, don't use such underhanded methods. It's very disgusting." After Song Guo finished, she turned around and was about to leave.

Li Hongyi slightly frowned and stood up to block Song Guo's way with an ashen face.

"Don't try to capture me like that. Song Guo, you know me." Li Hongyi's eyes were burning.

"You're thinking too much." Song Guo felt at ease with Li Hongyi. It was for no other reason but because he had suppressed his lust for her for the past three years.

"Song Guo, you clearly know that the person I love the most is still you, but you still love me right? "Otherwise, how could you move out of that house? Stop getting angry, I'll promise you that I'll make up with you." Li Hongyi reached out and pulled Song Guo into his arms. He also drank the wine that Cai Meiling poured for him. He knew what was inside that wine.

Song Guo felt her stomach churning. He reached out his hand and pushed away Li Hongyi.

"I didn't realize that you had such a high innate ability to flirt when we were together for three years." Song Guo's face was expressionless. The discomfort in her body became more obvious. She only felt her face burning.

"Song Guo, don't challenge my bottom line." The moment Li Hongyi was pushed aside, he froze for a moment, then angrily pushed Song Guo onto the bed.

"The reason I didn't touch you for the past three years is because you're always dealing with corpses. Song Guo, do you really think I'm a gentleman?" Li Hongyi growled, and directly held Song Guo's hands above his head.

"Let me go." Song Guo held in her fear and slightly trembled body as she angrily stared at Li Hongyi.

"Li Hongyi, don't make me hate you."

"Guo Guo, you love me." Li Hongyi looked deeply into Song Guo's eyes, and Song Guo was so scared that she almost cried.

"Li Hongyi, I will hate you. "Definitely."

Li Hongyi paused for a moment. His hot breath fell on Song Guo's shoulder, and he kissed her collarbone.

Song Guo instantly felt goosebumps all over his body. He knew Li Hongyi was serious this time, so he felt even more scared.

"No, Li Hongyi, don't do this!" Song Guo tried to push Li Hongyi away with her hands and feet.

The door was pushed open.

Behind Song Shan's frightened and angry expression, Jin Ming's body flashed with a murderous intent as he walked to the side of the bed and pulled Li Hongyi, and without a word, he punched Li Hongyi in the face.

"F * ck you!" Li Hongyi struggled to get up.

Jin Ming then gave another hard punch, causing Song Shan to be so shocked that she didn't dare to speak. Song Guo curled up in the corner, looking at Jin Ming Chen in fear.

Jin Ming beat Li Hongyi to death with bloodshot eyes. The murderous aura emanating from his body made Song Shan afraid that he would beat Li Hongyi to death like this.

"Sister, quickly tell him to stop!" "Elder sister, I'm begging you, he will beat Hongyi to death."

Song Guo only managed to calm her breathing after realizing what had happened. She looked at Song Shan in a bit of a sorry state, and then looked at Li Hongyi who had been beaten up to the point where he had no strength to resist.

"Impressive." Song Guo called out.

Jin Ming's fist paused for a second, his eyes bloodshot as he looked at Song Guo.

Song Guo was curled up on the bed, her body was shaking, and her hands were tightly holding onto her clothes.

"Take me home."

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